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10 most beautiful British actors


England...a Country of slim exquisite sense of humor, rains, and elegant tuxedos. What kind of men could create such a country? Of course, only these brave beauties.

Cold and austere appearance of British actors breaks hundreds of women's hearts. A good blend of masculinity, alienation and intellectual charisma makes them Pets, when talking about the roles of Lovelace and Cauldrons.

In fact, the English men don't tend to get in the top rankings, but many do not consider myself attractive. If they go to the cinema, you want to show the world your talent and to fully convey the nature of the character, that note, they've been great.

And yet women's magazines can't do without publications rankings of "the most sexy, romantic, attractive, etc."

Well, today we also made the top 10 of beautiful actors native to England. Let them get acquainted.

10. Orlando Bloom

The actor has aristocratic good looks with the interesting "eagle" profile. Not surprising, because the man grew up in an intellectual family, and his favourite novel, which he tries to carry, is "the Brothers Karamazov".

However, the actor is living a complete worldly life, took a wife Miranda Kerr, and then divorced, had an affair with the flamboyant Katy Perry, incidentally sleeps with a different waitress, but still shows the bodies of the paparazzi.

Here it is, reserved English education, which creates the real demons in the nooks of the soul.

9. Kit Harington

Now this name, because Jon snow is one of the most lovable characters of the cult TV series "Game of Thrones". Regular features and manliness of the whale allows him to look good in various forms, be it aristocrat on the red carpet or soldier on horseback among the dead.

Harrington dreams be realized not only as a movie actor, but as a theatrical. He recognizes its strengths and is even ready to strip down the frame for the sake of art and, of course, the lovers fans.

Did you know that the whale in life, he married the wildling Ygritte, who became his partner on the series? All eligible bachelor acquires a family, than a short "break the hearts" of the newly made fans.

8. Tom Hiddleston

Bailuzhou man became popular after these men's films "the Avengers" and "Thor." Prominent looks and real acting talent helped him get a coveted role and approving reviews from film critics.

The Englishman understands that acting is acting, and a good education never hurt anyone. So graduated from the Royal Academy of dramatic art, demonstrating good progress in the theater field.

If the glory and attention of the fans will not prestat promising actor, he will be able to achieve incredible heights in the field of cinema.

7. Jason Statham

Again, the star of all the latest ratings, Tops and reviews. We, frankly, who can blame them have time to get bored, while fans around the world do not get tired to sigh and brutal such a simple beauty Jason.

Probably, if not powerful, role in "Carrier" and "Big Kush", Statham with his dry English appearance would have remained inconspicuous man, not particularly stand out from the crowd.

But not when playing a "real man" in the adrenal militants. Statham, by the way, is an exemplary husband and father, despite the way the bully from the group of guy Ritchie.

6. Jamie Dornan

Another frequenter of fashionable ratings and reviews, which gives a special sexuality and beauty. And all because of the sensational role of a voluptuous millionaire in the trilogy "shades of grey".

In the life of Jamie a regular nice guy, modest and manly enough. But in the series, of course, makeup artists and costume designers have tried their best, creating a "delicious" way.

Himself Jamie is not happy that he labeled as ambitious and confident guy. He seeks to show how can be versatile and interesting actor.

With the correct facial features and natural charisma Dornan is in demand as a fashion model.

5. Jude Law

Lowe, it seems, don't age ever. With years of smiling, charming gray-eyed Englishman becomes even more impressive and interesting.

Jude always looks like a cat, soused sour cream, causing him forever suspect in fleeting Affairs and novels.

The actor says that a period shy of his such "correct" appearance. Still, because of the "beautiful eyes" actor was even allowed to live in the women's wing of the Dorm theater.

Aristocratic facial features help lo in his career, because he was invited for the main roles in the cult films. Although the actor tiring to play such a Lothario and a ladies ' man.

4. Hugh Grant

But Hugh, don't seem to care that accrue to the role of conqueror of ladies ' hearts. It is in this way feels like a fish in water. The actor used his charming and intelligent appearance not only in the workplace but also in everyday life, spinning the novels right and left.

Grant received a good education and had a successful career in Hollywood, but had the reputation of a scandalous actor.

The image of the smoothie man suffered personal life, so constantly throws up new stories for the paparazzi. The next novel, bastard children...

3. Charlie Hunnam

The man grew up in a family of artist and father is a handyman, but nature had a promising appearance, and a flexible mind. Of Hunnam never planned an acting career and was accidentally noticed by a head-hunter in the store when I came in for a pair of shoes.

First guy got the role in the television series "Biker grove", followed by "Close friends" in detail tells about the life of homosexuals. And yet the specific role did not deter the fans, because English is such an interesting appearance can not fall in love.

2. Nicholas Hoult

Remember modest and cute boy from drama-Comedy "My boy"? Since then, hoult has grown up and become a real man, a star of British and Hollywood cinema.

Iconic role in "X-Men", work side by side with Tom Ford, the affair with Jennifer Lawrence and Holt at the height of his fame.

Interesting English appearance is not lost, and Nicholas will take you in many interesting films.

1. Henry Cavill

Despite obvious natural gifts, Cavill is not immediately conquered the harsh Hollywood. Before the actor got the iconic role, he has undergone a series of setbacks.

The actor had heard that does not match in age and type, and English comely appearance and not bother employers at the auditions.

But the creators of the historic television series "the Tudors" evaluated pure aristocratic appearance of the British, and made Henry a tempting offer, which also gave a boost to his career.

Here they are, our English actors who actively uses natural data, others are shy their entire life, and others, and does not consider themselves worthy of the rating "the most beautiful". What say you, the sophisticated viewer?

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