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10 drunken spree famous players


The players are people too, so despite the way they allow themselves to relax and enjoy. Sometimes they relax too much, drinking too much, and then fall into ridiculous, funny or dangerous situations.

In this collection we remember 10 drunken antics of famous players, not considering the cases with players of the Russian team. This and so all know why once again remember the shame, right?

10. Paul Pogba

The talented Frenchman for some time bore the title of most expensive player in the world, has long been famous for his laziness on the pitch.

As much as he likes defense, he loves to celebrate their team's victory. The brightest moments happened at Juventus: one of them drunk Pogba took away the journalist's microphone and gave a "muddy" it, and in the other it is no less drunk several times fell in the locker room during the festive dance team.

It is worth noting that out of the team he rarely gets drunk, but when celebrating something his teammates, he tries to outdo everyone.

9. Wayne Rooney

English football has always loved alcohol, so it's amazing that he managed to reach such heights in his career. During the time of the game for the "Manchester United", when Rooney was injured and watched the match from the VIP stand, he's right on it, ordered a beer, trying to "encrypt" and pour it into a glass of soda.

It is impossible not to recall the two viral videos with his participation: he drunk Boxing with a friend and gets a knockout, and in the other singing karaoke with ed Sheeran. Even now, playing out a game in the MLS, he often spends time in bars, where it is caught by journalists.

8. Gavin White

Young severoirlandtsev, who plays for the team, "Oxford United" from the second football League. Quite a talented player would have to go on increasing in a more prestigious club, if not for his drunken outburst at the beginning of the year.

Much Podmogov, he along with a friend on the street pulled down his pants and started waving cock, while they were videotaped. This behavior has caused a wide public resonance, and career football player is now guaranteed not to be what could be.

7. David Luiz

And again a player who too much celebrating team successes. Brazilian defender "famous" after the victory "Chelsea" in the Champions League in 2012, giving an interview to the Italian journalist. Forgetting about the rules of etiquette and manners, drunk Louise fraternally hugged the journalist and thickly began to say Hello to their international team-mates Thiago Silva, Robinho and Alexandre Pato.

6. Hugo Lloris

Main goalkeeper and captain of the French team at the World Cup in Russia has done everything to his team received a gold medal, so had every right to relax after the tournament and enjoy the victory.

However, the rest of the player was delayed until August and cost him dearly, and all that's why: being very drunk, he was after one of these parties did not wait for a taxi and decided to drive himself. Realizing that in this state he can break himself or bring down the pedestrian, he decided to adjust slowly and carefully, and this has attracted the attention of the police.

The patrol seemed odd jeep, trudging along idle road at a speed of 20 km/h, so they stopped him. Alcohol test showed 1.8 ppm, and the subsequent court decided to deprive a player of rights to 20 months and ordered to pay substantial fines.

5. Arturo Vidal

The Chilean midfielder for the first time seriously on a spree on the home for his country's Copa America in 2015. At first he together with his wife after a night of sitting in a casino accident, which injured only the car, and after that "hangover" came to the training which police have it.

Fans were furious, because it didn't want drunken antics, and feats on the field, so the player had tearfully apologizing to fans at a press conference.

Fortunately, he was able to score the decisive penalty in the final, so all is forgiven. Also during the game, Bayern player loved to throw parties, in the course of which often fights. After one of the episodes he faces a prison sentence up to 10 years, but he managed to settle the case and negotiate with the injured party.

4. Steven Gerrard

In 2008, the English midfielder and the future legend "Liverpool" was one of the best players in the world and the leader of his team. After the victory over Newcastle away with a crushing score of 1:5, Stevie g went to celebrate it at a bar in the company of five friends.

All was going well until the DJ refused to play your favorite song player. It turned into a verbal conflict which ended with the fact that Gerrard punched a DJ in the face, sending Slovenia to the hospital.

At trial, the player justified that supposedly felt threatened and just decided to strike first, and he did not do it in hospital would he. Despite the absurdity of the excuses, the player still managed to "otmazatsya", which contributed to its popularity.

3. Neymar

The Brazilian no one fought and no one was sent to the hospital, but only fooled around and had fun. Noting the victory of "Barcelona" originally he spit his tie, and on the celebration of its own 25th anniversary is dashing danced. During the speech, he not only thanked those who came to congratulate the guests, but also explicitly stated that drunk. Of course, all this someone took video and posted online.

2. Lionel Messi

The player was drunk during the celebration of the first treble Barcelona in 2009, not afraid in such a way to get in front of the fans. He gave a fiery speech in the spirit of "You wanted three trophies? Will get!" featuring low cut thus fans and bringing it to the amazement of teammates, who are accustomed to see Leo is quiet and modest. Other players present at the festival, judging by the video was much more sober of the Argentinian.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese, who in a solid by football standards age continues to demonstrate the transcendent level, is considered a fan of a healthy lifestyle, but actually to rest he is also able.

The most notorious case occurred in 2015, Kryry when a drunk urinated on the wheel of another car right outside the club (which was probably a toilet). Not including the infamous photo, no consequence is not entailed.

The most recent history was at the European Championships in 2016, when Portugal reached the final of the tournament. All hopes were pinned it to Ronaldo, but to universal regret he was injured in the 1st half.

From the locker room, he returned disgruntled and slightly "wall-eyed": it was evident that he not only received medical aid, but also poured 100 grams. This was finally confirmed in the post-match interview where frankly drunk Cristiano joked with reporters.

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