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10 fatal mistakes in a conversation with a guy or girl


Without communication on the Internet is difficult to imagine the modern world. We communicate, post photos, share experiences – and it all happens in social networks. People increasingly prefer instant messaging than call or meet in reality.

But the cases are different – sometimes in a social network we meet people who we like, and with whom will want to meet in life. That's only if you make a mistake, the meeting may never take place.

In this article you will learn about the most common mistakes that many people do in a conversation with a boy or girl.

10 fatal mistakes in a conversation with a guy or girl

10. The writing style

The content and style of writing shows us how important and interesting people. If you write plain: "How are you?" the man whom I met yesterday, make grammatical errors, worse, use profanity or vulgarity you allow yourself know that people will automatically conclude that you are not interested, and write just to take their time.

Also abbreviated, slang words and smiles are not recommended for use in correspondence with the person you just met – he will take you for a frivolous and narrow-minded.

9. Expressing

What would you think if the person with whom you had little contact, and I never met in life, would admit you in love? Most likely, you would have taken him for irresponsible and reckless person.

What you want to achieve people recognition? Most probably naively believes that they will reciprocate, but the recognition can only spoil relations, which are gradually emerging.

Of course, it all depends on what kind of person you are dealing... If he needs love, he may not be against the recognition, but a serious person can get scared and disappear.

8. A lot of messages

Many girls and guys make one total error – messages bombard any person. Of course, when we like someone, we want to know what happens to this man if he's okay etc, but don't forget – it can be their business, problems, personal life.

When you fill a person's messages, he feels uncomfortable, besides, it begins to irritate the attention. Communication should be equal, no need to overdo it.

Even worse – some people believe that the right to Express grievances or to put pressure on the pity... it is not to be done, otherwise your communication with a man will end soon.

7. Creating discomfort

What is the discomfort? As mentioned above – in a large number of messages in creating this atmosphere, as if you are constantly waiting for the response, in a predictable content of the message, like: "How are you?"

Don't forget that you communicate with the person you like... and if you want to be closer to him, then you will have to include all their imagination – say with a person like you've known and are close otzerkalivat his mood (it is felt in the messages), show that you expect nothing and you have your own life.

Can you send a man a photo of the ride and write, for example: "Today I almost flew away!" People need to understand that you have your own life, and that he has a chance to be a part of it. Do not press and do not ask.

6. Usage tips

Sometimes guys and girls resort to the advice of others about how we need to correspond with a man to keep him interested. You can read about some common things, but those things that you can apply to one, can be a error in correspondence with another.

Everyone is different, and it is a mistake to assume that all girls love the caring and tenderness. If she is not interested in you, your caring messages and wishing you a good night before you sleep will cause it is only discomfort, because she can't say the same.

It is important to understand what a person with whom you are communicating – what he likes, appreciates, etc. This will help to avoid mistakes.

5. The desire to please

Some believe that sympathetic interest is only one way – talking about their Hobbies, career, success, etc... People start to boast, to paint all their best qualities, but a man that, most likely, will write in response a couple of "dry" lines.

The reality is that your merits and good qualities do not need anyone except you (maybe even your parents).

Sometimes the good guys wonder: "Why she chose him, because he is a bully and unemployed?!" The thing is that this bully is not boring, he doesn't write out a list of their merits and do what he wants. He has no rules and girls feel guys free and easy.

Unpredictability is always interesting. You should not try to please everyone, and it is better to be interested in like a man.

4. The high importance

If he or she knows that you are constantly sitting at the computer screen waiting for a response is very bad. We all like attention, but when it increased and people expect something from us – we become uncomfortable and want to stop to chat with a man who is obsessed with us.

Remember, what attracts you to people? Some uncertainty, mystery... You have come to disappear. And do not need every time to tell everything – it will be quite a few suggestions and a certain vagueness in the words of...

Send a message and forget about it – you don't have to answer, you have your own life – don't focus on the other person. And never think that you don't like is the thinking of losers.

3. To be always available

The person you are communicating with can write you a message whenever you want? Sometimes silent, you are always available and ready to talk? This is a big mistake. As if you were not an interesting person, you don't have to show that your interest is more.

Don't leave man, if he is bad and he wants to talk, but if he decided to talk to you about something just nothing to do, say I need to go."

He must know that an interesting and expensive, but you are not willing to waste my time on meaningless conversations only with him, and you also have your case.

2. Response to the silence

If you came to his page in the social network and found no answer to my messages, although I see that people in the network – do not rush to write him. Of course, everyone wants to get a response from any man, but your harassment and surveillance will only aggravate the situation.

Everyone wants to feel the lightness, the ease, and if you write: "Why won't you answer me?" "Why are you silent?" "Are you even here?" then the person will not feel anything other than irritation.

The obsession is always angry and makes you want to distance yourself. Better not to write anything, wait for a reply. If the answer is no, try to write, but do it later.

1. Inadequate status, affectivity

In the heat of passion a person can make a mistake – many girls write nasty statuses like: "Not yours – so you can get mad," "I am woman, I mean goddess," etc. Plus mixed with photographs in which the girl tries to show its beauty and to emphasize that loses the guy.

Such antics only cause one thing – never chat with a girl. The problem is that man focuses on his person, while the need to communicate with any person, to know him, to be interested, and gradually to understand what it is you truly love.

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