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10 celebrities who hide their real names


Pop stars and showbiz are often known for their eccentricities or extravagancy behavior. This is not surprising because they need to attract more attention, to earn popularity and to become famous.

Sometimes to attract additional interest to the person artists to invent an unusual and memorable names that accurately engraved in the minds of fans. This applies to both Russian stars and foreign. But today's exactly about the domestic performers.

10. Tutta Larsen

Famous Russian TV and radio presenter actually called Tatyana Romanenko. Tutta Larsen is a pseudonym, which appeared during her first internship in the company BIZ-Enterprizes in the advertising Department.

Few people now remember the meaning of these two words and even decides that Tatiana herself made them up. In fact it is the names of the characters from Scandinavian tales of the Swedish writer Jan Ekholm, which tells about the friendship of a Fox named Ludwina Fourteenth Larsen and chicken hit home with Karlsson.

Tatyana in an interview often told her of the insight came a combination of these two names, and the tenderness they invested, because the alias reminds her of a childhood spent reading good and nice stories.

9. Masha Malinovskaya

The phrase "Masha Malinovskaya" became so familiar to the ear of the Russian audience that few people realize that this is not the real name of the girl. Actually it's an alias, and at birth her name was Marina Sadkova.

Talking with Marina about the job presenter on Muz-TV, producer suddenly noticed that a true star should be the alias.

When the future leading communicated with their friends by a Serbian designer, together they decided to come up with for Marina an appropriate name. Then the designer noticed that many stars name and surname start with the same letter, and cited the example of Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo. Suddenly born as separee many in the memory of the phrase "Masha Malinovskaya".

8. Dima Bilan

This music and the thunder of millions of women's hearts not only from birth was not his, but was not Dima. Devoted fans well know that the real name of the singer sound like Victor Belan.

The name "Dmitri" a young Vito loved since childhood, because that was the name of his beloved grandfather. And change the letter "e" with "and" occurred for the sake of sounding alias.

After all the squabbling and litigation about who of the producers owns the label "Dima Bilan", the famous singer stopped all sorts of debates on this subject, and changed his own passport details.

7. Angelika Varum

Real name – Maria Varum. This solar singer plunged into the theatrical life of a schoolgirl. Mastering the skill of playing the guitar and performing with the school theatre, the girl began to use her stage name is Angelica. Angel.

The attractiveness and charm, sexuality, innate intuition. The ability to work. Anything that requires a chosen profession. And affectionate the name is left for socializing with family and friends.

6. Anita Tsoy

Birth name Anna Kim. According to the singer the name "Anna" she is not suitable. By the time of birth girls parents came up with many beautiful, melodic names.

But the times were not simple. In the registry office and simply refused to register the child with a foreign name. The official name change occurred in 2016, So the history of one family affected a whole era.

5. Anfisa Chekhova

This charming presenter at birth was given the name of his father, Alexander Korsunova. The younger the child absorbed all the family intricacies. Recognizing the father of the undoubted advantages, in the shower still ripening protest. The father lived with the family. Necessary amendments in the Affairs of the parent of bygone days was not done in time.

At the age of 16 years there was a change and the name and surname. No Association with this talented, but a cruel man in order to avoid. Well, the name of Chekhov, it turned out, was in the family. Lost in the centuries and returning to Shine in new ways.

4. Paulina Andreeva

Russian movie and theatre actress, singer. At birth received the name Ekaterina. Currently there is only one version of why the rising star changed her name. Just because she loves it. Reviews girl does by keeping secret their choice.

3. Ani Lorak

Full name – Caroline miroslavovna Kuyek. Diva comes from Ukraine. From the edge, where people are born, kissed by God. Singer-songwriter, composer, model.

Creative alias since 1995, when she won the contest "Morning star". His explanation – read from left to right the name Caroline.

Singer is recognized as the best vocalist of our time. The range of her voice is 4.5 octaves. Her career is career stars secured an incredible work ethic, loyalty to its objectives. She didn't do, is the continued furor as critics and appreciation of the audience. His work of this talented singer gives people good and light.

2. Masha Rasputina

At birth, Alla Nikolayevna Ageyeva. The choice of a pseudonym is understandable. Masha is a Russian name. The name strong spirit active, dynamic person. With a generous, freedom-loving soul. Rasputin and, well, it's something of Grigory Rasputin. Man bold, controversial, rebellious. A combination that causes goosebumps.

And the winner of this nickname demonstrates the incredible breadth of diversity in terms of genre. Listening to lyrical compositions – easy to cry, humorous and dance – to be fed with the delight of life.

This amazing talent of the singer to switch the listener on a wave. Songs about the troubled shares of "Russian women" overflow of pride for what is destined to be part of the beautiful half of humanity. Patriotic – "Live the country". The memory of what to cross out the impossible. Erotic, stylish, adorable, unique singer.

1. Prokhor Chaliapin

The real name of this gifted singer Andrei Zakharenkov. Behind the music school Ippolitov – Ivanov, Russian Academy Gnessin. Awards and competitions.

On the background of intense professional activity, not last place is occupied by Russian folk songs in modern processing. Honored was the award For "the revival of Russia in the 21st century".

Sonorous and storage alias is a logical in the light of the creative direction of the singer. The popularity continues to grow and currently. Prokhorov makes a video for his song. As a composer performs under his real name. At his concerts is the ability to charge a powerful energy of positive emotions and happiness.

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