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10 rules of education by Darya Dontsova


Darya Dontsova –not only a famous writer but also a wonderful mother. Her eldest son Arkady, who was born in the first marriage, for 47 years, he had himself a son Nikita.

Third husband she had a daughter Maria, she is now 33 years old. A girl married to a programmer Yury Subbotin. And in 2015, they had a son, the second grandson Daria, Michael.

The writer has always loved and loves his children and grandchildren, and spends much time with them.

10. Children copy behavior of parents

The writer advises to blame for some thing children should ask yourself, did you have you also. What would you say to the kid, he will let these words fall on deaf ears, but will repeat all actions.

So, if you constantly repeat to him that you have to love a grandmother, but after her unexpected arrival starts to swear, he will remember that grandma should be treated badly.

Education is not moralizing. Not worth constantly repeating that you need to say "thank you". The child will learn to thank others if you will have a living example of my father that afternoon, to say "thank you".

Grandson Daria Misha 3 years knows what is allowed and what not to do. He never hits the dogs, no screaming, no stomping feet, as before the eyes there are no examples of such behavior.

9. Grandchildren must love as children

Darya Dontsova is recognized that relates to children and grandchildren alike. Her grandson Misha reminds her little Mary. When she was 5 years old she liked to sleep holding her hand. If Donna tried to pull his hand away, Masha woke up and demanded it back. Now the same habit of eating Misha.

Grandchildren for her is the opportunity us to baby-sit with a small child, with the smell of baby soap or milk. But the difference is still there. Now their family has more opportunities and she could buy her grandson the next toy to please yourself and the baby.

8. For the child, the mother always good

The writer is sure that in our country like children, and before that it was considered indecent if a woman has not given birth. Bad mother we have, but not so much.

Daria herself was not used to assess. She had children to love them. And children mom never changes and never gets old. To her baby can come any, even the bad and ugly, and she always will.

7. Parents are investing in baby values, which he will remember for a lifetime

As with buildings, the children may be a good Foundation, or as if they are quicksand. If the child invested the right values, it can protest all to do Vice versa or to get into bad company. But sooner or later it will return to the values that he instilled in mom and dad.

6. The child who trusted you, you need to be able to keep his secrets

If the child shared some secret, can't tell it to others. Once she told me that the hide trick, because dad would be upset. But if it happens again like that, she will have to tell him, and he can raise the pressure. Children should be sure that mom won't give them the secret if he promised to keep his secret.

5. It is not necessary to encroach on the territory of the child

If the teenager decided not to let you into the room, hung there terrible posters, it is not necessary to argue with him. This is his territory, his room without his permission you can not enter. He touches your stuff. And this applies not only to rooms, but all the rest.

If he brought daughter-in-law that you don't like, you need to make the effort and try to love her. Something in the life of a grown-up child must be good: work or family, a fascinating hobby. He actually likes this kind of life? If Yes, intervene it is not necessary.

4. Ban is not the answer

Many parents are driving children into the framework of the strict prohibitions. Darya Dontsova sure that's not correct. If they believe their child is old enough, they did not forbid it, they are just not interested to do something bad.

All friends of the children always sat at their house, she and her husband were allowed to bring guests to entertain them with everything in the fridge. And they always know what children are attracted to who you are friends with.

When the boys started Smoking, she didn't throw tantrums, and was advised to take a good cigarette dad. And it worked, after some time they quit Smoking, because there is no passion, no man takes a smoke. Daria says that they never hid the alcohol, the children were able to get it and try. But I no longer wanted to drink.

3. The need to prohibit only that may harm the health of children

So, if a child wants to pierce her nose, we need to explain to him that this may disrupt ventilation, may be sinusitis. If all this not work, let pierces and hurts.

It is important to explain to the child why you are against it, tell how it all might end. But if this whim could be a serious health risk, parents must be firm.

2. No need to put pressure on the children

Darya Dontsova told me that neither she nor her husband tried not to put pressure on the children. So when their daughter graduated from high school, they wanted Mary joined the faculty of psychology, where was working her father.

But the girl said that she wants to be a buyer. They did not object, but only warned her that if something goes wrong, it will not have air bags, i.e. higher education.

Mary thought, and she went to pcapac, and then received a second education. Her dream came true, it works by Bayer, and knowledge of psychology is very helpful to her.

1. Children should respect their parents

The writer remembers that her mother and father held important posts. They have in the first place always had a job. Her upbringing was engaged grandmother. At that time all lived: parents worked a lot and tried to do well.

Parents kept a distance: if guests came, the girl couldn't sit next to them, eating it too, separately from adults. Daria herself behaved with the children in a different way.

But she agreed that children should respect their parents and remember that mom is not my friend. She can help, will do all it can, but will not tolerate rudeness and familiarity. Parents of children older and smarter, they need to be treated with respect.

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