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10 ancient castles in which to live and now


Who of us at least once in a lifetime dream to visit a real medieval castle? In our time this dream is quite realistic.

Until now in the world there are preserved hundreds of monumental historical structures that enterprising owners turned into luxury hotels. The demand is very high, because in such a place combining modern comfort and mysterious atmosphere of antiquity.

We present 10 of the most famous medieval castles, to this day, the receiving within its walls tourists.

10. Castello di Casol (Tuscany, Italy)

City of Tuscany, a wonderful place for a relaxing and cultural holiday. Castello di Casol will amaze any traveler with its noble grandeur. He is well preserved, so anyone can easily navigate back in time and immerse yourself in the history of this place. Moreover, the surrounding nature will not leave anyone indifferent.

9. Amberley Castle (West Sussex, UK)

This hotel is located 60 miles southwest of London under the roof of a medieval castle, West Sussex.

The history of this monumental building has 900 years. Near the castle gardens. Also nearby are 2 lakes and boasts one of the Golf course.

The Castle surrounded on all sides by the old castle wall and entering the castle visitors are greeted by massive grille, which the staff at the hotel down for the night.

8. Royal Mansour (Marrakech, Morocco)

Near the famous Central square, Djemaa El-Fna square, an area of 3.5 hectares, the Royal Mansour. The hotel impresses with its luxury, making claims to be the best in Marrakech.

The hotel is decorated in the style of traditional Eastern quarter of the Medina, surrounded by a high wall, a luxurious Moorish garden with its fountains, picturesque lakes and surrounded by exotic plants.

Guests are accommodated in three-storey houses-riads, recreating the authentic Oriental atmosphere in which introduced elements of modern European style.

7. Gritti Palace Hotel (Venice, Italy)

Great comfortable hotel is located in an historic former mansion, which is right on the banks of the legendary Grand canal.

Near the hotel is the famous Piazza San Marco and La Fenice theatre. On a river tram, which stops near the hotel, tourists can reach any point of Venice and visit other interesting sights of the city.

6. Pousada de Obidos (Obidos, Portugal)

This is a classic defensive structure, built in the Manueline style, which is a synthesis of Gothic, Moorish and Renaissance style. The gate in the fortress wall is decorated with panels of Azulejos.

At first this place was a fortress of the Visigoths, which is located next to the whole settlement. In VIII century the fortress was conquered by the Arabs. Later they built the settlements around the walls and made it one of the Central points of Estremadura.

After the Arab Emirate was included in Portugal in the thirteenth century, the fortress was significantly expanded and acquired the external form in which it has been preserved to the present day.

5. Schloss Fuschl Resort Spa (Salzkammergut, Austria)

This hotel is located in one of the most picturesque parts of Austria beautiful castle of the XV century, near which is a national nature reserve. Quite often guests become members of the European aristocracy, Royal guests and stars of cinema.

4. Castle Alarcon (Alarcon, Spain)

In Alarcon on a high cliff is a castle. The júcar river washed its walls on three sides. Once upon a time it served as a reliable protection of the borders of Castilla. Now here is a comfortable hotel, in demand from tourists in any time of the year.

According to one version, the castle bears the name of king Alaric II, however, the documentary confirmation of this hypothesis has not.

3. Hotel de la Cite (Carcassonne, France)

Carcassonne is a small town located in the French province of Languedoc. It is divided into new and old part. Of course, thousands of tourists come annually to this place to visit the old part, which is a real medieval fortress.

The fortress is a Museum of inquisitio, the castle, the theatre — Théâtre Jean-Deschamps, where throughout the July concerts of classical music and theatre performances, as well as a luxury hotel with magnificent interiors in medieval style.

In addition, the fortress is home to numerous small restaurants and souvenir shops where tourists can buy Souvenirs from neighboring Provence.

2. Ananda in the Himalayas (Uttarakhand, India)

This hotel is located among the scenic meadows at the headwaters of the Ganges river near the Holy Indian cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh. Hotel name in Sanskrit translates as the absolute bliss that can guests.

Before the Central building was the residence of the Maharaja and was called the Viceregal Palace. Then it was visited by many famous personages. Now the mansion of the Himalayas has been completely renovated. Behind the facade is executed in classical style, hide, traditional Indian design, with portraits of the Maharaja and Antiques.

1. Dromoland (Clare, Ireland)

Ireland, despite its relatively small size, boasts many old buildings. One of the most famous historical buildings is the castle hotel Dromoland. It was built in 1475.

In the first half of the nineteenth century, in a modified form, the castle took possession of the most powerful clan of the O'briens, who were the direct descendants of king Brian Boru. In the early 60-ies of the last century Donagh O'brien due to financial difficulties was forced to sell the castle. The new owner of a beautiful medieval structure became a U.S. citizen Bernard McDonagh.

At the moment, Dromoland is one of the best hotels in Ireland. Magnificent castle with carved wood panelling, expensive items sculptures and paintings and antique furniture is in great demand among tourists wishing to visit these picturesque lands.

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