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Top 10 most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world


Hard to imagine, but sometimes the cost of alcohol exceeds all reasonable limits. Do alcoholic drinks have many fans and admirers around the world, there are even those who are willing to pay a fortune to buy yourself a bottle of your favorite alcohol. Yes, it is a condition because the price of some instances can exceed the cost of the luxury home several times. Not all, even having the ability to buy such expensive liquor, doing this, because not everyone is willing to pay a significant portion of the acquired by their labor capital that sooner or later will be drunk.

10. Beer, Vielle Bon SecoursAt$800

The price of the most expensive beer is $ 800, are not very cheap. This beer is called Vielle Bon Secours. To get this beer is difficult not only because of the high cost, but also because you can buy it everywhere, but only in one of the London bars. Tutankhamum, the price of which is $ 52 dollars, of course, it's cheaper than beer for $ 800, but in strength he has no equal.

9. Sherry Massandra$43.5 thousand.

If from the variety of alcoholic beverages you prefer sherry, you probably wondered how high may be its price. To date, the title of the most expensive sherry in the world belongs to drink from the collection “Massandra”. The price is 43.5 thousand dollars. Exactly what was sold a bottle of “ Jerez de La Frontera ” at auction in London. Its production of Sherry is from 1775. Despite the fact that alcohol is considered one of the best in the world, there is nothing special, except, perhaps, his age.

8. Wray Nephew$53 thousand

This rum is produced in Jamaica. The price for a bottle of this favorite alcoholic drink of pirates – 53 thousand dollars, due to the fact that he was released in 1940, and the ingredients for making and even before – until 1915. Composition, unique production technology and the fact that everything in the world there are only four unopened bottles made rum “Wray Nephew“ the most expensive in the world. To date, the alcohol is no longer in production. Its recipe is lost. This contributed to the growing popularity of alcoholic cocktail Mai Tai and a decline in interest in rum, in this connection, the company that produced this drink, was forced to re.

7. Wine Chateau Lafite$90 thousand.

What can you buy for 90 thousand dollars? Surprised if you assumed it was wine, then you are absolutely right. This expensive wine was aged 1787, and first it was purchased by Thomas Jefferson, American President. This acquisition is clearly meant he was a serious collector of wine products. The second copy was bought by one of the restaurants for the show, after more than two hundred years. By accident, a waiter working at the restaurant, broke a bottle. Fortunately she was insured for a decent amount. In the early 21 century bottle of this wine was purchased by American for 90 thousand dollars.

6. Tequila Ley 925$225 thousand

Tequila Ley 925 was bought by a private collector in 2006 for 225 thousand dollars. A bottle of that liquor from the agave plant (Distillery Hacienda LaCapilla) was decorated with platinum and gold, hence the huge cost. Some time ago, the manufacturer made a new bottle, the price is several times higher than the previous 1.5 million dollars. This time the gold is replaced by silver, platinum remained unchanged. Added precious bottle inlaid with diamonds. Lucky, you would like to purchase this bottle has not been found yet. The man who will find a buyer for the precious bottles, will receive a reward from the company for 100 thousand euros. Well, we can only wish them success.

5. Champagne Piper-Heidsieck$275 thousand

The price of 275 thousand dollars for a bottle of “sparkling” although high, but is justified. It's all in the history of the origin of this drink. A few decades ago, a Swedish ship was transporting a batch of champagne for Tsar Nicholas in Russia, but was wrecked by the fault of a German submarine. Time passed, and in 1998 the sunken ship found a group of researchers. Surprisingly, most of the load remained intact. The story happened with Imperial champagne, subsequently, played a major role in its value.

4. Diva vodka is$1.6 million.

A bottle of Scottish vodka adorned with precious stones. If we talk about the drink, it is worth noting that filtration use charcoal, but not simple, and exclusively from Scandinavian birch. What do you think, that this vodka is skipped? Using diamond grit, diamonds that are very real. The price of a bottle of the alcohol ranges from 3700 to $ 1 600 000 dollars and depends on the number and value of precious stones that adorned the bottle.

3. Cognac Henri IV Dudognon Heritage $2 million.

This cognac is worth 2 million dollars, took care 100 years old, worthy of exposure, and the barrels in which it was stored, prepared 5 years, drying in the air. This liquor deserves a chic design. Gold and platinum are considered worthy to decorate the bottle of the noble drink, and diamonds is the perfect complement the overall picture.

2. Whiskey Isabella''s Islay$6.2 million

The bottle of this whiskey was made from high quality English crystal. For her jewelry, the manufacturer used white gold, 8500 diamonds and 300 rubies. British company “Luxury Beverage”, which released divine drink, argues that the whiskey collection “ Isabella''s Islay ” is a good combination of jewelry and high-quality alcohol. This “work of art” has a high price – $ 6.5 million. For people not ready to give the same amount, most of which is the cost of a bottle, the company has released a collection of the alcohol with a less elegant design, but the price has dropped significantly and amounted to 740 thousand dollars per bottle.

1. Liqueur D'amalfi Limoncello Supreme$43.6 million

Liqueur D'amalfi Limoncello Supreme – the most expensive alcoholic drink in the world today. It cost more 43,6 million dollars. For the most part, as usual, it's in the bottle, because it is decorated with fabulous diamonds. Only four diamond, three of which are for 12 carats, and the fourth 18.5 carats. In such a luxurious bottle should be the appropriate drink. Sweet lemons from the Sunny coast, it's almost everything you need for the best liqueur. The price of this heavenly drink even justified by the fact that he was released only in two copies. One of them still belongs to no one.

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