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10 popular Russian TV show that we blatantly copied from the West


Various TV shows are very popular, and, as among foreigners, and among the inhabitants of Russia.

Numerous spectators regularly gather at the TV screens in order to have a good laugh over the funny phrases Urgant or practise guessing words in "Field of dreams".

Few people know that many popular TV shows actually copied from the Western show. There are, however, Russian transfer of the copy, which was very interesting.

10. Weakest link (The Weakest Link)

The rules of the game in different versions of TV shows from each other do not differ significantly. Transfer the "Weak link" in Russia was shown in 2001-2005.

Leading the show was Maria Kiseleva. British show released between 2000 and 2012, and was facilitated by Anne Robinson.

Giving the correct answers to the questions, the team members create a chain. Built the longer the chain the bigger the staked money. If someone answers incorrectly, the chain of responses is broken and it has to be created anew.

9. "Hundred to one" (Family confrontation)

The American show "Family opposition" (Family Feud) was broadcast from the 70-ies, and its domestic analogue "Hundred to one" in 1995.

Players have to answer different questions that were asked passersby on the street. The winner is determined after several rounds.

In the domestic transmission usually involved celebrities who share a cause. In foreign the show involves two families. The winners of several games in a row, get a machine.

8. Name that tune (Name That Tune)

Transfer Name That Tune was broadcast from the mid-twentieth century. Two players competed with each other to determine who will guess more songs in the melodies. The winning player received the money.

After a while there was a lot of TV show similar to Name That Tune. In the mid 90-ies on the Russian screens out the transfer "guess a melody". It has become a leading Valdis Pelsh. The inspirer and Creator of the TV show "guess the melody" was Vladislav Listyev.

7. "The battle of psychics" (Telepathic call Britain)

Psychics and witches are interested in not only the inhabitants of Russia. The show, which was attended by people who are confident in having unusual abilities and willing to demonstrate, there was in the UK. It was called "Telepathic call Britain" (Britain's Psychic Challenge).

The first season of "the battle of psychics", Russia's equivalent of Britain's Psychic Challenge, appeared on television in 2007. Since then, a large number of seasons for this transfer.

Many do not doubt that this show is staged. During the existence of the transfer revealed that many of the participants are the usual charlatans.

6. "The Voice" (The Voice)

The Voice is a Dutch singing competition which began airing on Dutch TV in 2010. The "voice" of the domestic version of this transmission. The show aired in 2012.

The format is the Russian equivalent of strictly corresponds to the original TV show (starting with Studio-style loft, and ending with the rotation of the chairs of the judges in one direction). Analogues of The Voice from other countries also correspond to the original.

5. "Fear factor" (Fear Factor)

Fear Factor is an American television show, which became the prototype of the Russian show "fear Factor". Domestic transmission was broadcast on NTV since 2002. When a game show began airing in Russia, it has successfully showed the viewers in different countries.

First, in our country only translated American transmission Fear Factor, and then there was a game of "fear Factor".

Tests given to participants are very complex. They have to lie in a bathtub with spiders, snakes, hard-boiled rat, bullseye, cow guts.

4. "Evening Urgant" (Jimmy Kimmel live)

Transfer "Evening Urgant" copied from an American TV show Jimmy Kimmel. Same as a lot: the Studio, the manner of communication and even furniture that uses leading. Jimmy Kimmel has a great sense of humor. He spent two years in a row led the ceremony "Oscar".

A sense of humor Ivan Urgant can also be called the unsurpassed. In his TV show discusses various current events, characters, new music and much more.

3. "Who wants to be a millionaire" (Who wants to be a millionaire)

In both the shows, the participants must give the correct answers to the questions that are asked are leading. Players have to choose one answer from several. During the game you can use different tips, but their number is limited.

Now the participant can receive several million rubles (previously only been available in one million). In 1999, the Russian TV show was called "O lucky man!" and went on NTV channel. Then the show was already broadcast on the First channel.

2. "Svoya igra" (Jeopardy!)

"Jeopardy!" (Jeopardy!) – a popular American game show, which first aired in the 60-ies. Its the Russian analogue of the show "jeopardy", which leads Peter Kuleshov. Have

the traders have to answer various questions. If the answer is correct, the specified amount goes to the player's account. If the answer is incorrect, the participant loses points. The winner is the one who will score the most points.

1. Pole chudes (Wheel of fortune)

"Wheel of fortune" (Wheel of Fortune) is a popular foreign show, which began airing in the 70-ies. "Field of dreams", the Russian analogue of the American TV show came much later – in the early 90-ies.

The presenter thinks of a word and the players guess it, gradually revealing the letters. The players twist large drum, which is divided into several sectors: the chance to get your car key, broke, prize, and so on. In the American television show players accumulate money, and in the Russian glasses.

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