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10 facts that prove the reality of the existence of ghosts


People's opinions are divided: some of them believe in the existence of ghosts, and some don't. Those who believe in their existence, look very convincing...

We can take some things for something else, for example, seeing photos of strange translucent creatures, it is not entirely clear what it is or where it came from...

We can't know for sure ghosts exist or not, but I can learn about the existence of something otherworldly, after reading these facts.

10. The law of conservation of energy

The first rule of physics States: energy cannot be destroyed, it can not be created. It's constant, and can only be transformed from one form to another.

Our consciousness is also energy, so it is characterized by eternity... And if after a person dies, his consciousness leaves, it does not mean that it cannot continue its life in a new form.

Scientists haven't invented a device with which to see ghosts. But still ahead... after all, once scientists without special equipment did not know about the existence of bacteria and viruses.

9. Glowing orbs in the photos

They are called orbani is translucent mysterious orbs that appear in the picture. Translucent orbs appear in the frame, if you believe in a logical explanation of the witnesses, for the following reasons: fine dust, rising from the ground, water drops or dirt, drops of water or glare. But the only thing that orbs are perfect different.

All that can be seen with the naked eye before and at the time of shooting is not orbani. Orbs is a mysterious being, in addition, it was found that they move very fast – up to 800 km/h, and in all directions.

8. Mediums and spiritualism

People are skeptical about Ouija sessions, because in the history there was a lot of fraud. However, it was not proven that it is impossible to communicate with ghosts.

At the University of Arizona Dr Gary Schwartz conducting some interesting experiments – the participants become mediums (or claiming that they are mediums, but they themselves are not).

In his research, Schwartz finds those who really is a medium, he claims that uses the most stringent methods of control in their researches, which prove the existence of ghosts.

7. Eyewitness accounts

It is known that young children can see ghosts, but over time they lose this ability and forget about what you saw. The dead can come to your loved ones, to return, and according to a survey USA, 28% of people had seen the ghosts. It doesn't always mean that someone played out a fantasy.

Ghosts can have different color, size and shape. They often live in forests, ocean views, historic features, and sometimes appear in our house... you can see Them quite by accident, this can help blurred vision.

6. Electromagnetic radiation

Electronic devices attract ghosts, the souls of the dead. Who watched the reality series "On the trail of ghosts," know that through the device of the Ghost signal about your presence.

With the help of a special device – a Converter, to measure the electromagnetic field of the surrounding space. This field have all electrical appliances, wiring and our Land with you.

Sometimes the Converter measures the electromagnetic radiation where there is no equipment or wiring...This means the presence of a Ghost? Maybe, but it can also mean interaction with our world, something unknown to us...

5. The sounds on the audio

Sometimes audio can be heard strange sounds, which at the time of recording was not. If the music is quite specific, it sounds even possible not to notice, taking them for effects. However, the most attentive people can notice the hiss, noise, footsteps or even voices... you can hear Them only once after the recording.

Naturally, sounds can be extraneous noise, and it can be found only in those who had recorded music. But there are cases when recording can be heard quite meaningful suggestions coming from the other world...

4. Strange sounds in the house

The record extraneous sounds can only be heard when playing, but in my house you can hear them in real time. It may seem that someone whispers in your ear, and it may even be accompanied by numbness or panic... you Can hear squeaking or slamming doors, disembodied voices, distant laughter, which easily can be mistaken for a hallucination...

It is very important to be attentive to the surrounding area – if we exclude the possibility of extraneous noise, it is likely that the strange sounds are caused by the presence of supernatural forces.

3. Photos with ghosts

On the Internet a lot of photos with ghosts, but, well owning photoshop, anyone can take a picture with a Ghost, which can not be distinguished from real.

Proof of the existence of real Ghost photo only gets an instant printout or download it to your computer (and make sure that when you create a photo was not around people who could get into the frame, they just might find a Ghost in the far distance).

Today to fake a photo easy, so you should look for authentic pictures taken many years ago.

2. Communication with incorporeal beings

If we were able to see the person talking to the "void", then most likely we would have taken him for a madman. Crazy really is, but that doesn't always mean that the person talking to the "void" is crazy.

There are documented cases when people were talking to ghosts in the way we talk to each other.

This suggests that consciousness after death continues to live, but to see a Ghost can not please everyone.

1. The disappearance and the subsequent appearance of objects

This effect is called "PPO" (the appearance of the missing object). Usually a person knows that he left the keys on the table or put the Notepad on the nightstand.

But skeptical people are starting not to trust my memory, and think: "I just spun and forgot where I put the thing". But some thing was missing, and the person begins to look for him. After some time, there is safe and sound, and, as a rule, in a conspicuous place.

I have the feeling that the thing is someone took it, and then put her in her place. Sometimes the subject disappears for several days or even weeks, but appears in the place where you easily will find it. This suggests the presence of ghosts in your house.

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