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10 most beautiful "second half" of the residents of Comedy Club


Humor is a completely separate category of representatives of show-business. With very few exceptions their mate – not a public person, they rarely can be seen on television and in the media.

One of them is something very far from show-business, someone as husbands try to develop your creativity, and someone has decided to devote himself to the family and is satisfied with the position of housewife.

Wives of residents of popular Comedy club TV programs collected in this collection are United by the fact that each of them incredibly charming. Yes, these guys were fortunate to not only achieve success in the field of professional humor, but also to marry the incredibly beautiful women.

We present 10 of the most beautiful of the wives of the residents of Comedy club.

10. Angelica Revva

Alexander Revva successfully implements the way the romance not only on stage but also in life. In 2004, he won his future wife, Angelica a beautiful courtship but the wedding the lovers are played only in 2007, when the bride was already three months pregnant.

Mrs. Revva – not a public figure. She has higher education and specializiruetsya in the field of tourism, but currently not working, and completely devoted himself to the education of daughters Alice and Amelie.

9. Victoria Averina

In the middle of the two thousandth popular resident of Comedy club Andrey Averin married with a charming girl named Victoria. In

soon after the wedding the young couple has a daughter, Lisa, which currently is successfully operating a children's model. Girl advertises clothes popular European brands Stilnyashka, Desalitto, Borelli, and also participates in fashion shows.

Nine years after the wedding of Vika gave Averin another baby son Timothy.

8. Maria Miller

Maria Miller, the wife of a charismatic resident of Comedy Club Sergey Gorelikova, more known to the public as Serge burnt.

In contrast to the popular television husband, Mary, I have no time to celebrate, however lately she began to call itself the increasing interest of the public due to the high activity in social networks.

Maria and Sergey met at one of the social events, which brought together their mutual friends. The future husband and wife from the first sight felt sympathy to each other.

Maria later admitted that before the meeting with Gorelikova had no idea how important it is for men is having a sense of humor and she was so happy that Sergey is endowed with them fully. Very quickly, they realized that fell in love.

Wedding of Maria and Sergey took place in 2013. It was quite a modest celebration with family and friends. After such a joyful event, the newly-minted spouse were able to feel what it's like to be the wife of media personality. By the time Gorelikova career went up, and he became very recognizable. Fans did not let him pass. However, Mary was able to accept it as a hazard of the profession.

7. Olga Wainilowicz

Meet Olga with popular comedian Vadim Galygin has occurred in the same year, when she was cast in Topless at a ski resort. Galygin was then married with Daria Ovechkina, therefore, despite the fact that an attractive blonde immediately sunk into his soul, relations with guys beyond friendship did not come out.

Later, divorce galygina and Ovechkin still occurred, although in the media, this fact is often not taken into account – all the tabloids were in a hurry to christen the Wainilowicz a home wrecker and a bitch that destroyed the marriage.

Beautiful proposal of marriage from Vadim were performed on the stage of the festival Comedy club, which was held in Turkey. Olga said Yes, and 30 Jul married love.

6. Anna Girl

According to the media, Anna met her future husband in a nightclub. The girl came there to relax with friends and Rodriguez was invited to the birthday of a close friend.

At the time the comic was already known to the General public and believed that can it with any girl easily build relationships. However, Anna was surprised by Timur what has been said in the introduction, that she did not know who he is.

This statement intrigued arrogant resident of Comedy Club, so Timur made the final decision not to give up until they win this beauty.

5. Karina Slepakova

In 2012, former KVN-crate and successful producer Semyon Slepakov secretly married a young girl who dreamed of semen, nothing to show any relation. Wedding lovers played in Italy and consisted of a small number of guests.

Karina Slepakova has a law degree. This is a very responsible girl, with serious attitude to family life. In addition, it is completely indifferent to popularity, so never gives interviews.

4. Janna Levin

Zhanna Levina met with Garik Martirosyan at the festival of KVN. Between them very quickly any sympathy that later turned into a relationship, long for almost twenty years.

The engagement of lovers happened in Yerevan, after which they went on tour together with the KVN team Novye armyane. Load Garik enabled the students to register only after two years. But it happened in Cyprus.

3. Anna Snatkina

Anna Snatkina is a popular Russian theater and film actress who is remembered by the fans for his roles in the TV series Esenin, Tatyana's day, General medicine.

Anya and resident of Comedy club Victor Vasiliev met at a Comedy show Yesterday live, where Snatkina played a role in one of the sketches. Before that, artists had no idea about the existence of each other.

In 2012, the lovers were married in secret. The ceremony took place in complete secrecy in the Summer Palace in St. Petersburg. This mystery rumored was the fact that Anna at the time was already pregnant.

2. Laysan Utiasheva

Fame came to leysan at an early age. This talented gymnast became the owner of many prestigious sports awards.

In 2012, the girl died, the mother. Potresenii for Utyasheva was so strong that she had to work with psychologists. Support for her during this difficult period became coach Irina Viner and resident of Comedy club Pavel Volya.

He was the man who pulled his beloved from severe depression. He wrapped a grieving girl concern, giving Rosie true love.

Lovers do not begin to hesitate with the official registration, and in 2012 they got married.

1. Kristina Asmus

Kristina Asmus is a popular actress of film and theatre. In 2012, Kristina Asmus began a stormy affair with a married resident of Comedy club Garik Kharlamov.

Reporters Christina admitted that they with Garik joined football. They began texting in a social network and hooked for the topic, communication sucked.

At first the actress thought that Garik is a selfish, vulgar and primitive man. But Christina realized how much she was wrong about him. In 2013, the couple officially registered their relationship.

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