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10 qualities of man, which sooner or later will betray


The lack of trust in the relationship is a ticking time bomb. If you can't fully rely on the person, it is very difficult to accept him as he is and feel his company is comfortable enough. Especially if we are talking about a loved one.

All relations very often need to be questioned trust. So to keep the inner circle is only those who do not exhibit in their behavior the signs of the latent traitor who will be able to insert a knife in you back at a convenient opportunity.

Submitted 10 qualities of people, will never you actually correct.

10. A lot to cover

You know nothing about his childhood, relatives, professional activity and in General you do not open any accurate information about yourself, limited only by some vague definitions.

When you start him on something to try to find out, he aggressively goes on the answer, takes the conversation in another direction or even abruptly asks you to stop questioning. His biography is murky mystery.

Learn? If Yes, then it is likely that this person is lying to you or just has no plans to build a strong relationship. Be careful not to write off such behavior is simply a vicious character.

9. Out the answer

People do not like to give specific answers to questions. In conversation, he wriggles like a snake in a frying pan, trying to get away from uncomfortable topics. It indicates that the person is not sincere with you.

Someone you can sometimes say something you will not like, but he will be guided by good intentions towards you, not wanting to get away from the uncomfortable question of method bla-bla-bla.

8. Already refused to help

Of course, if a person one day left you in a difficult situation, it is likely that it will go well and next time you need help. In this case, it is necessary to forgive, but no longer considered him a man of his close circle.

7. Cancels the decision

The person is irresponsible concerning this word most likely has a weak character. It has no lasting moral principles and habits can change instantly, depending on the external environment.

If your friend or loved one has seven Fridays in a week, you can never rely on it, so your backs will always be unprotected.

6. Rapidly changing point of view

This style can be characterized by saying where the wind blows there the grass spreads.

Such a person is like water, which easily takes the form of the vessel in which it was placed. It has no core, no principles and inviolable moral attitudes, through which he will never cross.

There is nothing forbidden or apoderados doubt. It can be anything, and you can never be completely sure.

5. Overly helpful

If suddenly someone from your inner circle seems too friendly or too helpful, you should look at this person as much as possible critical. Very often in such a barrel of honey hides a very big spoon of caustic tar.

So if someone tells you too many compliments and outright flatters your ego, however, regardless of your desire to find out something important about himself slip away from the given topic, you need to be very careful with him.

Most often these individuals with a very ugly side show their true colors, but, unfortunately, it is often too late.

4. Says a lot when it is better to remain silent

The verbiage always points to a personal handicap. These people their meaningless stories to bore people and even disgust.

Women may not immediately guess about the insidious plans of the inane, as the impression of a rather warm and friendly person.

When a woman begins to trust him, and he slowly draws her into some muddy game comes with annoying questions to her soul, making know useful information. This is because for most women in this situation begins to carry out the principle of revelation upon revelation.

Such men are dangerous for women, they can not only break your heart, but use her for their own selfish purposes.

3. Has selfish tendencies

The man who has pronounced inclination to narcissism and narcissism, believes that he is the center of the Universe, and that everything in this world needs to revolve around him. Because of this, such a person will never be able to inspire trust.

He can't admit his guilt, even if he was wrong, and always will be to shift the responsibility on to other shoulders. It is possible that others will sooner or later become you if you let him close enough. In the end, he may even convince you that his failures to blame you.

Such people are capable of treachery at any moment, because for them in the first place, it is important only their painful ego, and everything else is secondary.

2. A lot of promises

Easily makes promises, only he who knows that he does not have to comply with them. That is, people in this case to get dust in the eyes is an outright lie.

Remember, people who used to be responsible for their words, do not throw promises. They know the value of our reputation and sincere relations. People who can promise the moon, but not willing to sacrifice for the sake the smallest you do not deserve your attention.

1. Irregular

This person will assign you a date and then at the last moment, everything cancels. You cannot depend on it. He will carry you when you rely on his support, and he will find a thousand excuses for his inaction.

Such a person has to trust absolutely contraindicated. You can never be sure that he will not change his decision on the contrary, guided by a momentary mood.

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