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10 movies that can lift your spirits


All of us from time to time I want to see not just Comedy and life-affirming film that can cheer you up. Indeed, in this complex world teeming with intractable conflicts, and various difficulties it's so important to find a reason for sincere smiles.

That is funny and good art painting can be a wonderful occasion to once again smile and look to the future with optimism. Fortunately, such movies a lot, and you at any time, when you will be sad, will be able to charge them with positive energy.

Submitted 10 paintings, is able to improve mood with its humour and naive kindness.

10. A clean sheet 2010

Germain — the man is ambitious, but narrow-minded. And once, in the Park, he meets a beautiful elderly lady named Margaret.

The woman has a sharp mind and incredible erudition. She becomes a friend Germaine, thereby pushing it to take another look at your life and the reality surrounding him.

9. A good year 2006

The stockbroker, cunning lucky Manager of a large bore inherits a vineyard in Provence.

On arriving in France he realizes that except him, there are still those hoping to usurp his inheritance. A series of amazing events will cause the character to take another look at this world and make a radical revaluation of values

8. Big Scam 2013

In a small village comes a young man, whom the court decided correctional labor for possession of a controlled substance. Here he begins a completely different life: he settled in a small rustic cabin and starts Dating with the locals.

The village is not experiencing the best of times, since fishing, the main fishing of local residents, has become prohibited by law.

All hope for a factory that can build young professionals, among them our protagonist. Will he be able to realize the dream of the people of this village?

7. Ten-inch hero 2006

At the diner surfers and hippies convinced the Tracker, secretly enamored in the owner's shop is a magical accessories, a picturesque trio: two girls, preoccupied with their personal troubles, and the guy with the Mohawk spooky colors.

One of the girls, the cashier, Jen, the lady with incredibly deep inner peace and a gray appearance. All her intentions are in correspondence affair with a virtual lover of social networks.

Hope to find a real fiancé almost does not have grounds, but Jen does not give up. Her companion, a bold brunette Tish, on the contrary, is popular with the opposite sex, easily manipulating men. And eccentric Priestley, hides the bad hair and piercings vulnerable soul

6. Groundhog day 1993

Every year on February 2nd in a small provincial town Punxsutawney is a holiday called Groundhog Day: this little animal helps to predict the weather.

Every time this holiday comes from Pittsburgh arrogant teleobservation the weather Phil Connors, who is terribly tired of this work and who hates this festival in the boondocks. However, he is unaware that the occasion this year he will have to remember for a long time

5. Mamma MIA! 2008

Sophie is going to get married soon and wants the triumph was perfect. She also dreams that the wedding was attended by her own father.

But suddenly, Sophie finds the diary of her mother, in which she writes about relationships with three men. She decides to invite to the wedding of each of them

4. Little miss sunshine 2006

Olive is a little girl who wants more than anything is the title of Little miss sunshine. Her family also want the dream of a young olive has come true, but they are so concerned with their own problems that are unlikely to help her.

Olive's uncle, Frank, was a famous scientist who tried to commit suicide after a failed relationship with student a male. Her brother Dwayne, took a vow of silence, which completely alienated him from his loved ones. Grandfather of olive, though on drugs, but he is the only one in this family who are willing to support olive

3. Stardust 2007

A small village in England, the ancient wall is separated from the magical parallel universe where there is magic. A young man named Tristan thorn makes a promise to the most beautiful woman of the village, that could get her a fallen star from the sky which landed on the other side of the wall.

On the way to their goal Tristan will meet the conspirators sons of a mighty king, a witch, the leader of the pirates and the dodgy dealer, and will find your true love

2. Up2009

The main character is old and grumpy guy named Carl Fredricksen. He is dissatisfied with his fate. After many years Carl was dreaming about incredible adventures, distant travels and expeditions to the unexplored parts of the world.

When his beloved wife was dying, he promised her that implements all their unfulfilled dreams. But as he was no longer young, Carl soon forgot about the wife word.

However, everything changes when the hero meets 8-year-old Russell, who travels all the time. Still deciding on a desperate adventure, friends are tied to his house a huge number of balloons and sent into the wilderness of South America

1. Big fish 2003

Based on pictures taken from the popular novel by writer Daniel Wallace. The Central figure of the story an ordinary young man who loves his father, who is about to depart to the other world.

While the man lies on his deathbed, his son is trying to learn more details about the life of his dying parent. He listens to every word and learns more about his father from other sources.

As a result, in the eyes of the guy develops an incredible picture of the fate of his father

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