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Top 10 women of Russian rock


Even in such harsh music like rock are very bright female names, which in no way inferior to the successful in this genre, the representatives of the stronger sex. They are talented and full of creative energy, pushing them to achieve new musical heights.

Introducing 10 beautiful ladies that have made a great contribution to the development of Russian rock culture.

10. Linda

Critics and fans generally attribute the creation of this singer to the genre of trip-rock. At the beginning of her career songwriter Linda was the composer Maxim Fadeev. But after some time she started to write lyrics and music itself.

The peak of the singer's popularity peaked in the mid 90s. But to this day, Linda continues to write songs and perform in front of her devoted public.

9. Lusine Gevorgyan

Lusine Gevorgyan, singer and songwriter, soloist of the rock bands Tracktor Bowling and Louna. Biography Lusine began in 2003, when she became a member of the musical group Sphere of Influence.

A year later, she moved into the group, Tracktor Bowling, as the replacement of the leaving group of the soloist. That's what brought the popularity of Lusine.

In 2008, together with bassist vít she creates a rock band Louna. Today Lusine successfully combines the work in two groups, where is one of the authors of texts and music.

8. Svetlana Surganova

The popularity of this distinctive performer came after together with his longtime girlfriend Diana Arbenina, they decided to organize a group Night snipers.

Before long, the singer was performing in restaurants and clubs. As part of this musical group Svetlana went on stage as a singer and violinist, having taken an active part in the creation of all albums of the early period of the snipers.

Despite the big success and popularity of the group in 2002 Surganova decided to leave the team and pursue solo activities. The reason for this was the desire of Svetlana continue to look for new forms of expression of creativity, and the Night snipers were imprisoned on the classic rock style and the rest of the band did not want to change anything in the style of the music team.

After leaving the group, Svetlana has created a team Surganova and Orchestra, where she had the opportunity to experiment with the musical direction of the songs.

7. Nastya Poleva

In 1981, as a student at Sverdlovsk Institute of architecture, Nastya came on the scene as vocalist of the hard rock band Track. Two years later, the groups broke up and the girl began to perform solo.

In 1985, Anastasia became part of the legendary Nautilus Pompilius. A year later she spoke at the Sverdlovsk rock festival with its own program, created on the basis mainly of poetry by Ilya Kormiltsev. New her group named Anastasia.

6. Helavisa

Creative activity Helewise began in her student years. At the time she took a creative pseudonym Halides. The singer sang songs and performed compositions based on the poetry of Gumilev, Kipling, and burns.

In 1998 Natalia first appeared on the scene under a new name – Helga. It happened just at the moment when she began to collaborate with a musical ensemble till Eulenspiegel.

After a year on the basis of the disintegrated till Eulenspiegel there's a new group, called the Mill. Four years later the group released their debut album the Way of sleep, which includes songs Highlander, Lord Gregory, To the North, and more tracks performed Helavisa.

Currently, the Mill is one of the most famous rock bands, performing songs in folk style.

5. Yanka Dyagileva

Yanka Dyagileva, a Soviet rock singer, songwriter songwriter, member of the popular at that time musical groups, such as Civil defence, Great October.

This girl lived a very short life, but thanks to his rich artistic career, she has become one of the brightest representatives of the underground scene of the late 1980-ies and forever inscribed his name in the history of the national rock movement.

At the beginning of his creative biography, the girl started giving home concerts, she sang her original compositions. Due to its originality Janka quickly became popular in its musical environment. At this time began to emerge in the light of its unauthorized albums.

During the life of the singer almost never mentioned in the official media. She did not like to give interviews and refused to offer Tunes to release a CD. Diaghilev never aspired to the all-Union fame, so did nothing for the promotion of his name and songs.

She died in 1991. The official conclusion of the investigation — drowning that occurred in the accident.

4. Daria Nookie Stavrovich

Daria Nookie Stavrovich Russian singer, songwriter, soloist of the band Slot. As part of this musical group, she participated in the establishment of seven Studio albums with her vocals, including the re-release of the album 2 wars.

Since 2012 Daria while working on his solo project n¥Ki. In 2016 she entered the semi-finals of the popular talent show "the Voice", 5th season.

Stavrovich admitted that her nickname Nuka is a proper name and does not carry any implication (in the American slang nookie means sex without commitment).

3. Masha Makarova

Name Maria Makarova in the first place associated with the cult band Masha and the bears. At the peak of creativity of this musical group, their fame was incredible. However, the group existed briefly in 2000 Masha and the bears collapsed.

Mary herself is very charismatic, bright and distinctive personality. According to the original production conceived, Mary had to appear before the public bald.

Men who are in a group, also appeared in the frame without hair. By the way, when the hair is cut Makarova took down the sacred river Ganges. According to Maria, this ceremony helps to purify karma.

2. Zemfira

At the time, this rock-singer, lyricist, composer called the broken voice of a generation. Zemfira, his appearance on the big stage marked the emergence of a special direction in Russian rock, which after some time, critics have identified as female rock.

Her songs Want a Girl with a player, the Ravens, the Muscovite and others have become symbols of the era of the late 90s and early 2000s. in Addition to performing original songs, Zemfira wrote the music for the movie. And now, almost twenty years after her first appearance on the stage, the popularity of Zemfira not only on the decline, but reaches new heights.

1. Diana

Diana Arbenina – the musician and singer-songwriter. Popularity came to her first and foremost as the leader of the group Night snipers. Diana is the winner of Triumph for achievements in the field of art and literature. Also, this rock diva has released several books and collections of poetry.

Acclaim for Diana came in 1993, when the birth of the group Night snipers, originally conceived as an acoustic Duo of Svetlana Surganova and Diana Arbenina. The meeting of these two original musicians was a turning point in the creative biography of both.

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