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Top 10 most confusing of detectives


The detective is one of the most popular genres in literature and cinema. Detective stories allow the viewer to strain all your grey cells to even before the onset of the interchange to understand who of the characters will be guilty of the crime.

Unusual methods of committing the crime and innovative ways of computing the culprit from suspects captivate and completely absorb the viewer's attention, creating an atmosphere of mystery. Such films like intellectuals, lovers of action-Packed stories and fans of psychological dramas.

The best thrillers are those where the plot is able to hold in tension the viewer up to the final credits, giving him the possibility to predict the denouement.

Presenting 10 detective paintings, with the intricate plot, where even the intellectual, to the last will not be able to understand where the Shoe pinches.

10. A time to kill 1996

Committed a serious crime brutally raped ten-year-old girl. Her father, blinded by grief, shoots the villains who committed this atrocity with his child. He faces execution in the gas chamber.

If a talented lawyer never lost a case, acquittal of his client?

9. Don't say a word2001

Elizabeth closed a girl, occasionally suffering from bouts of unwarranted aggression. No one knows the reason for her such behavior.

This conundrum woke up in Nathan professional interest and he decides to heal Elizabeth, but after a little time, he realizes that Elizabeth and her illness in some strange way connected with the threat hanging over him and his family

8. Sleepy hollow 1999

The film takes place in the late XVIII century. A young constable Ichabod crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow.

In this evil place not so long ago started to happen some hell. The mysterious headless horseman strikes fear in local residents. All the victims he decapitated, with the heads disappear. But the most interesting thing is that a criminal can not be killed by a bullet, all brave men, volunteered to fight him, he wins fights.

Icabob to understand this complicated case and save his beloved from a terrible fate

7. Crimson rivers 2000

The plot revolves around the part of two experienced detectives. It is absolutely different people, but they have a common goal to find and punish the perpetrators who commit terrible crimes.

Pierre Nemans arrives in a provincial town Gernon, in order to investigate the heinous and cruel crime. There on the hillside was found dead in the fetal position, who lacked eyes and hands. The victim of a sophisticated murderer became a Professor at the local University Remy Kailua.

This time, his colleague, unravels a rather bizarre crime: someone dug up and desecrated the grave of ten girls. At first it may seem that these two crimes have nothing in common. However, this is only at first glance.

Now experienced detectives are forced to combine their efforts in search of the killer. And in the process they will discover very amazing details

6. Three days to escape 2010

In the thick of things is an ordinary man named John. He's a single dad. It so happened that his lovely wife Lara were behind bars for murder.

Her husband is trying to do everything possible to prove that his wife was not involved in this case. But all his attempts fail.

Then he decides to arrange victories for his beloved. And he has only three days to carry out his daring plan.

However, suddenly he was visited by vague doubts. What if Lara really was the killer? This question is the hero of peace, but he drives himself from all these thoughts and continues to save my wife.

5. The game 1997

A successful businessman, a resident of San Francisco, Nicholas van Orton is tired of living. When his father was 48 years old, he committed suicide. Soon Nicholas turns 48.

But suddenly, the brother of Nicolas appoint him a meeting in the restaurant and gives the hero a strange thing the certificate on services of the company Service of entertainment which provides its clients with the opportunity to play a certain Game

4. Mulholland Drive 2001

Mulholland drive, the legendary street where you can find mansions of Hollywood stars of the first magnitude. It would seem that this can happen here over night? And yet sometimes even in this beautiful place happen horrible events.

Charming brunette passing by pompous starry homes in the luxury limousine were not even aware that suddenly the car stops, and it will instruct the gun. But all ended well and death to save her, a drunk driver lost control of the limo.

Woke up a girl, absolutely no memory of who she is and how we got here. She temporarily chooses a name Rita. She meets a girl who seems to be Betty, but later it turns out that they are already familiar, not only here, but in a different reality

3. Taking lives 2004

Elusive serial killer for twenty years appropriated the identity of the victims of their crimes. But how much rope does not curl, still the end will be.

The search for a brutal killer takes a seasoned FBI agent illeana Scott. She has to understand the motives of the perpetrator, so as to determine further moves.

But in some strange way, maniac learns about the visionary employee of the FBI much more than she could imagine...

2. Big game 2009

Experienced journalists authoritative edition of the Washington Globe cal McCaffrey conducts an independent investigation into the murder of a petty thief.

Chain from such incomprehensible crimes leads him to a seemingly completely unrelated to him the case — the death of Sonia Baker, administrative assistant, Congressman Collins,and friend McCaffrey.

Collins can't believe that woman killed herself and asks a friend to look into the matter and find out who is to blame for her death.

1. Goodbye, baby, goodbye 2007

In the suburbs of Boston disappears 4-year-old Amanda McCready. When the police stops looking at the girl, her aunt hires two private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro, to begin their search.

From the beginning they reluctant initially hopeless case, but arose in the course of the investigation, the facts forced them to risk not only his own professional reputation, but also life

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