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10 interesting facts about the Avengers that you didn't know


The first Marvel comics came out even back in 1939, and every year their popularity increased. This time was the real era of superheroes.

In the beginning of XXI century, Marvel studios has moved to a new technological level, to seriously grasp the issue of films acclaimed at the time of the comics, gave these stories a "second life".

It is difficult to find a person who has not heard about the Avengers. However in the movie it is impossible to grasp the history of the entire universe, so in the movie, many events changed or overlooked. The following is a list of facts that might surprise you.

10. Team "the Avengers" has arisen because of problems in the printing

You should start with the history of the Avengers. In the 1960s the Creator of the Marvel universe Stan Lee and his colleagues at the peak of popularity, releasing a comic book for a comic book.

However, the output of drawn stories "Daredevil" has been significantly delayed due to printing problems. Not to torment the fans waiting, the Walls decided to release another comic. In it, he gathered the existing characters together at the same time making competition, "the Justice League" of DC.

9. The name the team gave the Wasp, and not Nick fury

In the film, Director of shield, Nick fury, decided to assemble a team of superheroes, uniting them into a group called the Avengers. However, if you refer to the original comics, we see that it was not so.

The name the team gave the Wasp, one of the founders of this group. Besides, it aims to find dramatic and vivid phrase and blurted out the word Avengers by accident. Friends liked it, and all agreed to call themselves so.

8. Captain America was not part of the original team

On the big screen, Cap has traditionally been a leader of the Avengers. In reality, he came to the team not at once. Scientists found it encased in ice and thawed, after which the members of the Avengers and took him to himself.

With such a plot twist Stan Lee clever and interesting hero entered the Second World war in the history of "modern" characters.

7. The Avengers fought the Justice League

The best crossover Marvel and DC was a show, where he met the Avengers and Justice League – the two most popular at the time and competing superhero team.

In the series, the characters visited each other's planets, clashed and even fought. Thus it was shown significant differences between their groups.

6. Black widow older than he appears

Natasha Romanova is one of those who have tried the super-soldier serum, so she is a survivor. Despite his young appearance, stark's former lover is already far for 70 years.

The girl was born before the Second World war, in Stalingrad. She lived in the Soviet Union was a KGB agent, but this side of her life the Marvel studios delicately concealed, so as not to cause unnecessary scandals.

5. Hulk was a huge clown robot

When green giant Hulk lost the first battle with the Avengers, escaped a traveling circus. He wanted to be left alone. It is unclear exactly how it happened, but Hulk was able to perform on stage in a clown suit-robot called Mechano.

Part of this story is reminiscent of "Thor: Ragnarok", when green took part in the battles on the planet of the Grandmaster.

4. Doctor strange was married to the niece of Dormammu

Glue a while was the ruler of the Dark dimension, which subsequently won Dormammu. She studied the Strange and was a promising student. He constantly saved his white-haired student, hitting her courage and tenacity.

After a dangerous adventure together they returned to Earth and were married according to the laws of the Dark dimension. However, the Supreme sorcerer and cousin Dormammu was not reassured. Fate often separated them, but they maintained a strong relationship.

3. Tony stark charged his suit with the help of sockets

The suit is the most high-tech thing, created by stark. However, 60 years have not had those devices that are in the modern world. Therefore, the way to charge up the suit for us today looks a little funny. Tony stark hooked him up to a conventional household power outlet in the residence of the Avengers.

It is difficult to imagine what bills come to the heroes for electricity, is clearly considerable, the benefit that Iron Man was a millionaire.

2. Loki was a woman

In the comic "Thor: Ragnarok" God of thunder and lightning ended the cycle of Ragnarok, which led to the death of Asgard and many of the inhabitants in all the nine worlds. Suffered the body of Loki. Therefore, the Norse God of deception used beloved Thor, Lady SIF, as a vessel, and lived in her body.

1. Lady Death made Thanos a villain

The name Thanos is based on the name of the Greek God Thanatos, embodying death itself.
According to the story, Thanos was born on the planet Titan. From colleagues it is distinguished by the fact that he was born with a defective gene. The mutation gave the advantage in strength and abilities. That's what made it into the future, the most powerful representative of the race. But because of the same features of his hated peers and even tried to kill his own mother.
Once the Titan was a quiet and polite child, fascinated by science and drawing. Besides, he completely couldn't stand the sight of blood, and also avoid any conflicts. That all changed when he met Lady Death – the eternal being, taking the form of women. Thanos was trying to impress her, which have committed a lot of misdeeds.

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