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10 actors, starred and Marvel and DC


Only some 10-15 years ago for the adaptation of comics most studios were taken reluctantly since a movie superhero was niche and mass audience "did not come", and lure in such a project the Hollywood star was difficult.

The lines blurred thanks largely to Christopher Nolan, who directed the amazing trilogy of Batman, showing everyone that kenogamissi can be Mature and serious to collect a lot of cash.

After that, the dam was broken and the film adaptation fell down, one after another, and on the market there are two opposing sides, Marvel and DC.

Now obviously this fight by a wide margin to win first, so you can play all you want with them, but some actors prefer not to choose sides and to act as some have, and others.

10. Ben Affleck

When DC decided to take on the role of Batman Ben Affleck, it caused a lot of discontent among fans.

Now, when "Batman V Superman: dawn of justice" and "justice League" already out, we can safely say that with the role he coped well (which is not much saved as movies).

On the background of the outrage many have forgotten that Affleck an is no stranger to playing superheroes: in 2003, he tried on the image of Daredevil from Marvel comics, as later regretted repeatedly received a "Razzie".

9. Halle Berry

For the first time actress wore a superhero costume in 2000, starring in the role of Storm in the first part of "X-Men". The movie was a breakthrough for its time, and therefore immediately followed by a sequel, in between which she was offered to work for a competitor of DC.

The role of the cat-Woman came to her in all respects, and played it well, but the film itself was received by the audience terribly.

Hallie also won the "Razzie" for worst actress, and unlike most of her colleagues, she did not hesitate and he personally came to the ceremony, took to the stage and received the anti-award.

8. James Marsden

The actor was in superheroic along with Halle berry, having the role of a mutant Cyclops, in love with Jean grey. His character though was not the key, but still remembered by the audience, so the boss DC decided to use his popularity for his movie "Superman returns" in 2006. Here he appeared in the form of an ordinary man without superpowers, who during the absence of Clark Kent struck up a relationship with Lois lane.

7. Natalie Portman

The first appearance of Portman in kinokomedii happened in 2005, when the screens went "V for vendetta", where the actress got the role of a protege of the protagonist.

At that time she was already a star of the first magnitude, because she has been shooting in "Leon" by Luc Besson, as well as in "Star wars".

6 years later, after she received an Oscar for "Black Swan", she again called in the movie comics, but this time from Marvel. It's hard to tell what she was interested in shooting in "Torah", but girlfriend asgardian God it turned out decent. I feel bad that she refused to star in the triquel.

6. Ryan Reynolds

That someone can be called a real defector is Ryan Reynolds. It all started with his appearance in "blade: Trinity" (Marvel), after which he first became Dedpula in "X-Men", and then signed a contract with DC for the role of Green lantern.

Considering how loud the failure was waiting for this movie, it is not surprising that Reynolds soon went back to Marvel and brought finally the canonical image of the talkative mercenary in red, I dreamed of many years.

5. Hugo Weaving

The actor, best known for the role of Mr. Smith in the iconic "the Matrix", and in 2005 starred in another popular film "V for vendetta", where his partner on the set was the already mentioned Natalie Portman. Despite the success of the picture itself, the work of Weaving unnoticed, as his character goes in the mask and learn the actor is impossible.

6 years later he came to shooting in the opposing camp Marvel, playing the main villain in the first solo Captain America red Skull. Here his character also most of the time unrecognizable because of the makeup, but at least in the beginning, he goes with his face.

4. Djimon Khonsu

This is not the famous actor often gets supporting roles, which, thanks to his charisma and appearance excellent stick in the memory.

In DC, he starred in "Constantine: Lord of darkness" (comic from Vertigo belongs to DC) with Keanu Reeves, and Marvel was much later, becoming the enemy Star Lord in the first part of "Guardians of the Galaxy".

The role of Korath the Pursuer actor failed: terse, harsh and lovable character who commands attention in every scene.

3. Michael Clarke Duncan

Big guy with a very kind eyes with which he conquered all in the "Green mile", "Daredevil" from Marvel played the villain. It was his character Kingpin was the chief opponent of Murdoch, played, as you remember, Ben Affleck.

In DC he worked on "Green lantern", and to know its not just facial expressions and movements kilowog said belong to Michael, given the level of graphics I guess this is difficult.

2. Tommy Lee Jones

"Batman forever" Director Joel Schumacher turned out to be very controversial: after collecting three times more of its budget it received mixed reviews, with most complaints dealt with the script and the acting of Val Kilmer.

The work Tommy Lee Jones, embodied the image of Harvey dent (two-face) is the only thing that was undeniably considered successful. In "the First avenger" his character is not so steep, but still Colonel Chester Phillips also fell to everyone's liking.

1. Josh Brolin

Thanos, played by Brolin in "the Avengers" is the smartest villain in the entire history of superhero movies. There is also the merit of the actor, who was able to humanize a computer model of your voice, facial expressions and gestures. The same can be said about Cable from the second "Deadpool" with the only difference that the villain in the end turns out to be a hero.

The work of Josh Brolin in DC was not as noticeable film "Jonah hex" never gained such popularity, but overall was good. Here, by the way, starred Michael Fassbender, and later appeared in the form of a young magneto from the X-men universe.

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