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10 incredible oddities that occur with the person in the dream


Sleep is a time when our response to the world is reduced. It is inherent in everyone: man, animals, and even insects. Proper sleep is very important for health, lack of sleep affect the appearance and General condition.

Despite the fact that during sleep a person is resting, it does not prevent him to collide with the strange and inexplicable sensations. Some things still remain a mystery to science

What is this strange stuff? Learn from the article.

10. Sleep paralysis

People can Wake up in the night or in the morning and feel wide awake and being conscious. That's just when he tries to get up, to scream, to move my hand he is unable...

At this point, it seems that this condition never goes away, but after he falls asleep and then wakes up again, it passes.

But in a moment of paralysis, the man is very scared, he starts to panic, it may seem that he is falling down... Those who have often had paralysis can recognize this state and calm yourself.

Sleep paralysis occurs due to the fact that muscles are "turned off", but the brain is awake. When we fall asleep, in the dream, paralyzes us, so we could not perform any action.

9. Talking in your sleep

A person can speak in dreams and even to be embarrassed if his babbling someone will hear... it Happens that a person awakens and realizes what he says.

People talking in the sleep, suffer from somniloquy (speech activity during sleep) occurring quite frequently. It is not a dangerous condition, but it can bring discomfort to those who do not want to be listened to.

Talking in your sleep can be caused by overwork and stress. Also if a person makes a decision with which you disagree, you may start talking in my sleep.

8. A dream within a dream

A dream within a dream feels like people just woke up and was glad that all the scary event happened to him in a dream, but somehow strange things keep happening...

This means that the awakening dream, and the man continues to sleep, while experiencing fear.

A dream within a dream may be a dream in that case, if a person raves about the rest. In such way, the brain sends a signal that it is time to start the distraction.

7. Recurring dreams

Probably every person faced with this phenomenon, as recurring dreams. The same story can be played every day or even after 5 years...

The man wakes up and realizes the dream he just saw, when he dreamt... it can be a bit more details, but in General his sensations during sleep, and the events are the same. What does it mean?

Recurring dreams can say that in the life of man is a difficult situation that he cannot resolve. Or that a decision conflicts with the internal settings. The dream will be repeated until the person will not solve the situation.

6. Output in the astral

The astral during sleep, usually not recognized by man. He goes to the bathroom, brushing his teeth as usual and did not even realize that everything that happens to him in a dream. He either wakes up for real, or continues to be in a world of dreams.

People may not notice, as his physical body remained in place, but sometimes it happens the other way – he can see himself from the outside, and very scare it.

In this state, a person is half asleep-palavi. Such an experience called the astral, lucid dream, false awakening, etc., but in any case, the dreamer is outside of his body.

5. Inspiration during sleep

Sometimes we don't know what to do in any given situation – this may relate to different areas. For example, a musician does not know what tune to choose for your music, but a mathematician can't solve a very difficult task...

In dreams may come the answer to the question, a person can only remember and document.

While you sleep, to you a flash of inspiration, the subconscious tries to help. We all know that Mendeleev saw the periodic system of chemical elements in a dream.

4. Somnambulism

There is a condition called sleep paralysis in which a person is awake, but cannot move. Sleepwalking same – opposite condition. A man is asleep, but the paralysis of the muscles occurs.

In a state of somnambulism the person walks, it can even be outside the door of his house and walk on distant from it the distance. Sleepwalking is a disease that is a danger to others, because sleeper can kill.

In the morning sleepwalkers don't remember anything of what happened to them. Methods of treatment are still unknown, to Wake lunatica in no event it is impossible is threatens for his mental disorder.

3. Giperergicakie hallucinations

When a person is almost asleep, but still awake, being conscious, sees a picture – it can be fantasy creatures, images, catching the horror. These imaginary sensations seem real.

Image, sound, smell, taste – all there is only consciousness. Giperergicakie hallucinations are often associated with this sleep disorder called narcolepsy.

These hallucinations can be caused by stress, or very rich imagination. From the dream, they differ in that man feels like in reality.

2. Drop in bed

Sometimes it happens people feel like they would fall and end up on the bed. After they abruptly awake with a start. Before this can be a dream in which the man ran, fell, stumbled... Experience is very unpleasant.

The dream state is something like death in humans slows the heartbeat, breathing, and muscle tone becomes lowered. The "brain" really frightened, and sees it as death, and, sending impulses to the muscles, checks whether this person is alive.

1. Exploding head syndrome

A person wakes up from the explosion or the deafening shot. It seems to him that he heard some sounds in reality.

This is a rare and unusual massive breakdown, the sounds occur in the human head, sometimes with a picture in the form of lightning bolts. The phenomenon makes people awful, they think they've experienced a stroke.

This syndrome can happen in people who frequently travel and encounter different time zones, and even those who suffer from insomnia. For some reason, the brain areas responsible for sound processing, there is a surge of neural activity.

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