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10 worst hairstyles of stars (according to male fans)


The woman is a miracle of nature, the eternal mystery. Changing around the world, is constantly changing itself. Brings to frenzy his male entourage. Care strong this world is their sexuality, femininity, sensuality.

Those men who dare to openly criticize the fair sex, forever eliminated from the list of people anything nice. And no professional quality in such a situation will not have protection and will not save you from the righteous female anger.

So 10 brave and beautiful – that have come to the attention of critics.

10. Jennifer Lopez

If you look at it, it's hard not to see the elegance of the actress. The shimmering evening dress, sociable, soft, soft eyes, lush lashes, stacked curls is located is tilted back and pinned a strand of hair adorning the hair. Every detail is harmonious in itself, and it's a combination of breathing, filling the atmosphere around charm.

But here's the flip side. Head Jennifer looked like a trapezoid. Like a drop of tar in a barrel of honey, as stated by the admirers and admirers of J. Lo.

9. Angelina Jolie

Painted black long hair always attract attention. First of all, their health. Most likely everyone would agree that written on the package strands, no one will show. Host of such "wealth" can be unpredictable partners, country of residence, may vary with the speed of light.

Angelina Jolie nature romantic. Passionate, mysterious, attractive, inexhaustible imagination. This hairstyle may not be played first violin in the generated image, but the actress did not lose and did not look worse.

8. Kristen Stewart

All exquisitely. Critics drew attention to the disheveled messy bun. In fact it is proven fine hair. Which requires careful step-by-step execution.

I wanted to showcase the actress – the fans will never know. Her age is the next step in fame. Than it was guided, creating head something podobnikar only, inspiration, love, carefree life of the moment.

Creative bundle is not a spell, but she's not thrilled. Hmm.. to understand after such men is hard enough.

7. Kelly Osbourne

Braids in KOs is not funny at all. They testify to the self-sufficiency of the hostess, which is not subject to any boredom or depression. Miracle braids talks about openness and communication.

How is it that amid fashion hair colour fans they are not criticized, is unclear. Rectilinear look of a man not seen this jewel before your eyes.

6. Cameron Diaz

She stirred public opinion platinum hair color. Colour in fashion 20-ies of the last century. This is the color Marilyn Monroe. Cold. Interesting. Perfect girls-winters, whose porcelain, delicate skin. Congenital brown hair color.

As Cameron even remotely resembles the beautiful Anastasia, who very often appears in fairy tales of the peoples of the North, the critic was merciless. Maybe so. But shining hair it looks great. As well as her mistress.

5. Scarlett Johansson

Short strands in her hair – always look fashionable, no matter what anyone said. In combination with the color scheme they make the hairstyle unique.

Such haircut – a pledge of confidence, an additional way to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Beautiful, well maintained, slightly tousled, uneven hair strands in the hair vigorous, leading an active way of life of the actress. Noticed! Criticized! So the result is obtained. Again, anyone not like.

4. Nicole Kidman

It is hard to imagine a man who would also be categorical so categorically. He's a Pro, it's understandable. Only it dominates the whole situation. Trending darkening hair looks awesome. Bright. Dynamic. Stylish.

Moreover, it is possible each time to look different. To surprise and be surprised. And in order to be able to talk about it, the necessary experiment with themselves and about their appearance.

Sometimes the experiment needs to be drastic. In different lighting the color transition plays a subtle iridescence. With shaking falls new. A miracle! To repeat – it is not recommended, so the sound of the sentence. Then, perhaps, it is better not to repeat!

3. Tyra Banks

Creative hair. Fleece and corrugation. It is obvious that the owner of this wonderful ideas increased root volume and total hair volume.

It is known that the "waves" are almost all. Bouffant tested by decades of experience, has not lost its sexuality. Bold connection techniques. And the result is cursed. Made allusion to age. Nonsense, and only.

Many years of professional experience supermodel, singer, actress, better than any recommendation says that all she will not realize unique.

2. Fergie

Stage name actress. Dramatic changes in appearance occurred in connection with significant events in life.

Bangs in the hair style excites the fans. It is an integral part of the image. Let the heavy but logical intercepted in several places with hair over his shoulder. If to open a new page in your life, it is the only way. Safely, openly and with dignity.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Dark, slicked-down hair. Parted in the middle. Laid in the shape of a crown luxuriantly a braid. In conjunction with the head carriage from the actress emanates a feeling of royalty.

In fact, the actress long wavy hair, cascading over her shoulders. And often see it is this. It is recognizable, and any innovative ideas cause resentment.

But the taste and color of comrades there. Have to consider that the hair is an experiment. Anyway, beauty, charm, femininity is not gone.

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