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10 photos-fakes that believe the entire Internet


"Oh, do not deceive me hard!.. I delude myself happy!" these are the lines of the famous poet. But he, in his poem spoke of love, and here we are talking about fakes, which is currently set.

To falsify, to issue one after another to commit forgery. In some way, while manipulating the good feelings of the viewer, his ignorance of the substance of the question, laziness.

Importantly, despite these fotomodelki smile. Many of them are embodied in the reality of brilliant ideas.

There are various kinds of fakes: clothing, appliances, perfume production, modern Chinese IPhones – a sign of the present time. What to take what not to take.

10. The guy masterfully mixes rice

European cold by what he saw. This number of rice varieties basmati can dream, even for the New year. And the fact that the grain separated from the seed, shimmers and does not look like rice porridge – not just survive.

European Housewives know how to cook side dishes of rice in packages, reminiscent of the plastic mass as the appearance and taste. Additionally admire the fact that the boy, not athletic, smartly mixes a waterfall of rice in a wok.

Turned out to be that the audience is the sculpture. Moreover. It's not a rare work of art. You can buy in the store, which sells fake food and dishes. Systematically losing weight. people would rate the hike to a store.

9. The rainforest in 10 years

The two photographs. On the same century-old trees, lush tropical greenery. And deep into and in breadth, warm, rainy run. Mysterious rocking chic crowns. The second is Heath. Not a blade of grass. No twigs. No tiny undergrowth.

But in fact before us is one picture, which shows deforestation of the tropical rainforest in Malaysia. It's simple and scary. Primitive trees are destroyed to expand the plantation of oil palm.

8. Graffiti, which can be seen only in the water

If you look at this picture, it is easy to stand. So striking mirror images. The opinion of the storyteller. But the fact that it is processed in the graphic editor, is not immediately clear.

Real house, a real master of street art. So talented his intention that the audience took it as really existing.

7. Young deer and lynx found in the office under the table

The tiny cubs with tremendous eyes, snuggled up to each other. The predator pressed a little fear to the deer. Heartbreaking helplessness of these creatures, clearly without parental care.

In real life the picture was taken in 2009 during forest fires. Rescuers, having no enclosures, brought animals to the office. Since then, the the live their separate lives, appearing every time when there's the threat of forest fires.

6. New year in Paris

To see and experience this miracle of light, of colors, of involvement in the story – no money sorry. To be in the New year in Paris! Dizzy dance of thoughts and desires. Well, let the fireworks in the same plane. Well, let fake. Those who will be in the New year in Paris will not be disappointed. This city will win!

5. The dog sleeps on the grave of his master for 7 years

The loyalty of dogs is amazing. Looking at this a ball of wool, moistened look. With jealousy look at their Pets and know that they sell for the sausage. Yes toli toli no. Life will show. And the fact that the movie is already another dog, as it is not very touching.

4. "A typical day in Russia"

The face of the urbanization process – the process of enhancing the role of cities, urban relations in the development of society. This historical process has reached the Arctic. The first brave souls mastered the public transport. Quite brave and confident.

In fact, in the costume of a polar bear Greenpeace activists. This bear loose in Europe in the framework of the campaign "Protect the Arctic". Oil production and unregulated fishing destroys another corner of the globe.

3. Frozen to the pipe goose warm under the wing of the freezing puppy

Shivering from the cold goose. A four-legged woolen grelecki. A wonderful Christmas tale that makes sense is to tell the kiddies at night.

Was she really – is unknown. Dated this story is 2017. Comes alive in social networks for two years. As the stars of the little Prince: "if they are lit, it means someone needs it."

2. Worker destroyed his boss Mercedes due to the fact that he was not paid a salary for several months

Drama on the screen include the audience in the dashing 90-ies. Against the background of social stratification and inaction of law enforcement things happen like that. And before that, in the film "Once in America" press them not only technology but also people.

The story described in the video happens at all times, in prosperous Switzerland. The insurance company advertises its activities. Interesting is the fact that before the shooting machine with the engine removed. That's the point of thrift is admirable.

1. A mountain in the shape of the head of a turtle

This year, my photo appeared. Where no foot of man with a camera. Neither give nor take – the Sannikov Land. Whether it is the growing stone, but already covered with vegetation, and thus live. Real geographical mystery of nature. And when it became clear that this is a brilliant combination of two photos. Somehow relieved. It's a shame to live and not record such a miracle on their own.

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