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10 "losers" in childhood, which became the sex symbol of Hollywood


Looking for Hollywood actors, who rightfully wear the title of sex symbols, it may seem that they birth were irresistible, though actually it not always so.

A handsome in childhood or even adolescence was to put it mildly an acquired taste and appearance their literally created themselves. Diet, regular exercise and especially genetics allowed them from ugly ducklings to turn into the dream of millions of women.

10 the most striking cases, we will look at today.

10. Zac Efron

Not to say that the actor in his childhood was an ugly child: no, it was the most common. In adolescence the eye excessive thinness, which with his height 1.73 m made him expressionless, allowing you to look younger than his age.

Having started acting in films at age 15, he quickly realized that with such slender appearance does not go far, therefore, began to visit the gym and slowly to work with iron. The result is evident: now his press is the envy of men and delight women, and acting career went up.

9. Chris Pine

The star of "star trek" in his youth was quite a nice guy, but that sense of style was stripped completely: absurd beard and weird hairstyle made his face look ridiculous.

With age, when he began to wonder about, it whether he realized that if he suggested. Anyway, changing hair and gaining muscle mass, an eccentric young man turned into a sex symbol.

8. Jeremy Renner

Future Hawkeye from kynoselen Marvel in childhood also had a strange taste in terms of hairstyles. In the 80s, which was the period of his growing up, fashion was a kind of, of course, and a similar hairstyle sported by many children, but little Jeremy Renner this style is clearly not suitable.

Well, with age, the actor began to listen to the advice of stylists, well, the gym has played an important role. He is now 48 years old, but he is in decent form. Probably archery helps.

7. Chris Pratt

The story of the actor spread through the world media and all the public servers after he lost 27kg for the role of Star Lord in "Guardians of the Galaxy". From a bit plump guy he turned into an athletic and well folded, which looks great without a shirt.

However, not everyone knows that this is not his first experiment with their own appearance and weight. No, to the exploits of Christian Bale, of course, far, but nevertheless in 2011, he supported his wife (then his wife was the star of scary movie Anna Faris) lost 11 kg for the filming of the film "the Man who changed everything."

In the same year he was asked to star in the film "10 years later", for which he had to get better, but with Marvel he just started in 2013. Now, Chris Pratt tries to keep a stable weight, gradually increasing muscle and improving the relief of muscle, he can be a good idea.

6. Nicholas Hoult

Kynoselen beast from "X-Men" in my childhood was unremarkable boy, who eventually grew into a handsome young man. The actor 29 years, height 1.9 m, he weighs about 75-80 pounds and don't seem thin.

In addition to the hearts of the fans he was able to charm and colleague on the set of Jennifer Lawrence, which met for 4 years. Now he is in a relationship with model Brianas Holly, who last year gave birth to his first child.

5. Matthew Lewis

One of the most famous transformations in the new Millennium, which became more viral than the metamorphosis of Chris Pratt.

Forever stooping and awkward Neville Longbottom in the performance by Lewis was so memorable not least due to the appearance of the actor, from which no one was expecting the transformation to a Prince.

But Matthew surprised everyone when she starred in an advertising photo shoot for the gloss, showing off the athletic body. Correcting malocclusion, having grown a neat beard and significantly adding to the muscle mass, it is not like that awkward "outsider" of the faculty of Gryffindor.

4. Dwayne Johnson

Unique in some way the actor has always been massive and athletic, but looked quite comical. If you look at the pictures in his youth, to present him as a tough guy very difficult, rather it was like a Comedy character.

The age he went only benefit: now, at 46 years of age, he, according to most fans, looks better, than 20, and if you remember it in 35-40, the difference is even more noticeable.

3. Ryan Reynolds

The title of sex symbol stuck for an actor almost from the first serious role, especially because he began with comedies of youth, where there were many beautiful girls who seek to conquer. Macho on the screen, in life he was the same: marriage with Scarlett Johansson, then Blake lively what more could you want?

And as a child he, like other heroes of our selections, was the most that neither is normal, and could hardly have thought that it would grow up a thief of women's hearts.

2. George Clooney

The actor, who is 57 years of age, in childhood and adolescence, exposed to the ridicule of their peers about their appearance, imperfection which exacerbated the disease, the boy was paralyzed half of the face, one eye would not open. Girls do not want to walk with him, so he had only to look with envy at other, more gifted by nature guys, hoping to grow the most.

Hard to imagine how much those girls when George Clooney became famous. The sex symbol he was back in the 80's, retaining this status for several decades. Even now, in his old age, he has not lost the charm and charm.

1. Tom Cruise

Crooked teeth spoils the appearance of an actor in childhood and adolescence, which suffered not only his self-esteem, but their acting career. Realizing that to achieve the Hollywood Olympus he needs as Hollywood smile, Cruz spent a lot of time and money for dentists, who conscientiously did his job.

It is difficult to imagine that this actor was once unattractive: it seems that he was always a sex symbol. Given his ability to look really young even at 56, this status he will lose more soon.

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