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Top 10 players who humanly pathetic


Among the players meet guys who are really dedicated to the game, give their all on the field and try to do everything to win team, but they frankly have no luck. Injury, inappropriate trainers or clubs all it prevents them to achieve the desired, although they deserve it.

No matter you support them or not exactly just a human sorry. I'd like to have these guys all came together and finally came the white stripe in their careers.

10. Gareth Bale

In 2013 the player moved from Tottenham to real Madrid for a record at that time $ 101 million, so the expectations of fans of "creamy" was serious. Someone even thought that Gareth will be able to compete with Messi and Ronaldo, becoming the third force not only in Laliga, but in the world.

Alas, nothing of the sort happened. Player with 2013, has received more than 15 injuries and to displace Cristiano with his signature left flank and failed. Now, when the Portuguese moved to Juventus, bale is desperate to prove that they are able to pull the club is not worse, but all attempts are futile.

All know what wonders he is able to do on the field, but he frankly "not talking" game. He was not yet 30 years old, so I want to believe that he dares to change the club and can at least a couple of seasons to play at the top level.

9. Henrikh Mkhitaryan

"The best of the Armenians," as it's loving called by the fans, for some time was the only native of the former Soviet Union who have played at the top level in Europe.

Moving from Shakhtar Donetsk to Borussia Dortmund, he showed much more than was expected of him. In the season of 15/16 he was awarded the title of player of the year in the Bundesliga and had all the chances to repeat the achievement, but why then has passed in "Manchester United".

The point here is not the choice of club and coach: Jose Mourinho, then stood at the helm, did not find Henry site, as preferred players in the overall defensive plan. A lot of time sitting on the bench, Mkhitaryan eventually moved to Arsenal, but here no luck: Arsene Wenger era came to an end, the club rebuilt a new coach, so the prospect of him not very bright.

8. Hulk

The talented Brazilian Duo with Falcao was a terror on defense rivals playing for Porto, winning the 2011 Europa League. His Colombian partner quickly went on increasing in Madrid "Atletico", and then played for Manchester United, Chelsea and Monaco, while the Hulk himself unexpectedly chose Zenit St Petersburg.

The reason is utterly banal money. In Russia he was paid 7 million dollars a year, and the top clubs on such expenditure was not ready. He played well and was waiting that he will move to a stronger League, but he again chose the money: in it for 2016, nearly 60 million was sold in "Shanghai SIPG".

Now he is 32 and he plays very well in China, but it's not his level. Why is it a pity? He was born in a large family (7 children) and grew up in poverty, so their talent traded for money, although he could become the leader of almost any team.

7. James Rodriguez

Well he proved himself at Monaco, the Colombian is truly announced himself on the World Cup 2014, becoming the top scorer with 6 goals. Subsequent transfer to real Madrid looked logical, but still incorrect solution. Yes, to deny such a club is difficult, but compared to other stars he just lost.

Nobody was going to mess around with it and even more to build around him the game (there for that was Ronaldo), so the player was in reserve and lost confidence. Now at Bayern, he also shows that level of ability. Very unfortunate that after the world Cup he did not get a decent coach who would give the player fully disclosed.

6. Neymar

If we ignore the appearance or simulate a player not to everyone's liking, the bottom line will get an incredibly talented player, who have something to spare.

Hoping to escape the shadow of Messi, he for the space 222 million dollars went to PSG, where he began to pursue the injury. Regularly receiving the legs from rough French defenders, Neymar continues to play nicely, that it must be respected.

Alas, injuries and the transition to PSG (which the player himself has repeatedly regretted), most likely will ruin his career, although he is only 27, so chances are more hopeful outcome is.

5. Gianluigi Buffon

One of the best goalkeepers of the XXI century and definitely the most respected in his career as much as 3 times played in the final of the Champions League, but never lifted the coveted Cup over his head.

He is now 41 and his PSG eliminated from the playoffs this season, so the trophy he most likely will not get, which becomes a little sad. The goalkeeper most of his career playing for Juventus, loved all over the world wishing him only one more time to reach the final and become the winner.

4. Denis Cheryshev

With 4 goals scored Denis became one of the best scorers of the last world Cup in Russia and rating of Guardian entered the top 100 best players in 2018.

Just imagine what he would have achieved if not for the injury? Since 2013 he is a total of 750 days missed due to injuries, failing to gain a foothold in Madrid and other Spanish clubs. It is hoped that it will manage 2-3 seasons to play safely and get to a decent level.

3. Lionel Messi

Messi long ago became the best scorer of Argentina national team, but to win something with her he fails. In the national team he has already lost 4 (!) final: 3 in the America's Cup and one at the 2010 world Cup.

This summer will once again be the America's Cup and most neutral fans will be rooting for Argentina, because Messi deserved. To the next world Cup he will be 34 years old, but looking at its cosmic level of the game, the chance to become world champion he also is.

2. Marco Reus

Honest, hardworking and devoted to his club, the player is extremely traumatic, which constantly misses the most important matches and tournaments. During his career he has received about 50 damage, the most annoying of which was the injury in the match with Armenia a week before the start of the 2014 world Cup.

He was the main star of the team, but in the end did not go, and the Germans, and without him to become Champions. He is now 30, to move late, so he most likely will become a legend Borussia, but trophies and not win.

1. Alan Dzagoev

Exceptionally, think about a player from the Premier League, which is also beset by injury. On the European Championship in 2012 Alan was 3 goals in 3 matches, everyone called it the second Arshavin, but he failed them to be because of health.

Now he has been ruled out until September due to the rupture of cruciate ligaments, restoration of which takes one month, and the speed is not becomes the same.

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