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10 grown-up sons of the legendary Russian rock stars


All know the names of their parents. This is a popular Russian rock stars are the idols of millions. It is believed that talent can't be inherited, however, this is not always true. Some children of famous rock artists proved that they themselves can achieve a lot in life.

So, consider doing what grown-up sons of Russian stars.

10. Pavel Galanin

Paul, the son of Sergey Galanin from the group "Earring", became a famous rock artist. He is much closer to the artist's way. Some time ago, Paul organized his first exhibition, which presented portraits of famous people, created in the style of pop art.

The young artist has created a large number of paintings. They depict a variety of celebrities: Bono, Vladimir Vysotsky, Viktor Tsoi and many others. Paul drew and his father-a musician.

The painting was very original and professional. He didn't hide his pride for his son. Promotion of a young man no one in life: success he has achieved entirely in-house.

9. Apollo Cords

The son of Apollo was born to Sergei Shnurov by his second wife, Svetlana Kostitsyna. The boy was named in honor of Apollo Grigoriev, famous Russian poet.

His son was always precocious smart celebrated by teachers. He loved to study the Sciences, English. The second name of Apollo Paul.

My son Sergei has their own unique style, but his fans say that he looks very similar to his father. Apollo Cords more modest than his star father: he is indifferent to alcohol, are not particularly fond of profanity. A young man of very good draws and dreams of becoming an artist. He also likes to travel.

8. Alexander Kipelov

Alexander went to the father's love for music: he plays the cello. Killswitch engage-younger successfully graduated from the Gnessin school. The young man pays the music at least 5 hours a day. His Hobbies are drawing and collecting various Russian folk instruments.

Alexander Kipelov spends a lot of time with his father, they have a very warm relationship. They share books, go to various exhibitions. Valery does not impose son's love for rock music and strongly supports his penchant for the classics.

7. Gleb Samoilov

Gleb Samoilov was married several times, he had many novels, but the child of a musician with only one. Son same name as father Gleb. He was born in 1996, his mother was the first wife of the star. The couple quickly dispersed, and Gleb raised by a single mom.

The young man professionally engaged in rock music. He managed to avoid the "star disease". My father is convinced that Hleb is a very talented musician, and he will succeed to achieve great success in their chosen field. Critics believe that the boy will have to devote a lot of time on self-development, not to be in the shadow of his famous father.

6. Igor Lagutenko

Ilya Lagutenko had two wives. The first wife, Elena Trajkovska bore him his son Igor. At school the boy was involved in Rugby, and then began to coach other players. Igor interesting and the music industry: he is engaged in producing.

The son of Ilya Lagutenko lives in London. The musician is very proud of it, and notes that does not give him any advice because his child no problem getting their own. Igor is engaged in the promotion of the group "Mumiy Troll" in the UK.

5. Peter Shevchuk

Peter is the son of Yuri Shevchuk from the first wife, who after a divorce that was brought up independently. He inherited the love of the father to the music industry, but most of all loves techno, not rock. Making music, Peter for quite a long time used various pseudonyms: for example, DJ Pete.

He is a freelancer, engaged in the layout of sites and programming. The education of Peter can be called the military. Yuri is very proud that his son was in the cadet corps and served in the Baltic the marine corps.

4. Gleb Grebenshchikov

Boris Grebenshchikov says that he is "the mythical father" because very rarely in contact with their children. However, a celebrity claimed to love her offspring, is just for them rather than mentor, and friend. Grebenshchikov second wife bore him a son, Gleb. The boy's parents divorced when he was three years old.

The mother of Gleb went through very difficult divorce and began abusing alcohol. The child was left in the lurch. The boy began to do poorly in school, use drugs.

Boris long remembered about the baby, but helped him when he was unable to enroll in any higher education institution. Now Gleb quite often in contact with his father and shares his interest in music.

3. Alexander Choi

Alexander Choi is a composer, designer, musician and a very creative person. It is quite long concealed his relationship with the famous Viktor Tsoi. The father died when the boy was only five years old. Alexander had kept it just because I was afraid of constant comparisons with Victor. He took an important part of his biography only after 30 years.

Alexander has a lot of interests. He organized concert tours for foreign musicians, programming, learning foreign languages, and many others. Now the son of Victor Tsoi focused on the music industry. Some time ago he released a mini-album.

2. Alexander Korolev

Son Garik Sukachev starred in several films. At first, he thought about how to continue to be an actor, but then became interested in the work of the Director and the operator.

Alexander went to Alexander Mitta Film school and the American Institute of arts. A few years ago he directed his first short film called "Forgotten". She received the prize at the competition of short films.

1. Ivan Makarevich

Mother of Ivan became the second wife of Andrei Makarevich. He looks very much like his father. After the birth of Ivan the couple separated, but Andrew never disappeared from the life of the boy. Ivan decided to become an actor: he studied at the Moscow art theatre, and then in GITIS. The young man played in the film "shadow Boxing", "Team", "house of the sun".

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