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10 habits that can "steal" your beauty


Most women care about their appearance, for this they spend a lot of time to care for your skin. Many women prefer to use professional cosmetics, but there are those who are trying to do, prepared according to popular recipes.

Cosmetologists say that the skin can and should look after, but to do it properly, choosing the right tools for you. However, many women and girls have survived bad habits that harm.

In our article you can see a list of the 10 most harmful habits that can "steal" the women's attractiveness.

10. Universal cream

Many ladies are too lazy to bother with the selection of creams suitable for your skin type, so they are buy generic. In fact, such funds do not exist.

The fact that the composition of cosmetic products are certain substances that are suitable to a certain skin type, for example, dry skin is undesirable to apply the cream, which includes such a component as zinc.

Also, to stay as long as possible young and attractive you should use day and night creams. Night are considered more nutritious, they saturate the cells of the dermis and regenerate them. Day funds quickly absorbed, moisturizes the skin well and provided an excellent base for applying makeup.

9. Fragrant soap

Girls and women are often partial to strong sweet flavors, so try to buy soap that smells good. Beauticians are advised to avoid such funds.

The fact that the products, which has a strong and pleasant smell, most likely, a lot of fragrances and other chemical components in the composition.

Such soap will overdry skin, can cause development of allergies, asthma, dermatitis, eczema and chronic rhinitis.

8. Sun creams

Experts in the field of beauty recommend women to abandon the use of tanners, then they should not be confused with protection from UV rays.

The fact that sun creams greatly clog the pores, thereby marring the skin, also they are composed of synthetic dangerous components that can trigger the development of cancer.

7. Makeup at the gym

Girls want to be beautiful, not only at work, at a party or on a walk, but at home, on the beach and even in the gym. So some beauties go to training in full battle dress, that is, causing the usual face makeup. Cosmetologists and dermatologists think it is harmful.

During sports, a person sweats, the pores on the skin dilate, if on the face there is make up, then they can get concealer, powder. The pores are closed, the dermis appears white bumps, black spots and other rashes.

6. Toothpaste for acne

Many years ago in the Arsenal of cosmetics of our mothers and grandmothers were not so familiar today there are various remedies for acne, for example, Zineryt or Skinoren. So they had to treat rashes on the face using toothpaste.

Modern beauticians are advised not to adopt this habit of young girls. Toothpaste really gets rid of acne because it can dry the skin, but it includes pretty aggressive components, which can cause burns, leave a scar.

If the pimples do not go even after using the above means, you should consult a doctor.

5. Touching the face

During the day we unconsciously touch the face several times, but this habit you should try to get rid of.

The fact that we don't always wash hands before touching face, thereby, a recorded on his skin, bacteria, dirt and germs. As a result, dermis pimples, acne, and other unpleasant rashes.

4. Soap for face

Beauticians strongly recommend to abandon this habit, like washing with soap and water, if at a young age, she still does not cause the skin damage, it only gets worse.

Soap dries the dermis, disrupts the acid-alkaline balance, as a result it becomes strained, loses its protective layer, is sensitive to pathogens.

To date, developed a large number of different cleansers, they are intended for different skin types, among them easy to choose the right.

3. Hot tub

Many women love to soak in the hot tub is especially relaxing after a hard day in the cold winter.

But few people think that a hot bath hurts the skin, it washed off the protective layer and, therefore, facilitated access to bacteria and germs, also water high temperature accelerates the aging process of the dermis on the face, neck and arms.

If the strength to cope with the habit there, and a cool shower is just unbearable, you have to at least reduce the time spent in hot water and take a bath for longer than 15 minutes.

2. Homemade scrubs

The era of easy Internet allows ladies to independently seek out interesting recipes funds for the care of the skin.

There is great demand for homemade scrubs, but it is worth noting that they are not suitable for cleansing the skin on the face. The dermis this place is a very gentle, and homemade scrubs based on sea salt or ground coffee can it hurt.

After a couple of treatments the skin will become very sensitive, in addition, these scrubs can cause damage to the deeper layers of the epidermis, which will lead to rashes, acne and pimples, also they can break the skin of the face.

If there is a need to use the scrub, then preference should be given special professional cosmetics. Homemade scrubs are good for fighting cellulite great rid of dead skin cells on the body.

1. The cream on the face

10-20 years ago, women applied the cream for hands and face, as it was considered a universal remedy. Modern cosmetology has gone far ahead, today the fair sex there are plenty to choose from, they can easily choose the right cream formulated for the delicate skin on the face.

Cosmetologists are advised to unlearn the habit of applying hand cream on the face if it is you have left. The fact that dermis on these parts of the body is different and needs different care. For example, many hand creams have glycerin in them, while it leads to dry skin.

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