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10 good movies with the stars of Russian rap


In the 90 years in the vastness of the Russian show-business there is a new genre of music rap. Then post-Soviet society, he was perceived quite controversial and was considered something base, and representatives of this musical current could be counted on the fingers.

But, it's been a little over twenty years and Russian rap has turned into a large layer of modern culture. Rap artists collect their concerts in huge stadiums, and listen to their songs throughout the country millions of fans.

Some of the popular rappers between the creation of new tracks and performances on the stage time to act in films. And many of these works become successful and even more warmed up interest of public to their persons.

Submitted 10 films, which starred Russian rap artists.

10. Piter by Caste 2017

The picture deals with the city on the Neva river and the lives of the people in it. It contains 4 separate stories in which there is a story about what would have been the fate of the members of the famous music band, if they were lucky enough to be born in St. Petersburg.

Each element of the film is a drama, Thriller, Comedy and mystery, but they all share one theme and one city. If you are a fan of Caste, after watching the film Piter by Caste, you will be able to find out more about their favorite artists.

9. Beef: Russian hip-hop 2019

In this musical drama tells about a difficult way of formation of Russian rap. Shown here is the kitchen behind the scenes, big stadiums, and creative conflicts.

In the shooting took part about 90 musicians, known throughout the country: Decl Basta, Timothy, Gough etc.

8. For sale 2005

New years eve is an amazing time when you can happen the most incredible. Comedy cottage for Sale that's about it.
Confusion has developed around sold give.

The young poet Suren lives in a Moscow apartment. This man has a gentle nature, so he can't say no to his numerous relatives in the post. To find peace guy goes to his dacha outside Moscow, which not so long ago bought. But here begins to unfold an incredible story.

Come other owners of cottages hero veteran and coach in synchronized swimming, who also brought his numerous relatives. Until the whole company find out who really has the right to a home, imperceptibly come the New year

7. Empire V 2019

In this film one of the roles takes the popular rapper Oxxxymiron.

The plot is based on the novel by Victor Pelevin. A young man named Roman Storkin turns into a vampire. This was the result of a casual acquaintance with another vampire Brahma, who decided to kill suicide after vampiric duel. But before it can be done, it needs to be given to another person language — specific entity that turns human vampire. Through language, the vampire gains the ability to read people's thoughts, tasting his blood

6. Ditches 2008

This is a common story that can happen to anyone. Here all the rules are obvious hallucination that has no objective reality not the slightest relationship.

And most importantly, all characters speak poetry, so the hour and a half the picture pack so many meanings, that would be enough for a few episodes in prose. And importantly, all the songs Basto.

5. Hitler kaput! 2008

Soviet spy Alexander hates the Nazis, but he has to daily spend time in their company, to wear the uniform of the enemy, to praise Hitler and to surround themselves with Nazi symbols. Such is his plight – spy in the bosom of the enemy, constantly remembering the distant homeland.

The only joy Shura is incredibly beautiful partner Zina. But, at one point over the scout begin to thicken the clouds: his colleagues begin to suspect Alexander of subversive activities. Now under attack is not only he, but also his beautiful companion

4. Heat 2006

Four best friends meet one very hot day, one of them a vet, the other a spoiled major, the third is an unrealized actor, the fourth of the popular rapper.

They all mingle peacefully in a cafe, but here's the thing: dollars not to pay, so the waitress asks them to go to exchange. And that each of friends in search of the exchange, falls into an interesting story

3. Stories 2012

The picture tells the story of a budding writer whose manuscript while the publisher begins to affect the lives of those who read the line. Described in the novel things begin to happen in reality with the characters in the film.

2. Yegor Shilov 2017

One of the roles in the film played the popular rapper Guf.

The main character of the brave and noble officer of the Russian army. After serving in hot spots, he decides to leave the service. This man has a strong will and strong moral principles, he cannot abandon a friend in trouble.

Once a former colleague of the hero and his good friend approached him with the request. The hero, long hesitation agrees to help a friend. Totally random hero meets a young girl who told him her story. From her he learns that the will of circumstances, she became an unwitting witness to the murder and the villains who committed this serious crime, about it.

Now the bandits opened the hunt for the girl, they will do anything to silence them. And the main character will not allow conscience to pass by the troubles of this girl, so he decides to develop a plan for her rescue

1. Gas tank 2014

This criminal-music action, with the participation of popular representatives of the local rap culture, such as Basta, Vadim QP, Oleg Cargo, Gough etc.

At Basta and the company from the club the gas Tank had a conflict with reputable people. Trying to escape from unjust punishment, rappers decide to implement is actually a daring robbery in a warning to his enemies. The risks are great, but the ability to get the coveted jackpot is very tempting

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