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Top 10 longest streets in the world


The longest street in the world – the title of which can compete a few dozen applicants. Intrigue adds the fact that clearly define what is street and to indicate criteria for the selection of participants rating very difficult. That is why this section has disappeared even from the "Guinness Book of records". However, after analyzing the available information, it is possible to make the Top 10 – a list which does not claim truth in last instance, but it will be useful to people interested in the matter.

10. The Rivadavia Avenue in Buenos Aires (Argentina)14.6 km

In 10th place is the Rivadavia Avenue, whose length is 14.6 km. This is the longest street in Argentina is in Buenos Aires. It was named in honor of the first President, Bernardino Rivadavia. On this street go as much as 83 bus route, there are 13 underground stations 106 traffic lights regulate the traffic.

Interestingly, the street has Rivadavia own record – it is the world's largest number of numbered houses. 11800 them here.

9. Moskovsky Avenue in Kharkiv (Ukraine)18 km

9th place in the rating of the longest streets in the world belongs to the Moscow Avenue, which boasts Kharkov. Its length is 18 kilometers. This street has a long history, its construction began in the XVII century. Then it was the road to Moscow, because modern Avenue and named accordingly. In the nation it dubbed the "alley of giants" a large number of large industrial enterprises were built along it in the Soviet times.

Notably, Moscow Avenue is the longest street of Europe. The palm he took over in 2008, the Ukrainian Lenin Avenue (Zaporozhye).

8. Sofiyskaya street in Saint Petersburg (Russia)18.3 km

8 – Sophia street, St. Petersburg. With their 18,3 kilometers length it is considered the largest in the city. According to Government regulation, it is planned to lengthen, so it's possible that over time, it will take a higher place in the ranking. At the same time at the Sofia street also have their own record, it is the longest in Russia among those whose title contains the word "street".

7. Street Broadway in new York (USA)25 km

7 among the longest streets in the world is the famous new York Broadway. It goes through all of Manhattan and ends in Albany, the administrative center of the state. Broadway is a favorite of tourists and locals. Life here never stops for a minute, even late at night and early morning the street is full of pedestrians and cars. Bright ads and posters have become the hallmark of Broadway, which is a huge number of cultural sites, theaters – more than 40.

The Broadway is the oldest in new York. The name she was given at the time when the territory of Manhattan belonged to the Netherlands. The British did not change, only translated into their language. So the "broad way" they have remained the same.

6. Street of Dinmukhamed Kunaev in Tekeli (Kazakhstan)is35 km

6 among the most long was the street of Dinmukhamed Kunaev. It is located in Kazakhstan in the city of Tekeli. Despite the fact that in this village there are only slightly more than 20 thousand people, a street named after a prominent Soviet statesman stretches for 35 kilometers.

5. The second Longitudinal highway in Volgograd (Russia)50 km

The length of the Second Longitudinal highway in Volgograd is 50 kilometers. This allows it to access five of the longest streets in the world. The construction of the road ended in the 70-ies of XX century. Its name it owes to the fact that connects the most remote from each other parts of Volgograd, while passing along the city.

I wonder what the official status of street has, different areas are their own names. Only of its length, one can count 16 of the avenues and streets. If not for this fact, that the Second longitudinal highway would be the longest in Russia.

4. MKAD in Moscow (Russia)109 km

4th place belongs to the Moscow ring road, it is also the ring road. This street with the length of 109 kilometers in the early 1980-ies was a kind of border of Moscow, however, since the city already significantly escalated, and the road itself became part of it, and that gives her the right to appear in the ranking of the longest streets in the world.

MKAD was born in 1962. It would have happened much earlier, because the project construction was ready in 1940. But the Great Patriotic war has confused plans. Since then, the street has suffered a number of reconstructions. In its current form it is a futuristic interchanges and an endless stream of cars that race on ten lanes in both directions.

3. Primorskoye shosse in Saint Petersburg (Russia)170 km

The seaside road is another street of St. Petersburg, which became the longest in the world and took 3rd place. Line length of 170 kilometers, it is the longest in the city, despite the fact that was built in the 60-ies of XX century. Then, individual streets and parts of the track together.

Along the coastal highway you can see a large number of wooden and stone houses, built in the late XIX century. Many of them belonged to famous people. For example, Ilya Repin estate or the house of the composer Shostakovich. This is not surprising because the local scenery is simply mesmerized by the sight.

2. Sukhumvit road in Bangkok (Thailand)491 km

2nd place among the longest streets in the world is Bangkok. It begins in Bangkok, the Thai capital. Then for 491 kilometer highway crosses numerous provinces and cities, ending in Trat, the capital of the homonymous province. The name of my street was in honor of Sukhumvit Phra Bissau head of the road Department.

Sukhumvit is the main shopping street in Bangkok. Accordingly, it is difficult to find a more lively place. There is innumerable variety of shops, hotels for every taste and purse, cafes and restaurants. After sunset, life does not stop. Night clubs, go-go bars, massage parlors opened their doors. Sukhumvit, within Bangkok like a bright beehive. The walk along this Avenue will give an idea about what a huge contrast there is in the country between wealth and poverty in poor areas.

Sukhumvit is a kind of tourist route in Thailand, from which you cannot stray.

1. Street Yonge Street in Toronto (Canada)1896 km

In the first place in the rankings is a street Yonge Street. It is located in Canada in Toronto. The length of its a record. It is 1896 miles! Of course, only one Toronto street is not limited, here, in the heart of lake Ontario, it only begins. Dividing the city in half, Yonge Street rushes to the North, the town of Cochrane, then deployed to the West and after many kilometers rests on the border with Minnesota.

Historians say that a large part of Yonge Street repeats the old Indian path, along which at one time settled by the European explorers. In 1793 the owners of the surrounding land was given orders to clear the way, so that it was possible to travel. In those years the street was named after sir George young Minister of England and an old friend of John Simcoe, who was the founder and Toronto, and Yonge Street.

Modern Yonge Street is Canada's pride, which is known all over the world.

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