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10 worst horror movies in the history of the genre


According to a survey by RBC, the genre "Horror" is in third place in the rating of sympathies of film enthusiasts. Among the horror movies are real masterpieces, after seeing that the audience either could not sleep or suffers vivid nightmares from seeing pictures. But fans of horror at the consequences of not complaining, after all it is because of these emotions the horror have an extensive fan base.

The films, which we will discuss, evoke slightly different emotions. Laughter and indignation, although the stated genre needs to let the creeps and slow down the blood in the veins.

We have compiled a list of 10 of the worst horror movies, so you do not waste time watching these "nightmare" films.

10. Piranha 3DD 2012

From the name itself have become ill. Maybe in the 70s the word "piranha" on the poster could be intimidating, but in 2012 when the lights went out "Sinister" and the second "silent hill" Hardly.

In the story of piranhas in the drains and sewer pipes got to the public pools, water parks and water bodies. Now carnivorous fish do not just tear a bloodthirsty people, but also penetrate under their skin, beginning to eat inside. And if you read it's creepy, it looks as described just funny.

And the 3D effect is visible except in the chest area of female characters. The piranha themselves of proper horror is not caused, but the scenes with their attacks many caused a feeling of disgust. Apparently, the creators nobody said horror movies the audience needs to be bound with fear, and no spasm of nausea.

9. The pyramid 2014

In 2014 rattled premiere of "the Curse of Annabelle", which later spawned several sequels and prequels, and the whole movie franchise about a scary doll. In the same year published "the Pyramid", which flops.

The characters are flat and equally stubborn: the climb ahead, find their own problems which subsequently die. In the story a group of archaeologists finds an ancient Egyptian pyramid and descends into its catacombs. The intricate twists and turns, dark corridors and narrow fork to make the heroes back where they can't get out.

Flashy on the poster of a mummy, the viewer in the film will not find, the creators decided to satisfy the thirst for adrenaline in humans computer graphics ancient hairless cats. Properly the cat family is scared only of the main characters of the film, but the audience "pugalki" was left untouched.

8. Dislik 2016

Russian kinodela not the first year trying to conquer the hearts of film fans of quality horror. "Dislike" refers to the unsuccessful attempts, yet the film gives the audience no sense of fear, but rather laughter.

In the plot 8 is known to help come to a country house to relieve joint advertising integration. But it turns out that the house is a trap before the dawn, none of the Pets of youth will not live. Maniac in a mask went on the hunt and who's behind this disguise, the audience learns only in the final.

7. The human centipede 2009

Nervous not to look! Unfortunately, the film doesn't sound, but because a huge number of people battered your psyche in the theatre.

In the story two young girl friends are traveling to Europe. According to the law of horror movies the girls car breaks down in the middle of the empty highway. In search of assistance of the heroine upon the abandoned Villa. The owner – a retired surgeon who in the past specialized in the operation on the Siamese twins.

Girls are drugged and in the morning they Wake up on the operating table. Surgeon preparing for an experiment: he wants to connect three people, made them independent organism with a single digestive system.

6. Hidden 3D2011

The plot of this horror movie is recognizable: an abandoned monastery, experiments on the sick, evil spirits and the young adventurers who become the targets of revenge of former mental patients.

After watching the film the viewer gets the distinct feeling that somewhere in the narrow uncut circles hand walks book: "How to remove the banal and uninteresting horror movie". And Director of "Lurking" if not in time for this book and asked for help. Other explanations such trivial twists in the plot, predictable "Boo moments", the familiar forest paths and abandoned monasteries is simply no...

5. BloodRayne 2005

Abstract in the movie "BloodRayne" is similar to crumpled a brief retelling: there is about the childhood of the main character, and about her parents, and the antagonist, and about the hunters and the vampires, and many more...

The fact that the film is based on a computer game "BloodRayne", so that the entire gaming background if deliberately tried to place the annotation in lines.

The plot develops slowly, in frames with no speakers, the dialogue lengthy and often silly built, and existing scenes of fights posed very badly. Definitely not recommended for viewing this film.

4. Phobos. Fright club 2012

The film is a Russian production, the main triggers which focused on the fear of darkness and claustrophobia.

In the story a group of young and different from each other, the boys find themselves trapped in a Soviet bunker. First, the company does not survive due to the fact of slammed doors: strongly joke, frighten each other and having fun in the walls of the "Phobos".

But shortly before the characters reach the realization that cellular does not penetrate through the walls of the shelter, and about his intention to go to the "Phobos" locked didn't tell anyone.

The plot for the horror is very good: to beat different phobias and to show what people are capable of in a fit of uncontrollable fear. But implementation of the idea pumped. Some actors openly overplayed, others, not sparing the eardrums of the audience, shouting to ultrasound, and others do not follow logic or any consistency.

This film is getting dull, but the desire ever to revisit the horror and completely lost.

3. Apartment 1303 2012

Apartment number 1303 for a long time cursed. After all, in the walls of the apartment, brutally murdered mother and daughter, and now their souls taking revenge on every new arrivals to residents.

The film is very clichéd, nothing new in the genre of horror it definitely does not bring. The main characters are absolutely illogical, the audience do not believe them, though, because any normal person saw in his room a blood-stained Ghost of a little girl, would disappear not that of the apartments, but out of town!

And here is the main character calmly asleep after a visit of supernatural forces, and no plans to move out. What is the fate of such not timid person, probably, and to clarify not worth it.

2. The house of the dead 2003

The film is based on a computer game, but still crammed with the most common stereotypes. The creators decided not to bother, in the end, before the audience were mediocre actors playing poorly written characters. The film deservedly flopped at the box office it is impossible to watch.

1. Diggers 2016

At the time, the film attracted a large number of cinema viewers with the promise, "Every day in the subway goes down more people than climbing back..." But everyone leaving the cinema a person is not lazy to write a scathing review or at least leave a negative review "Diggers". Because every day visitors was in cinemas less and less, and eventually horror flopped at the box office.

In the center of the film is the Moscow metro. The last train sweeps past the end station and takes her into the darkness of the tunnels did not understand passengers. The authorities are hiding information about missing people, but friends disappeared decide to go on a quest.

The plot of the movie is interesting. It attracts the session and fans of horror films and fans of the catacombs of the underground. But the implementation of ideas about monsters in the subway impossible bad.

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