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10 shortest marriages of Russian stars


The formalization of the relationship is a very serious step. People decide to get married when they think they found their destiny. Of course, if you do not take into account marriages of convenience or other reasons not related to love nothing.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to save the marriage, some couples, faced the first difficulties are already running to get a divorce.

Celebrities are not excluded. For anybody not a secret that among the stars of little people who will suffer, to concede, to come to a decision. They're used to that around them are many women and men, they know they will never be alone.

Celebrities think that they deserve the best, they prefer not to waste time on hopeless relationship. If you are interested in this topic, read our article.

Below are 10 of the shortest marriages of Russian stars.

10. Daniil Spivakovskiy and Anna Ardova — 335 days

Daniel and Anna were doing the same course at GITIS. First they just talked, after a while decided to get married. First time lived with the mother of Daniel, was difficult. The woman was initially against this marriage.

The couple decided to move, hoping that he can improve relations, but nothing came of it. A storm of scandals with the smashing of crockery have become a frequent occurrence in the family Spivakovsky and Ardovs. They were too temperamental, nobody wanted to concede.

They decided to leave. Surprisingly, the parting reconciled, Anna and Daniel, they dispersed, but retained good relations.

9. Dmitry Lipskerov and Elena Korikova — 335 days

First love of Helena – a sad experience. The young man left the actress when she was pregnant. So when she met Dimitri, she did not want to repeat history. She made it seem that she is interested in only a serious relationship.

Lipskerov was not opposed, it is suggested to Elena to get married. They lived together for almost a year, but this time was very happy.

Problems arose because of the relationship Korikova with her mother. She was the closest person. Not just Elena prejudicial to the interests of his family to solve the problem of the mother.

Lipskerova it soon enough. The couple filed for divorce, but even after the divorce they were drawn to each other. Some time they met, but these meetings did not last long.

8. Marat Basharov and Catherine arkharova — 290 days

Ekaterina and Marat met in social networks. The novel developed rapidly, soon Basharov did Ancharovoj an offer she gladly accepted.

Catherine admitted that it was all just a dream. It seemed to her that they know each other forever. The first four months after the wedding, the couple was happy, then came quarrels and scandals, Marat was the first to raise his hand to his wife. Arkharov left him. Basharov apologized, he managed to get your wife back. For several months they lived together.

One day he came home drunk and severely beat Catherine. This was the last straw, Arkharov filed for divorce.

7. Pyotr Kislov and Anastasia Makeeva — 210 days

This marriage Peter calls "is not a song, but a stanza in my life." Indeed, he lasted only 7 months.

They met on the set of the series "Network" had feelings for. The lovers were not to understand them, and hastened to the Registrar.

Not surprisingly, their marriage soon ended. Peter and Anastasia realized I jumped the gun, but they lacked the wisdom to part friends. When reporters asked about the past, they unflattering comments about each other.

6. Anton Pokrepa and Anna Khilkevich — 180 days

Anton and Anna made the TV series "Barvikha". The novel was quite long, in total they dated for about five years.

That's only after wedding Pokrepa and Lee realized that love is gone. In an interview, Anna confessed that they were trying to save the marriage, but without feelings it is impossible. They're just tired of each other.

The couple divorced, but were able to stay friends, they still communicate. Anton and Anna are grateful to each other for the time that we spent together.

5. Vadim Lyubushkin and Valeria Gai Germanika — 180 days

Familiarity Vadim and Valerie happened on "Dancing with the stars." The novel was swift, within five months the lovebirds have officially formalized their relationship.

And before the wedding Lyubushkin made his lover a surprise. It turned out that he already has a wife in the US, but he confirmed what had already divorced her.

Valeria tried not to pay attention to this story, but a few months later the couple filed for divorce. At the time, Germanicus was already expecting a child. However, Vadim is not interested.

4. Olaf Schwarzkopf and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk — 60 days

The love story of Olaf and Anastasia was short-lived. They met at a party, celebrated the birthday of Yevgeny Mironov. Olaf saved the Actress from a fixed date.

The lovers did not think twice, they soon moved in together. Olaf said that the car crash was not engaged in the house, had an abortion, and then another began to change. He blames his ex-wife that she no day can not live without the fans and adoration.

Anastasia is a slightly different version. She claims that Olaf was jealous of her, beaten, closed the house. One of them is telling the truth, is still unknown. Anyway, the former spouses do not remember about each other and everyone lives their lives.

3. Cyril, Duzevic and Nastasya Samburski — 45 days

Cyril and Nastasia had long been familiar, but of any romantic relationship could not be considered. Although Duzevic admitted to his family that in Moscow there is a girl who he really likes. Cyril was born in the small town of Belarus and sometimes came to Russia.

When I started the novel, Nastasya has assumed the role of men. She was older, earn more, Cyril was not against the fact that his beloved "took the helm", it was all arranged. The actress was forbidden to talk about the relationship to anyone.

The lovers were married, everything was fine. Exactly to the moment when Kirill's mother decided to give an interview. Samburski scandal, Duzevic Packed up and left. The couple decided on divorce.

2. Zhenya Belousov and Natalia Vetlitskaya — 10 days

Familiarity Zhenya and Natalia was due to the producer Belousov. Mar Mogilev introduced them on the set of "Christmas lights". They immediately liked each other, Jack even introduced to Natalia with their relatives. That's just at that time he already had a woman and a child, but not Belousov was doing to her. But Natalia did.

Said that Eugene lost his head, the lovers got married. Ten days later, they divorced. The reason was treason of Vetlitskaya. Belousov had to leave on tour, but the flight was canceled. When he returned home, found his wife with another man. Still, this marriage, he remembered as the happiest time in my life.

1. Igor Matvienko and Joon (Eugenia Davitashvili) — 1 day

Marriage Matvienko and juna lasted only one day. They had known each other for about a year, when at the next party, the healer asked Igor: "I Want to marry me?"

Matvienko gladly accepted the offer, he knew that this marriage has some benefits. They had no relationship, and the reason which prompted Eugene to decide on it was the dispute with his brother. "Lovers" were married.

In the evening the newly made wife Matvienko called the girl, she introduced herself as his girlfriend, said Djuna ruined her life, stole her loved one. The next day, the healer has filed for divorce.

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