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10 celebrities who were in a mental hospital


Not all people can understand that the work of the artist has a lot of pressure on the mental and physical strength that it is not only the spotlight, recognition and glory, but hard work.

Many stars do not survive, their mental health is threatened and they are forced to seek help from doctors. On that particular actor had been in therapy in a psychiatric hospital, as a rule, recognize the ubiquitous reporters, and what they tell others.

Further, from our article you'll be able to learn the names of 10 celebrities who were in a mental hospital.

10. Catherine Zeta-Jones

British actress wowed the audience with her beauty in films "the Mask of Zorro" and "Legend of Zorro", apparently did not like dushevnobolnyh. But it turned out the paparazzi, the actress was treated in 2011 from a bipolar disorder. In the hospital she went alone.

In 2013, Katherine was again forced to seek medical help since she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder of the second type.

These diseases have brought problems into the family of the actress, as her husband Michael Douglas even wanted to file for divorce due to constant depression wife.

9. Charlie Sheen

The famous American actor also received treatment in a mental hospital. He was sent there after he was found by the police in one of the hotels where he is completely naked went berserk.

The representatives of the law have linked the actions of the actor with drug intoxication. But the PR Manager Charlie sheen explained the seizure of the ward an allergic reaction after taking medicines.

8. Lindsay Lohan

The star of "mean girls", "Freaky Friday", "Kiss for luck" and some others, known to the viewer not only through acting, but and extravagant antics.

The actress repeatedly violated the law, it is often seen in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. These transgressions led Lindsay into rehab.

7. Tom Cruise

The famous American actor, film Director, screenwriter and producer, winner of three awards "Golden globe" has always produced in the audience a favorable impression, no one would have thought that he was treated in a psychiatric clinic.

Seek medical help, the actor was forced, at the insistence of friends and relatives. It was then that his mental health has deteriorated after his divorce from actress Katie Holmes, who got full custody of their common daughter.

6. Drew Barrymore

Actress starring in such films as "50 first dates", "Charlie's Angels" and many others, fell for the first time in a rehab center even at a very young age. As a teenager, she often took drugs and drank alcoholic beverages. She also tried to commit suicide.

After treatment in a psychiatric hospital, many years later, in 1991, the actress released an autobiographical book, in which he told about their problems.

In addition, the celebrity sought the help of psychotherapists is already at a Mature age, as she had a fear of closed spaces.

5. Mischa Barton

American actress and model also have been in a psychiatric hospital. Once the breakdown in girls occurred at a party at a friends house in 2007. Another time she was hospitalized in 2009.

Once she was forced to ask for help, because he could not control. The fault of many of the seizures were drugs and alcohol.

4. Gerard Butler

The famous Scottish actor, the favorite of many tele-viewers, the star of such films as "300", "Geostorm", "law Abiding citizen", "the phantom of the Opera" never gave the impression of a weak, in need of medical assistance the person.

But once the actor is still needed skilled care of therapists, so he turned to a specialized medical institution. This happened due to the fact that he tried to cope with the stress of taking strong medications, which is developing addictive, the actor could not refuse them without the help of doctors.

3. Britney Spears

American singer and dancer, idol of millions of adolescent girls in the 2000s, always looked cheerful and attractive, a beautiful, slender blonde was a source of inspiration for many people.

Unfortunately for the fans of the singer, her life was not as successful as they would like. In 2004, Britney got engaged to Kevin Federline, with whom she had two sons.

In 2007, the couple divorced, the singer wanted the children remained with her, but her ex-husband insisted on joint custody. The trial left the state of mind of Britney serious consequences, she lost her mind literally, has shaved his gorgeous hair did some strange things.

In 2008 the singer due to drug use and scandalous behavior deprived of parental rights. All this has led to the fact that she was hospitalized in a rehabilitation center. In the same year, the singer was recognized as incapable, the guardianship of her began to realize her father. To date, Britney has regained his health and continues her singing career.

2. Van Damme

The famous American actor, writer, bodybuilder and martial artist played in more than 50 films. The actor was married to Darcy Lapier, after divorcing her, he began to use drugs and acquired dependency.

Get rid yourself from addiction, he could not, therefore, addressed to a specialized Agency, had therapy for drug addiction.

1. Courtney Love

American singer, actress, widow of Kurt Cobain is known not only because of his talent, but the scandalous stories around it.

Reporters learned that she took drugs as a teenager, this problem began to pursue it further. Because of this, the singer was almost deprived of parental rights.

In 1996 she went to rehab. But in 2004, the actress has attempted suicide, where it was again placed in a psychiatric hospital.

Also a second course of treatment she had to undergo in 2006, when she again appeared in public under the influence of drugs.

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