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10 ideas on how to take pictures of the manicure


To photograph nails lately I love everything. Are you after the freshest manicure or building want to show "new" friends.

Or maybe just like the composition with the macro shots of the nails, because now the plate paint a truly unique picture in different techniques.

Or are you a professional master capacity, which need to be regularly updated portfolio to attract potential clients.

In any case, in all these situations, the skill of the photographer not hurt. The quality of the picture and the composition itself, as well as a number of details will depend on the popularity of an idea.

Let's look at 10 interesting ways to nicely and correctly photograph a fresh manicure.

10. The attributes in the frame

We do not recommend you to take pictures hands, as did a couple of years ago – just fingers crossed for beautiful cloth. Now in the trend subject survey – some dishes or delicious mouth-watering dish next to a neat feminine handle.

To fill the frame meaning it is very easy if to photograph a new manicure on juicy fruit (Apple, papaya, grapes, etc.), or by the Cup with a nice cappuccino.

Elegant look of women's hands, which shifts the love letters or the collecting herbarium. Ideally, if the object is to match the colours with nail Polish. Remember that the background shouldn't be fussy.

9. Set the direction

Have you noticed that most quilters take pictures of the brush folded on a horizontal surface? So, fingers, and with them a new manicure look a little "sad".

Marigolds should also be cause for optimism, so it is important to apply a psychological technique is to keep your hands above the surface with slightly elevated thumbs up.

Or, you can put your hand to the wall diagonally – so the blood will leak from your fingers, your skin will look brighter and younger.

But the brush resting on some object (like a lamp for sushi) give bent a vein that looks uncomfortable in the frame.

8. How about crossing

Crossing elegant nails for beautiful the background is, as we mentioned, the style of yesteryear. However, all new – well forgotten old. The idea is to cross hands remains relevant, if the frame does not just fingers but of the hand and wrist.

They must remain relaxed so that blood does not stagnate and the skin had acquired a healthy color. If the frame will remain and elbow that picture will look more fresh, stylish and interesting. The emphasis with "delicious" nail Polish is not lost, you can be sure.

7. Palette in hand

New trend fashion in the photo is the adherence to a single color scheme of the key accents. You can add a photo of the hands with a manicure any items in an appropriate range of shades.

But much more interesting is to use the color palette that prevails on the manicure. It can be represented in the form of brush strokes on the canvas, or fingers to hold a nail.

Believe me, this idea will look visually "yummy" and will surely increase the number of subscribers to your workgroup.

6. Hand-face

This time we are not talking about a funny meme that was popular a few years ago. In fact, photos of your face and manicure in the frame look very feminine, gentle and harmonious.

Of course, when on the background of a smooth cheek girl showing vulgar and sharp nails purple color, then composition will not work. But if you gently put a hand in a thoughtful pose to the chin or cheek, barely touching skin, nails, photography will artistically attractive.

You can crop this picture until then, until you need interesting still life with emphasis on the technique of manicure.

5. Macro

In the world of modern technology people have started to respect macro photography, close-UPS and strict minimalism. At the end of it all, if you sell the manicure, it should play a key role in your composition.

Can remove all the unnecessary items, clothes, backgrounds and other things, and just take big in the frame neat manicured nail plate.

Take care to avoid even the slightest burrs or bruises – at the macro, these little things will be evident. Also do not abuse uhodom oil for cuticles, which can shift the focus from the pattern on its glossy sheen.

4. Small handbag

Thought the pictures of nails on the background of the bags are gone? Whatever. Stylish women's accessory always save the situation.

Apply well-groomed hand on the small sparkly clutch bags, surely keep urban backpack or business briefcase.

So the frame will look the most natural and naturally – women's oasis in the bustle of the city. Palm it is necessary to put one on the other, thus straightening the fingers and the bag to hold in front of him.

3. Plexus fingers

Looks very elegant manicure on intertwined fingers. They can cross in the form of "Christmas trees" or "basket", just remember that the fingers should always be "optimistic" to look up. With the great look photos as-shot, and macro.

That's only if you have owner a new manicure short and plump fingers, then such a composition is better not to do. Fingers like "sausages" will shift the whole emphasis of manicure on myself, unfortunately. But "the pianist" with long and thin phalanges – an ideal model for demonstrating new types of manicure.

2. Background solves all

Even no need to remind you how important the role composition plays the correct background. Chosen should be not only colors but also halftones, the level of light and tides.

And how great the stresses manicure stylish texture and texture? This can be a space or metal style, maybe delicate lace or exquisite wood. Unleash your imagination, but don't forget about taste and fashion trends.

1. In their environment

Always original will be photos with scrap materials, so to speak, in the working environment. But this does not mean that you need to use the "cliches" and capture the hand on the lamp to dry.

Experiment! Scatter crystals or pieces of foil that are used in manicure and pedicure, and put your hands in this "trash." Twirl in graceful fingers cute colorful buff or nail file.

Beautiful manicure – this is a great work and quality work. But a beautiful photo of this manicure is more talent aesthete! Improve and develop, that will expand your audience, whether subscribers or potential customers.

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