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Top 10 futuristic concepts for the Geneva motor show


Geneva, 2019. Presented to the leading car manufacturers. All of them are visitors from the future. The future, where possible, will be no cars with internal combustion engines.

The intensity of life will be prohibitive. And advantageous technique, not just how to live, but first and foremost to protect people. We will talk about this technique.

10. Italian Fiat car Centoventi

Italian concern Fiat this year marks 120 years. This pillar engineering presented a gift – an electric city CT Centover.

Its fans a new model surprise opportunity at any time to make a choice of four different roof variants, four bumpers, the four types of wheels. Everything will depend on the buyer's level of income.

There are a total of 120 parts to personalize the body. And to satisfy the most discerning buyer, it is possible to equip with a soft folding top, maybe a panoramic roof.

This wonder is perfect for dynamic city life. Its fans the group promises your model make serial. The model gives a sense of elegance and originality.

9. Q4 AUDI e – tron

Four-wheel drive SUV. Presented by the group as the next stage of the development of electric mobility brand. This ensures silent movement, quick acceleration, 100 miles in 6.3 seconds. Maximum speed 180 km/h.

Externally, the crossover dynamic. Sports due to the sloping roofline and large wheels. The manufacturer guarantees the serial production 2020 – 2021 This version emphasizes the status of the owner.

8. The company GFG Style

The founder of Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son Fabrizio. At auto show presented the fiery red extreme crossover. Sports car – GFG Kanraro. Kangaroo.

It is interesting to look back bars. Behind it – the built-in LEDs that operate as built-in turn signals. This explosion of sensations pass on any road. Whether it's track racing, snow, ice, dirt.

This ensures the patency of the electric drive, four-wheel drive, polnopravnym chassis, adjustable suspension. But suspension is a wonderful feature Kangraro.

The hydraulic stand can change the ground clearance in the range of 120 mm, changing the height of the machine from 1290 mm to 1410 mm. the Motors give out in the amount of 490 HP promised acceleration to 100 km in 3.8 seconds. The maximum speed of 250 km/h Mileage per charge 450 km. People will fly like birds on machines of this class.

7. ID Buggy

The company Volkswaren created the car on a flexible cart MEB. Engineering platform allows it to underpin cars of different classes and sizes, which will have a traction battery of different capacity. This elegant architectural solution is the basis of this model.

The maximum speed of the buggy is 160 km/h and Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/s is reached at 7.2 C. the basis of this model will be a reasonable ratio of price and quality that is guaranteed to delight consumers.

6. Mid-sized coupe crossover IMQ

Handsome SUV the next generation. The pride of the Nissan group is multilatina all-wheel drive system that allows independent control of each of the wheels.

Everything in this concept is perceived as a work of art, aimed at protecting consumers from emergency situations. And no tension, the strain. Design calm.

The technology of the future hybrid system e–Power second generation, which is scheduled to release on Nissan models in Europe no earlier than 2022!

Two electric motors and traction battery feed gasoline engine. Engine power 340 l, fitted.with. and 700 Nm. Advanced sensors, radars, cameras, wonder bus. Whose task is the transmission to the onboard computer information on loads, tyre wear, grip.

And, most importantly, all of the above is not science fiction, and embodied in a particular model of crossover.

5. Ultra-compact electric Citroen Ami One

Length: 2 meters 50 centimeters. Width 1 meter 50 centimeters. Height 1 meter 50 centimeters. This baby moves with a speed of 45 km/h. Full charge of the battery is two hours. The "Brain" Of Citroen.

The great thing is, this model does not need a driver's license. And the driver's age at the time of the vehicle can be 14 years. Indeed! On its 100th anniversary, the brand made its the sweetest gift!

4. Kia Imagina electric show car

Design experiment. The General form like the popular coupe–crossovers. High side line. Powerful waist. Roof line is cool. Back front wide. Machine interested. Caused a wave of questions about the specifications of the model. Without answers.

It is necessary that not only the driver is well seen on the road, but that car was very well lit. "Smile of the tiger" is also to illuminate the body on the track.

3. Engelberg Tourer

Concern Misubishi presented at the motor show a hybrid concept. This is not a production car. Outlander of new generation, whose powertrain includes a 2.4 petrol engine and pair of electric motors that allows you to travel long distances and makes it attractive. Speed. Stability on the track.

Regular trunk, fog lights on the roof, protection of bumpers. Active position in life. In the name of the brand laid the name of the ski resort, where the highway outside the slopes are gaining strength freestyle and freeride.

Wonderful panoramic views. Comfortable salon. The crossover is elegant and versatile. The machine is not for "couch potatoes", "dummies" and "snowdrops".

2. Supercar Maguari HS1 GTC

The series is limited. Only 300 copies. Known value of 2.2 million euros. Released this magic brand Hispano Suiza.

Specifications phenomenal. The engine 1085 HP up To 100 km/h accelerates in 2.8 seconds. The maximum speed of 380 km/h.

1. Vision iV

The Group Shoda. Kupeobrazny crossover. Sustainable trends show production of sports crossovers. Sharp, angular forms suggests the aggressiveness of the design, speed and sustainability that will demonstrate the electric car on the road.

Applaud the potential buyers. Powerful wheelbase, the electrical power unit of 225 kW, the battery 83кВтч and a power reserve of up to 500 km without additional charging. The tradition of the group to surprise remains!

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