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10 tactless questions that you should not ask a girl


Most people show great interest in others ' lives. They climb with their advice, recommendations and questions, even when their opinion does not matter.

Nothing criminal here, some of them try to assist or support. Again indifferent "to the misfortunes of others" do not think that their words are able to hurt a person.

Men can calmly accept criticism and insensitive remarks, to ignore the issues. They are able to send the curious to the known address.

Women are more vulnerable, they are easy to upset, offend. The obvious question is able to bring the girl off balance and even bring to depression. So before you ask the woman about something, think a hundred times.

In your life there are less awkward situations, take our advice. Below are 10 of insensitive questions that you should not ask a girl.

10. How much do you weigh?

This "innocent" question can ask anyone: a loved one, colleague, neighbor. People worry about what is around them she lives with her imperfect figure.

They absolutely do not care about the weight, but extra pounds of others have raised concerns. This behavior is due to mere curiosity.

That's just the girl who asked the question, have to blush. Excess weight or excessive thinness is her choice. You don't know why she looks like that. Maybe she's comfortable in her weight, or her health problems.

Do not take on this responsibility, do not teach people how to live, just don't have this habit. If a girl decides to lose weight or gain weight, it'll be all right. Keep better care of your body and never touch this topic in dealing with strangers.

9. Are you going to wear?

Such a question may ask only person. If you are a relative, husband or girl friend, it doesn't give you the right to tell her how to behave.

Issues relating to appearance, can upset a woman. You point out its shortcomings and imperfections, want as better, but the result is always the same – a quarrel or tears, and you genuinely wondering what I did wrong.

Even if a woman does not show that she is unpleasant, in most cases it is. So please refrain from the comments: "Why do you wear this dress? It makes you look fat", "Why not slipped a pimple?", "Again did the bad hair?".

Let your friend looks like she wants to. Do not spoil her mood with their tactless questions.

8. When getting married?

Perhaps the most popular question and the most painful subject for many women. Of course, if you ask the 20-year-old girl, she'll only laugh in response.

When the question is asked by an adult woman, even a permanent relationship is not expected, it is very unpleasant. Even if the girl has a choice, it is better not to ask. You don't know what their relationship can advance on the "sore spot".

Maybe your friend is crying every night because lover makes her an offer, and here you are with your questions. The woman herself will deal with his personal life.

7. Are you pregnant?

This question can drive into the paint even the most resistant person. Of course, if you're a girl very close relationship, you can ask her about it. If it's just an acquaintance or a colleague at work, this question may seem obscene to her.

Sometimes due to excessive observation or curiosity have unpleasant situation. If the girl gained a few extra pounds or she changed the eating habits, this does not mean that she is pregnant. Even if she is expecting a child soon, you still know it, so don't get ahead of ourselves.

6. Why you don't have any children?

Another unpleasant issue. When the issue of marriage is decided, think that people need to calm down, but no. Now they ask about the children. Everyone wants their friend quickly felt the joy of motherhood.

You don't know why she is in no hurry to have children. Maybe first she wants to build a career or wants to live in his pleasure.

This question is very upset a woman who cannot have children. Many women spend years trying to get pregnant, they agree to any procedure, visit Holy places, seize any opportunity, to wish. Suddenly your friend? And here you are with your stupid questions.

5. How much did you get?

The salary question should be discussed only with the closest people, and only by mutual desire. If the girl don't take the time to tell you about the size of his salary, don't ask.

Why do you need this information? Count your money. More often such questions are asked when a woman reaches a certain height. "How much salary? How did you manage? And still need?", — such questions are very annoying.

If you hope that you will help with the work, it is unlikely that it will happen. If you want to satisfy your curiosity, don't say anything.

4. And your lips (eyelashes, hair, breast, teeth)?

In the era of "artificial" beauties such a question is no surprise. That's just very ugly to ask a girl such things. If she wants to, tell him about it.

Every woman wants to keep the secrets of her beauty secret and not to tell left and right about where eyelashes and made teeth.

If a woman looks good, no matter how she got there. Compliment her, maybe she will want to share their little secrets.

3. You have "those" days?

When a woman is irritated, this question just will not add to her peace of mind and joie de vivre. Anyway, it's too personal to ask.

Stupid question, never ask, even the closest friend, even his beloved woman. Especially if you don't know how a girl brought up as applies to different situations.

Ask the question to a shy person – it will be very unpleasant. Will ask him self-confident woman in a bad mood – will be unpleasant to you.

2. Relax, would you?

Favorite question of all men. If a girl yells at you, breaking dishes and simultaneously collects things, then you made a serious mistake. It is unlikely that these words – what she needs now.

To calm the angry women better a different way, it is much more effective and safer. Hug, say you love, in this situation worked perfectly for the compliments. Say, "You're so sexy when you're mad!". Your fiancee will change the temper justice with mercy.

Continue never use the phrase "will you calm down?", it acts like a red rag to a bull. The girl even more angry.

1. How many guys have you had?

This topic is often concerned with men, but often the interest shown by friends and acquaintances. This is purely a personal matter. 99% out of 100 she will tell you the truth, then why ask?

Not all girls perceive the subject as taboo. Consider whether you continue the relationship if she will tell you about their sexual partners.

As if you are not interested in this topic, please refrain from such questions. You will be jealous, will think that she compares you with other men.

If you're asking because I'm worried about your health, ask a girl to pass the examination. Although such a proposal might offend her. Don't worry, if you the adequate person, then soon she will realize that you care not only about themselves but also about her.

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