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10 bizarre intersection of dreams and reality


Dreams are, as people say, is not as important as what happens in reality. But dreaming is important information that comes from our subconscious.

If you can decipher the messages, dreams can help him in any area of life. Sometimes, for example, if a person dreams of is the same, this means that it receives a signal to think, perhaps there are some unresolved issues that need to be addressed. Some come in dreams answers to questions...

Dreams never lie, we can cheat your mind, but the subconscious always knows what is really needed. From the article, you will learn about the strange intersection of dreams and reality.

10. Strange dreams is a sort

People who suffer from amnesia, as with everything, remember what is happening, but I can't remember. Then the brain scrolls through these events in a dream. Strange dreams (for example, you flies of the planet you sit on it and fly away somewhere) can be explained by the fact that the brain tries to find connections between different stimuli.

The brain finds the "file" of memory associated with the planet, and compares what you know about flying – this is done in order to know whether to keep them together. Sometimes it's really connected, and sometimes not.

What is interesting – the weirder the dream, the more the brain is engaged in a search context.

9. Dreams – this is schizophrenia, which is at all

A dream very similar to the state of a schizophrenic, just a sick day forget "turn off" this strange condition. At night when we dream, each of us is immersed in a schizophrenic state, madness.

Fantastic dreams can mean that you have a weak connection in the brain – the brain is trying to extract something specific, but instead gets disjointed images that become strange dream.

People suffering from schizophrenia feel the activation of weak ties at any time, which in the waking state they experience the same as sleeping dreamer.

8. Nightmares affect the mood

If you are suffering from and experiencing depression, ask yourself: "if I don't have nightmares?" The researchers in their field are convinced that the psychological state of a person caused by what he dreams, and Vice versa.

If the person is depressed and he's depressed, most likely, he will dream horror. It turns out that nightmares can cross the border of sleep and wakefulness.

If the nightmares bother you – no need to rush to the doctor. First you need to make sure that there are no external stimuli that cause them.

7. With the smell you can change your dreams

It is already known that external stimuli can be embedded in a dream. For example, if a person is thirsty, he will dream, he drinks, and if you turn on a bright light, he can dream of Sunny weather.

The smell is also very strong influence on the content of the dream. During the study, the sleeping participants were allowed into the nose through a special tube different smells: rotten eggs or flowers, and then asked them what they dreamed. Those who had to smell the eggs, said that the emotional background of the dream worsened.

For example, one participant had a Chinese woman who experienced an aversion to it.

6. A dream can predict the future

How is that possible? We will try to explain in simple language the "law of large numbers". For example, if the horoscope says that people in the zodiac sign Taurus on Saturday will try a new dish, then, given the huge number of Bulls around the world, some of them will do it.

If in other words – when we put together the many factors, there is a chance that something will occur that is not expected.

This hypothesis is difficult to prove, but possible that someday the dreams of people will be able to predict the future.

5. Dreams are frequent visitors, just do not remember them all

There is a perception that we see the most vivid dream only during REM sleep. Given that this phase occurs every 90 minutes during the night each of us sees a huge number of dreams.

We don't remember boring dreams, but only those that we found interesting and unusual. The rest is similar to the reality – for example, in dreams we can do the cleaning or take a walk.

Crazy dreams are remembered just as a strange situation of life.

4. Loneliness speeds up dreams

Our relationship with the surrounding world affect dreams. Insecure people see dreams almost every night, and they remember them in detail.

Sure the same people rarely remember dreams. It is also interesting that people suffering from self-doubt, see more painful and frightening dreams.

This can be explained by the fact that the temporal lobe "fills the void" those people who have no relationship and no one does not feel a sense of attachment.

3. Video games help to induce lucid dream

Many people want to trigger a lucid dream, because it gives man a tremendous opportunity is a condition in which a person realizes he is dreaming and can control what is happening.

A lot of books written in which authors share their tips on how to induce lucid dream. But as it turns out, everything is much simpler – just get involved in video games.

The feeling that a person experiences during a game, related to how he perceives the dream. So gamers much easier to realize a dream.

2. Animals, like people, remember your dreams

Was an interesting experiment done with rats when they ran in a circle, the activity of their brain consistent with a strict template.

When the brain was studied in rats in a time when they slept it was found that the activity during REM sleep was repeated in my dream, the animals continued to run in a circle.

Scientist Matthew Wilson believes that the purpose of dreams is to consolidate memory. People find it easier to remember what they had learned before sleep.

1. People suffering from amnesia, I see strange dreams

In the dream, memories of the forgotten can come back to people suffering from amnesia. For example, any skills that they have, but I don't remember about it.

Wake up, people can fill up the feeling of discovery, but soon is seen again forgotten. After some time dream the same, and it will feel the person with amnesia as the first time.

The man who has amnesia, sees objects in their dreams are very strange, because she can't remember where and when he saw them in reality.

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