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10 situations when children are ashamed of parents


Most parents do not notice how their children grow up. Yesterday rosy-cheeked toddler and could not hours to live without a mother, and today he defends your right to privacy. He wants to dress fashionably, walk until late at night, to make their own decisions.

This can not be avoided, everyone lived to adulthood. At this time usually lost contact with their parents, misunderstandings can occur. Some children begin to feel ashamed of their parents. Of course, mom and dad are very sad, they have tried all my life for a child, and he goes with them.

Do not worry, worry. First of all, you need to turn off the emotions and look at ourselves. Maybe do you imperfect, and the child is not to blame?

In any case, you will have to focus on this problem and solve it. In this article we will examine 10 situations when children are ashamed of parents. Perhaps, in some you get to know yourself, understand how to act in order to establish a relationship with the child.

10. Behave "unusual" compared with other parents

If you differ from the parents of friends and classmates, the child sooner or later will begin to be ashamed of. The reason may be the appearance. Many women (and men too) are trying to be young, buy fashionable clothes that they "like a cow saddle."

The child may be ashamed of their parents if they are behaving unusually: many jokes, constantly giving advice. He will survive even such trifles as an accent, manner of speaking.

Moreover, in most cases, it makes no difference to the parents of his classmates. He pays no attention to them, even if they are not like other parents.

If such a problem arose in your family, try to establish contact, talk to the child. If you are really weird or unusual look, maybe it's time to reconsider their behavior?

If the reasons are far-fetched, try to reassure your child, tell him about your growing up, about similar situations in their lives.

9. Very protective

The problem with many moms who don't want to understand that the child has grown. You're almost a grown man. No one invites you to leave a teenager unattended. But if the child went outside, and you shout to him: "Hey, you forgot to wear gloves!", it is worth considering.

If in the morning he meets with classmates from the house and going to school, and you go after him and trying to shove sandwiches or apples, it looks ridiculous.

Soon your child will become an object of ridicule. Therefore, as you would not want to show love and affection on people who don't do this. Otherwise, the child will be ashamed, he may hate you.

8. Invade the life of a child solve his problem

When children have problems, parents can not stay away. Just before running for help, please ask your child whether he agrees to accept it.

Sometimes parents make rash decisions. They run to deal with a teacher who unjustly put "2" or with a classmate raised his hand to their child.

Understand that the child wants to solve it independently. Remember yourself. What would you do if your mother went to the parents of Peter or Bob, you just fighting?

The child feels an adult, give him the opportunity to sort out his life. Of course, not everything should be let go. Looking at the situation and not interfere when it is absolutely not necessary.

7. Mimic the behavior of the child's friends

It has already been noted that some parents want to stay young. They dress fashionably, trying to act like buddies. They hope that such behavior will bring their son or daughter, they become not only parents, but also friends.

That's only the reality is very different. Such parents become an object of ridicule, the child starts to be ashamed of them.

His classmates and friends will laugh at you, the child will be between two fires. He will need to make a choice, and most likely he will make it in your favor. Do not attempt to restore youth, behave according to his age.

6. Parents ' occupations

This situation is to find a way out very difficult. If the child is ashamed of the profession of the parents, this greatly offends them, even hurt. Mom and dad do not want to solve this problem, they feel insulted. Still, parents are working day and night to provide for themselves and their children, and they are ashamed.

In this situation is your fault. It is not that your profession is undervalued or underpaid, and that you had not brought up his child. Children who respect their parents will not be ashamed of their work.

You will have to wait it out or try to change your life. We must always strive for the best, because children are your reflection. You will always be an example for them, good or bad, depends on you.

5. Make comments in front of strangers

Even a small child do not make comments in front of strangers. Most parents do not mind the fact that they are in a public place, they begin to "teach life" to his son or daughter. Not said, not made it ...

Before saying something, think, would you say that your husband, sister, friend? Your child is the same person, it is unpleasant that you are satisfied with the performances on the people. If you have something to say to your child, do it at home.

4. A lot of personal details and family history for children

Children don't like it when parents make an evening of memories with their friends, girlfriends or classmates. Strangers don't need to know that your child fell in love for the first time in two years.

Don't tell me about how long it potty training or eating with your hands for up to three years. These are intimate memories, let them stay in your family. It is not necessary to talk about them at every holiday dinner.

Your child is unpleasant, it feels like an adult, but here you are with your memories of the pot and the first steps. At such moments, he is ashamed of you, embarrassed him in front of his buddies.

Also, these memories can become a cause of harassment. You do not want your child teased?

3. Old-fashioned

The child is ashamed of his parents, if they are trying to be fashionable. Again, if they are far behind time, he too will be ashamed. If closet neighbour Maria Ivanovna, which has over 80, is no different from yours, it is worth considering.

Also if you behave as if the yard beginning of the XIX century, the child has reason for shame. You can fix this if you want. Or talk to your child and tell him it's your choice and you like a dress that was fashionable 50 years ago.

We should also mention dads and moms who age suit your kid's grandparents. If they wanted to they can't become younger, but they love their child and want him the very best. In such a situation is to wait when the child will grow up and understand it.

2. Actively live in social networks

Parents who actively use social networks can be one of the reasons that child will be ashamed. If you can not live without social networking, I love to put likes and write comments, do it, but not on the page of the child's friends and classmates.

You have to be a bit more reserved, regarding the entries you post, the more family photos, only with the permission of all family members.

Before you write something, share or comment on, think, is this the reason why the child will begin to hesitate.

1. Talk about their personal life

Even if you think your child's friend, you have a good relationship, you share the most intimate, to overdo it is not necessary. No need to touch the topic of your sexual adventures, especially to discuss it with your child's friends. In this situation, many children simply do not know how to behave, what to say.

If your family made to talk about everything, then give the child the right first to start a conversation for adults. You can talk to him, but no need to go into details.

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