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10 overrated Russian actors


Russian cinema has long been accepted blame and praise deserve individual films that are the exception to the rule.

First and foremost, always criticized 3 things: the script, Directors and actors, the latter usually gets the least.

Despite the overtly bad acting and a bad choice of role many actors are still in demand and regularly flashed in the new paintings. Gradually they become so popular that they called "the best" and "hope of Russian cinema", though in fact it is not so.

Today we will discuss top ten actors, their talent is clearly overrated.

10. Paulina Andreeva

Lover and Muse of Fyodor Bondarchuk actor's education received in the school-Studio MAAT, and later even took to the Moscow theatre named after Chekhov. This suggests that Paulina is not taught, worked with her experienced teachers of acting, but many viewers believe it to work.

Pretty good showing himself in the series "the Thaw", she later works became less convincing, especially against more talented colleagues. The series "Method", in which Andreev played together with Konstantin Khabensky, is considered one of the best domestic products over the last 20 years (in the autumn, by the way, will the second season) and the only thing the show criticize it just for the character Paulina Andreeva.

9. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

The actress, in 2006 received the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation, during his career he starred in dozens of films and TV series in quite diverse roles.

Among her works you can find typical romance, and Comedy, and even fighters, but none of the image has not helped her get out of the role of the nanny Wiki from the acclaimed sitcom "My fair nanny". All have long accepted the fact that this role is the ceiling for Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, above which she will not jump.

8. Alexander Petrov

Perhaps the most popular actor in contemporary Russian cinema at first glance, has solid advantages: charismatic, bright, energetic.

The problem is that he became a hostage of its energy, has created him a certain way in which it is stuck. "Police with the ruble," "the Law of the stone jungle", "Attraction" everywhere Petrov are exactly the same. This, incidentally, noted in an interview and Yuri Dude, but the actor disagreed with the arguments of the journalist.

According to him, he plays completely different characters with different personalities and motivations. That may be so, but to the average viewer this is not visible, but clearly visible, the same intonation, facial expressions, gestures, signature Mat, etc.

7. Marina Aleksandrova

Why trust her the role of historical characters like Catherine II or actress Valentina Sedova this is a question that has plagued many viewers. According to most critics, Marina Aleksandrovna "does not pull" such work, which is why suffering is a good movie.

Nonetheless, in its 36 years, it remains popular (not least by marriage with the Director of the First channel Andrey Boltenko), although growth in the professional aspect behind it have not noticed.

6. Marat Basharov

The situation with Marat Basharov controversial, as his talent cannot be denied. Everybody remembers his early roles in the movie "Voroshilov sharpshooter" or "Border. Taiga novel", which even at desire it is difficult to find fault.

The problem is that in recent years he's actor became a broadcaster, and he leads a questionable transmission (that only is "battle of the psychics").

Accusations of beating his wife and regularly lies to the interview also did not go in his favor, so we can safely say that now it is her little left.

5. Alexandra Bortech

The actress with Belarusian roots only 24 years, but on account of its more than a dozen roles. Every year she does at least 5 paintings that despite the commercial success of great artistic value are not.

"Police with the ruble" (where she plays the sister of the hero of Alexander Petrov), "I lose weight", "Mistress" is fun, but certainly not the ultimate dream.

It is noteworthy that the Bortech no actor's education: she tried to arrive in theatrical Institute, but could not pass competitive selection. She is often criticized not only from the audience but also from colleagues in the profession, as not everyone likes self-taught, which snapped.

4. Dmitry Dyuzhev

Became famous after starring in "the Brigade" and securing the success of the movie "Zhmurki", Dyuzhev after that I put a lot of effort to get out of the way of the bandit, but it had not happened. On

n tried and comedic images to try on, and drama everywhere he or something was missing, or, on the contrary, he was clearly outplayed. If shooting the sequel to "Burnt by the sun" he can still be forgiven, then "Pregnant" put a stain on his career and reputation.

3. Liza Boyarskaya

Except for the role of Anna Karenina, the career of Elizabeth Boyar is a string of the same characters, changing only the clothes and background. Reacting to the drama unconvincing and clumsily trying to joke, she just buries itself deeper, that does not prevent her to remain popular and regularly removed.

One gets the impression that Russian Directors are more important than recognition of the actor than his ability to play.

2. Danila Kozlovsky

And again the same problem as most of the heroes of our collections monotony. Valery Kharlamov of "Legend №17" and Maxim Andreev from "soulless" turned out to be great characters, but the merit is not Kozlovsky, and the high quality of the films themselves.

However, now he is almost the face of our cinema, even so he was invited to play abroad, he appeared in "the Vikings" (talking about the TV series from History) and "Mcmafia" from BBC and AMC.

1. Svetlana Khodchenkova

See our, Russian actress along with Hugh Jackman in the album "the Wolverine" that was cool, but a little sad. Khodchenkova got an interesting character, which eventually turned out "nothing" just her fault. Could see how pale she looks against the rest, as if not understanding what she want to do.

It is unknown if she can break into Hollywood, but it remains one of the most popular.

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