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Top 10 best political thrillers


Political Thriller is one of the most fascinating and addictive genres of modern cinema. Here woven intellectual puzzles inherent in the detective genre, ostrosyuzhetnogo characteristic of spy films, and, of course, tension in the frame, typical of the psychological thrillers.

Espionage, conspiracies, assassinations, covert agents — all this excites the imagination of the viewer and forces him to break away from the screen, anxiously waiting for the denouement. No matter whether the story is based on real events or is it fictional writers.

We present 10 of the best political thrillers.

10. The lives of others 2006

The film takes place in East Berlin in 1984. The Stasi officer captain Gerd Wiesler is assigned to monitor a playwright Georg Dreyman and his lover, a popular actress Christa-Maria sieland. They are suspected to be sympathetic to the capitalist regime of West Germany.

At first, Wiesler must fulfill its task and informs the authorities about all the action we see, but then he begins to hide some of the information obtained when listening to the flat, starting to sympathize with Dreyman

9. John F. Kennedy: Shots in Dallas 1991

Dallas, 1963. In front of thousands of witnesses unknown produces the head shot to John F. Kennedy. While the American people grieved over the death of President Lyndon Johnson is sworn on Board the aircraft.

This is all shown on TV live. Millions of American citizens stood at the TV screens. Among them was Jim garrison, the district attorney. He decides to conduct his own investigation and find out who killed the leader of America?

After some time detained the first suspect, marine Lee Harvey Oswald. The mysterious death of 12 key witnesses leads to new interpretations of one of the most mysterious crimes in the history of mankind.

8. Notorious 1946

1946. U.S. court sentenced Johan Huberman to twenty years of imprisonment for espionage in favor of Germany. His daughter Alicia met at a party with an FBI agent Devlina, which deals with the exposure of a conspiracy of Nazis in Rio de Janeiro. Devlin asks the girl to assist him in carrying out secret missions, and she agrees.

7. Enemy of the state 1998

The main character is a successful lawyer Dean, which gathered compromising information on a senior political figure. The evidence shows that the officer involved in the murder of the Congressman previously voted against a certain bill.

Suddenly, in the advocacy of Dean and his life starts to happen many problems. To rescue him comes former intelligence agent Thomas, who is trying to help Dean, but to punish the offender.

6. The Manchurian candidate 1962

The story takes place in South Korea in 1952. A squad of us soldiers gets into the environment and only narrowly escaped nine people under the leadership of Raymond Shaw was able to return home.

For this feat, Raymond was awarded the medal, but he can't remember the details of ongoing operations. Later it turns out that Korean prisoners of war with the help of hypnosis have programmed on the murder of presidential candidate

5. V for Vendetta 2006

In 2020, London has procnias the fascist government of Chancellor Adam Sutler. In the oppressive atmosphere of the dictatorship's human rights all the time eradicated. Strictly prohibited were literature, art, Islam, independent television. Dictator severely punish all dissenters, and even imposed a curfew. In addition, the country began to spread at a frightening pace deadly virus.

At the same time, a mysterious lone avenger, who called herself vendetta, his name was like number 5. That 5 November was executed by his idol guy Fawkes. The British surname of the soldier, the mercenary was very popular, he was shown to the government and to citizens that anyone, even the king himself is not allowed to deceive his subjects.

4. The Bourne Identity 2002

Team repackage ship from Italy is in the Mediterranean sea of the unknown man. He was shot in the back in addition to thigh he had sewn the microfilm, labeled number of Swiss Bank.

When the unknown finally comes to life, it turns out that he doesn't remember who he was and what happened to him, he speaks several languages and owns other extraordinary abilities

3. All the President's men 1976

The journalists of the newspaper the Washington post find the materials, testifying that members of the administration of President Nixon involved in illegal wiretapping of his political opponents.

Journalists are beginning to conduct its own investigation: searching for witnesses and seeking other evidence of unfair political struggle.

As a result, the securities gave evidence of the secret witness, whose real name has not been named, but his words were the impetus for the emergence of the scandalous publication in the publication.

2. Body of lies 2008

CIA officer Roger Ferris throws all the forces to find the leader of a cell of al Qaeda, al-Saleem. All he knows is the den of the terrorists is located in Amman. To spy on offender Ferris need the help of Jordanian intelligence, which is headed by Hani Salam

1. The man who knew too much 1956

The plot revolves around a typical American family: Dr. Benjamin McKenna, his wife Jo and son Hank. On the way from Europe back to America, they call in Morocco, where he met with a mysterious Frenchman Louis Bernard and a couple of Katanov from the UK.

Once walking through the market square, the couple saw an Arab, struck in the back with a dagger. They immediately recognized this man, Bernard. He runs up to the doctor and before his death manages to tell him that very soon in London will be killed a prominent political figure

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