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10 Julia Vang predictions for 2019


Anxiety at least once in his life, but was visited by any person. And visit more than once. Especially in this unstable world, concerned about the future. Obligations to aging parents, growing children, unfinished ancestral homes. Want to do everything in life, preferably in their.

Predicting the future provide an opportunity to "podstelit straw", if everything is already predetermined, it may be a chance to prioritize urgent cases, finally, to write a sensible will.

But all this is minor compared to the expectation of the future across the state or even bigger all over the world. To predict Russia's future you undertake to do many. This partly shows the professionalism of the prophet, his vision. About the connection of the medium with spiritual practices and their own strong-willed attitudes.

Of course, to trust wholly and fanatically predictions is not necessary. Here even there is nothing to discuss. But listen, make some conclusions, discuss with family, friends and colleagues is definitely worth it.

Predicting gifted clairvoyant especially interesting. Julia herself stated that it was the Spirit of Chaos, when there is magic and spirit in the human body.

The girl was born in a family full of wonders, and from childhood was unusual and distinctive. The winner of the contest "battle of the psychics" reliably proved their connection with magic and the ability to predictions.

"Spirit of Chaos" literally recommends the following:

10. Reduction of incomes of Russians

The citizens of Russia will have to tighten their belts, but not as much as before. The decline in revenue continues, which negatively affects the quality of life. The increase in the retirement age, the increase in prices for food and necessities.

The introduction of new taxes on public utilities, self-employment, gasoline really makes you set priorities and anew to rethink the usual way of life.

Teaching financial literacy in families is carried out. Slowly but optimistic. In addition, economic instability in humans leads to traction to the ground. Breeds animals. Good, solid, life-affirming skills that will undoubtedly come in handy in the future, even if it will be much brighter and rosier than predicted by Julia.

9. Unemployment

The world community will be faced with unemployment. Of course, this forecast makes sense to analyze each country separately.

But it is obvious that the number of work visas around the world is declining. Many countries accept immigrants, graduates and occupations that are in demand on the market of the host party. And of course, excellent knowledge of the English language. It is not even discussed.

Entrepreneurs need to prove the transparency of their business and have a financial cushion in case of "burn-out". Thereby is the prevention of unemployment, poverty and violations of law.

Currently will not work sharply "take" and move to live in another country. Such a decision requires careful and thorough preparation.

8. The problems of big business

Large businesses will survive not the best times. Data on this issue will be difficult to obtain than ever. Most of this information will pop up in connection with the scandal.

But better as a modest effort to stay optimistic. Where successful entrepreneurship, where taxes are paid. So, the Russians will have to tighten their belts.

7. The prosperity of small and medium business

Small and medium businesses will escape the fall and take a course to prosperity. Wonderful in all ways forecast. New venture new jobs. New possibilities will emerge for families who have lost their confidence in the future.

Small business is always close to the consumer. So, the product is always fresh, always in demand and have the opportunity to avoid wholesalers that makes the pricing policy for the products is quite soft, and it can not please a potential consumer.

6. The reorganization of the financial and economic spheres

The financial and economic sphere are now in an interesting position, as they are waiting for the fever and re-form. Success or failure in these areas is directly correlated.

The common man, not the vested interest, it remains only to hope that the head of these departments are professionals with a vested interest in the success and prosperity.

5. The gradual strengthening of the ruble

The foreign exchange market will show sharp fluctuations, are not always in favor of the ruble. The ruble strengthened moderately, you can even say that it is relatively stable.

The dollar continues to "demonstrate" power. The reasons are well known. Correctness in discussion of this question couldn't hurt. Chicks hatched – so would recommend that you do and think the proverb.

4. Reduction of prices on gasoline in Russia

Gasoline prices will decline in Russia, but will continue to grow rapidly abroad. According to official sources, since January 21, 2018 and February of the current year the prices decreased and kept at the same level from February 11 to this day at the level 45,49 rubles per liter in Russia on average.

3. The third world will not

The third world war obviously will not begin in 2019, but will continue to threaten the world.

Russia is strengthening military capabilities, appear innovative units of weapons. The goal is to prevent the destruction of civilization.

2. Local pockets of conflict

Local conflicts. What to say about them? Old conflicts will be resolved, but will continue to erupt new, including a threat to Russia. Limited war, low-intensity conflict.

1. The third world may start after 2019

The danger is that internal war is not only fraught with great human losses, they undermine the country's economic situation and lead to the impoverishment of the nation, and mainly because they could become the impetus for the resurgence of the third world war.

Predictions a psychic has no scientific justification, at the end of the year every person, whether male or female, will have the opportunity to analyze what really happened.

In this situation is to paraphrase a bit of folk wisdom – "clairvoyant helps those who help themselves".

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