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10 anime similar to "berserk", 1997-1998


"Berserk" is a military anime with a dramatic story that describes the brutal period of the middle Ages. It appeared in 1997.

The peculiarity of this cartoon – the elements of horror and fantasy. We can say that this anime is multi-genre. The plot revolves around the life of a former mercenary, preying on the various demonic entities.

Consider the popular anime that can be compared with the "Berserker".

10. "Hellsing" (TV series) 2006

"Hellsing" is a British organization whose members are engaged in a struggle with supernatural beings. They protect the civilians from the monsters that usually are active at night.

Integra – the current leader of a secret organization specialized in fighting vampires and ghouls. However, even the best fighters Integra can not match with Alucarda: strongest vampire, servant leader.

"Hellsing" is opposed not only to the nocturnal monsters, but the German organization, as well as the Holy Inquisition of the Vatican.

9. "Gantz" (TV series) 2004

Kay these relations that Kurono is an ordinary boy who falls under the wheels of a train and dies. After the death of the main character and other people who died some time ago, find and destroy dangerous aliens. These creatures originated from worlds that are unknown to modern scholars.

The hunter can eventually die, if you make one single mistake. Kay does not want to die, so he has to be very careful and attentive. However, the outcome of the struggle depends not on the boy: even if it will disappear, soon there will be new hunters.

8. "Fire emblem" (TV series) 1995

Holy Ganea – land, which existed even before the first Chronicles. It was founded by Henry, the great hero. From all sides the land is surrounded by other great nation, which until recently it co-existed in harmony and peace.

The gods of war, madness and contradictions decided to absorb its waves of darkness, using the assistance of unfair rulers.

However, the Holy Ganea will not fall: in the hearts of its inhabitants continued to burn the fire of freedom. Prince Mars revenge invaders and achieve the liberation of their native lands.

7. "Destiny: the Beginning" (TV series) 2011

In the Japanese city of fuyuki powerful clans created an arena where mages fought for the Holy Grail. Masters participating in the battle, call a helper: of heroes past and present.

Fighters mages are looking for in the air of the world, called akasha. During the match, no rules, and there is only one. Great artifact will receive exactly the winner.

With the help of the Holy Grail winning magician will be able to realize his wish. During the first three battles all the participants were killed, and the artifact was not awarded to anyone. However, will soon begin a fourth war, and everything indicates that this time will be the only winner.

6. "The demon against the demons" (TV series) 2007

All humans have light and dark sides. Demons and angels are constantly fighting over the soul, and this is particularly true not quite ordinary people.

Dante poludemon, though he seems a very ordinary man. This young man loves to enjoy delicious food, a pleasant holiday and other ordinary human joys, but in his soul constantly fighting the beginning of the demon and human essence.

Dante is forced to fight not only her demons, but he has a very unusual job. He does hunt a variety of otherworldly entities. In dangerous situations out of Dante's favorite gun and sword.

5. "Di.Gray-man" (TV series) 2006

Europe, XIX century. Millennium Earl plans to destroy the world and is going to use for this special creatures, like people. They are called Akuma. In these guns the evil mechanical body is connected with the soul of the deceased person.

Count against exorcists connected with the ancient divine substance. The villain seeks to destroy the raw Power, but it is necessary to get rid of her Heart.

If the Count will achieve their goal, the exorcists will not be able to prevent the destruction of the world.

4. Claymore (TV series) 2007

This anime describes the alternative Middle ages. Here people are forced to live next to EMA: werewolves cannibals. These creatures can hide, to mislead, taking human form.

If Yoma eats a human brain, it captures memories of the victim. A secret organization without a name, created an order of soldiers fighting with monsters. Warriors use large two-handed swords.

To create fighters used the flesh and blood of monsters and cannibals. They are administered in the human body. These soldiers are able to feel the presence of monsters that have taken human form.

3. "Berserk: the Golden age. The film III. The descent" 2013

The main theme of this cartoon is the will of man, opposing the dark Ages. H

Lena squad, who once worked together, now go their separate ways, and Griffiths, tortured brutal torture is the only reminder of her former self. However, not far off significant changes will soon begin the main battle.

2. "Berserk: the Golden age. The film II. Battle for Daldry" 2012

The Griffith and GATS absolutely can't find a common language. Griffiths believes that it is necessary to achieve this goal, namely, to conquer the fortress Tudor.

It's not easy, but it will make the end of a long feud between Midleton and Tudor. The GATS helps to gather an army. Will have to win over the huge army of the enemy?

1. "Berserk. The Golden age: Film I. Beherit Ruler" 2012

In settlements and cities on civilians attack the terrible monsters, and the earth soon will prevail the evil forces.

The GATS has no parents, but it turned out to be fearless, ruthless and a very good warrior. From a young age the main character was working with a gang of mercenaries.

He is without friends and has no idea what love means. However, it turns out that the lives of the GATS becomes completely different after he defeated Griffiths, the leader of the gang of falcons.

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