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10 celebrities, whose bright appearance got them from parents of different nationalities


There is a perception that people in whose veins flows the blood of different peoples not only endowed with an unusual and quite spectacular appearance, but also possess a huge amount of talent.

To confirm this hypothesis empirically until no one could, but you can trace a surprising trend: world star, whose ancestors were from different nationalities or races, born of mind-blowing appearance, which among other abilities, became their trump card in achieving professional success and international fame.

Submitted 10 stars who owe their beauty to the multinational origin.

10. Meghan Markle

Famous actress and now wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, became popular through his work in the film Force majeure.

In the veins Megan carries a lot of different bloods: the father star a US citizen with Irish and Dutch roots, and his mother African-American. This mixture gave the Princess a beautiful color and very expressive facial features.

It's interesting that a white father of Megan always taught her daughter to stand up for themselves in cases of racial discrimination. Once he even bought her family of Barbie, where the doll had a different skin color.

I later found out, a caring father could not find a ready international set, so he had to buy some and make a mix that he began to resemble their real family.

9. Lenny Kravitz

The father of a legend of world music was of Jewish origin and was a native of Odessa. Mother Lennie, was a native of the Bahamas. He was named after his uncle, Leonard, who was tragically killed in the Korean war.

Curious fact that the grandfather of the world famous artist on the paternal side originally from the Ukraine, as well as great-grandfather, who was born in Kiev.

Such an unusual mix of Slavic, Jewish and South American bloodlines, gave Leni a very intense look, which left the mind of millions of fans around the world, but like his songs.

8. Shakira

This famous Latin singer was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. She is the only child of Nidia Ripoll and William Mebarak chadid. On my father's side her ancestors were immigrants from Lebanon to USA, where was born her father. On the mother, Shakira has Spanish (Catalan and Castilian) and Italian descent.

Undoubtedly, the Mediterranean roots of this singer revealed themselves, and it's not just her natural magnetism and external charm.

First of all, this mixture of blood has awarded Shakira incredible plasticity, thanks to which the girl is able to perform any dance moves. And her famous dance of the hips can not repeat every professional dancer.

7. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

This big guy is known around the world as wrestler and actor. By the way, in August 2018, Johnson ranked second in the top of the highest paid actors of the year by Forbes magazine. After just a year he was able to earn 124 million dollars.

The mother of Dwayne has Polynesian roots and is from Samoa and his father is a native of black Novoseltsev.

The unusual appearance of the Duane has undoubtedly been his passport to fame. After all, the texture and expressive facial features, the former wrestler notable for film producers.

6. Beyonce

The father of the famous singer is African American and her mother is Creole. Also in her family were the Indians and the French.

The beauty of this girl distinctive, stand out from the entire world of pop constellations: nice skin, expressive soft facial features, mouth-watering form, this kit is crazy her fans around the world. And all thanks to the ancestors who do not wish to meet with representatives of their nationality!

5. Angelina Jolie

The legendary Mrs. Smith inherited from their ancestors the blood of a few people: the father is of Slovak and German, his mother French, Dutch and German.

The appearance of this film star has allowed her to become one of the most desirable women in the world. This is especially true of large and incredibly beautiful eyes and naturally plump lips that have become her trademark.

4. Keanu Reeves

Nationality specify quite difficult. His mother is British, father American, in whose veins flows English, Portuguese, Irish, Chinese and Hawaiian blood. In

from this cocktail gave the star of Constantine and johnny Mnemonic extremely charming appearance. And even in his old age, Reeves is still considered to be one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood.

3. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a true legend of the world pop scene. Its spectacular appearance, touching vocals and stunning repertoire lifted her to the Olympus of pop music.

Mariah in his veins flows Irish, Venezuelan and African blood. Probably, this explosive mixture and determined the distinctive character and indomitable temperament of the singer.

However, along with positive aspects in her life, nationality, Mariah brought a lot of difficulties. From early childhood she felt the contempt of the neighbors exposed to racist ideas against themselves and their family. It had everything: insults, flimsy nitpicking and even endangering the life and health of her loved ones. Unable to withstand such relationship, the girl's family decided to move to a quieter place Greenlawn.

2. Naomi Campbell

This legend of the podium, the actress and singer has aramaische origin on the maternal line. His father's black Panther never knew he left her mother when the future star was a few months old.

Colorful and extremely beautiful appearance allowed Naomi from 15 years to storm the world's leading catwalks. By the way, she became the first black model that appeared on the covers of French and English editions of popular magazines like Vogue and Time.

1. Halle Berry

Mother Holly — American of British and German descent and father is African-American. Holly's parents had separated when she was barely 4 years. And her name, she got the title thanks to supermarket Hallе.

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