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10 most terrible and breaks the psyche films


They say that art is something that I want to see again. But in the history of world cinema there were many such paintings that I want after watching to forget.

There can be naturalistic, shows brutal scenes of murder, sexual violence, or all sorts of bullying, after which the viewer will have a long time to recover.

And if this movie wants to see a person is very impressionable or weak minded, then the consequences can be more severe.

Of course, it should be recognized that many of these films received critical acclaim or was award winning, but the mass audience, such films are rarely absolute delight.

Submitted 10 paintings that can harm the psyche.

10. Destination2000-2011

It's a whole cycle of horror films based on unrealized scripts of an episode of the cult television series the x-files.

The main idea addressed in each of the episodes, — the fatalism and the inevitability of death. Visually series is the slasher, where the death of characters can sometimes be the result of a chain, at first glance, absurd accidents, and shows in very graphic form (the terrible scene of accidents, knocking down people transport, death by explosion or fire, falling from great heights, strangulation, drowning, decapitation, puncturing eyes and all sorts of other ways of killing living beings).

9. The shining1980

The main character is a writer who for tide fresh creative forces, decides to retire from the busy city life. He becomes a caretaker at a hotel which is far away from civilization.

Together with his family, the protagonist is faced with the mysterious things that cannot be understood by cold reason

8. Glass1987

In the center of the plot is former Nazi doctor, paralyzed from head to toe after a failed attempt to carry out suicide who feels sexual attraction to young boys.

To settle scores with life, he decided after the murder of his last victim. Now, being in a miserable weak condition, this crippled maniac is forced to take to his nurses a guy who became an unwitting witness to the brutal crimes committed by his employer a few years ago.

Now the nurse begins to blackmail paralyzed Chuck. He revels in the terrible details of the life of Nazi doctor stated in his diary: at first, he experimented on living people, and then this terrible scientific activity developed into pedophilia and murder...

7. Funny games1997

On the seafront is a small country cottage, where a decent family from Austria. A man named George, along with his wife Anna and their ten year old son Georgie. Also, they took a still dog, nicknamed Ruth.

Very soon they will have to face the terrible characters living in the neighborhood, which will offer a couple to play a nightmarish game in which they may lose life

6. Irreversible 2002

The narrative in the painting is developing backwards. The darkness of night, crimson glow on the walls of dirty den, a pale scared face.

Angry man rushes in the endless maze of stairs and passages. He wants only one thing: to find and get even with the man who had beaten to death and raped his beautiful beloved.

Followed by cruel scene of the murder of the rapist heartbroken man

5. Blue velvet1986

It's a spooky story about a young man who on the trouble found in a vacant lot severed human ear, and starting his own investigation, was in a terrible situation

4. Test1999

Shigeharu Aoyama was widowed seven years ago. His 17-year-old son, Shigehiko keeps telling dad that he needs to get married again, because the guy plans to start an independent life after finishing school and doesn't want his dad was all alone.

And then one day mate Aoyama between Yoshikawa producer, offers to organize a sham audition hopefuls for the lead role in a supposedly new film so that Aoyama can choose among them a new wife.

However, neither the protagonist nor his friends don't even suspect what a nightmare turn out this is a false audition

3. Antichrist2009

The main characters tape a married couple, he is a successful psychoanalyst, she is a Medieval historian working on his dissertation.

In their family there was a terrible tragedy they lost an infant son. Not having the strength to overcome their grief, they go camping in the woods, enjoy the fresh forest air and allow your mind in order.

But, with each passing day the woman's condition gets worse and she becomes obsessed with sex, and refusal of her husband from intimacy leads her on a rampage.

2. Country tides2005

Jeliza rose, a simple girl who is not very lucky with my parents. They are drug addicts, fully absorbed in their addiction. Mom relaxes, buying countless shoes, and my father is an avid hard rock and the Vikings.

The poor girl in spite of everything trying to help parents, and even participates in the preparation of the next dose. The only joy in her life is a doll for finger theatre.

The mother's drug addiction eventually leads her to the grave. After that, father Jelisi decides to dramatically change his and his daughter's life. He decides to return to his childhood home, where she plans to start life with a clean slate..

1. Martyr2008

This mysterious story took place in France in the 70-ies of the last century. A little girl named Lucy, who for a year had been missing was finally found.

A child in shock with her to such an extent that you cannot tell those who saved her, who abducted her.

The police find out that all this time Lucy was kept in an old slaughterhouse. But then what happened with the girl a year ago? And how she managed to escape from this awful place?

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