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10 ways to make a man happy


When the relationship just starts, people have to do to be together. They enjoy each fleeting meeting, ready to talk for hours on the phone, constantly exchanging messages.

Time passes, the emotions subside. In relationships there are fewer places for romance. If the partners still love each other and want to be together, you will have to work on relationships. After all, if this is not done, sooner or later will start quarrels, scandals, and there to of separation not far.

If you notice that your relationship is changing not for the better, try to fix it. First remember when the last time you gave happiness to the man?

When a woman gets used to the partner, desire to please, she disappears. She begins to think that she should. A man must provide for his family, plant a tree, build a house ...

That's just not the sturdy and reliable rear, it is unlikely that anything will happen. Make your man happy and he'll tell you the same. In the relationship again appears in the romance. If you don't know how to please a loved one, read our article. Below are the top 10 ways to make a man happy.

10. Appreciate

Unfortunately, not one woman realized that her husband is a fine man, too late. He asked for a divorce or gone to another. Do not look for in her man disadvantages, they have all you have including.

Be thankful for what she has sent you a mutual love. Do you have a favorite person, you can build a family, maybe you already have children, shared the house.

Surely among your friends is a single woman. She is well-groomed, good looking, but men are not lucky. Would you like the same fate for themselves? Appreciate his choice, thank him for all he does for you.

9. Indulge

Of course, you can tell that the man is not a child and not worth it to indulge. This opinion is shared by many women, they are afraid that the partner will get used to it and "sit on their necks". Fear not, if you are a real man this will not happen.

Buy your husband a small gift or tickets to a movie, put in his pocket a note in the bag, a small chocolate or his favorite fruit. You may this advice may seem ridiculous, but the man will be very happy.

All people are pleasant signs of attention, so why not occasionally indulge your husband? Importantly do everything from the heart and don't wait for the return of surprises. Many men just can't do that.

8. Give him his freedom

If you think that your chosen one does not need personal space, you are mistaken. Don't limit his freedom. If Friday night he plans to spend with friends, do not be offended. Do you have a girlfriend, this is a great opportunity to meet with them. No need to constantly monitor your partner.

He is no longer a child and makes decisions. Instead of looking for the chosen one, heat it of interest to the person.

Often leave the house, communicate with people, attend a variety of events. But, when you meet again, you will have many new things to talk about. You will not be able to make a man happy if you limit his freedom.

7. Don't forget about the support

Perhaps this advice is too trivial, but every man needs support. He will not be happy if the woman dissatisfied with his work or Hobbies. Before to show discontent, remember that once you are all satisfied.

Do not be jealous of her husband to work, try not to cut it if he keeps. He works to provide for his family, it is your job to support him.

In fact, many men have achieved the heights only because of their wives. You probably also heard the truth: "Behind every successful man stands a strong woman".

6. Communicate with his friends

Even if the friends you really like, try to find a common language with them. Do not force the elect to choose between love and friendship.

Do your best to make friends with them. There are many stories where couples have separated for this reason. Perhaps your partner is also not enthusiastic about your girlfriends.

Do not discuss friends husband, don't criticize them. Better enjoy their favorite, invite his friends for dinner. Your chosen one will be very pleased and you will have the opportunity to know them.

5. Organize a little trip

A change of scenery has a positive effect on relationships. You don't have to go abroad or at sea. Organize a trip to a nearby town, camping in the woods. A lot of options.

Man will be glad, especially if he is overloaded with work and not allow himself to relax. By the way, having children is not a hindrance. Of course, if the child is very small to go anywhere is problematic, but it will not always be so.

Try as often as possible to get out of the house, walk around town, go to the movies, get new emotions and impressions. It will bring joy not only to your husband but for you as well.

4. Make him compliments

People think that complimenting women only. This is not so. Every man wants to hear words of encouragement. Admit it, you do not often say to my husband things like that.

Here only compliments a man's gotta to do with the mind. It is foolish to praise his appearance, or be confined to standard phrases such as: "You're done". Thank him for things, but don't overdo it. Otherwise, your praise will not bring man any joy.

3. Cook it

Men and women have different attitude to food. If a woman is unlikely to be happy with a homemade pizza, or a delicious steak (of course, if she's not on a diet), men delicious food will cause wild delight.

If you regularly cook lunch and dinner, you can surprise the partner with something unusual or his favourite festive dish. If you rarely approach the stove, your man will be happy even scrambled eggs.

Remember, men are wired a little differently for them, tasty and fresh food is a manifestation of care and respect. Don't be lazy and not make excuses for the fact that cooking is not your thing, cook for a loved one is very nice. And when you see in the eyes of her lover delight you'll want again and again to please his culinary delights.

2. Write to him

Earlier in the day you wrote each other a million SMS, now the situation has changed. Probably the maximum you can write to her husband: "Buy bread." Surprise him, write him a playful message. Flirt with him.

Of course, it all depends on the nature of your men and his upbringing, and also areas. Someone will please the phrase: "How are you?", and someone will come to the delight of erotic photography.

Again, if the husband has a serious and stressful job, risk your charm is the last thing he thinks about during the day. If the man does not answer her TEXTS, don't make him scandal. Maybe he's busy all the time.

1. Pay attention to their appearance

Your husband will feel happy, if there will always be well-groomed woman. Do not think that your appearance has ceased to worry him.

Even if the feeling isn't what it was before, your husband is not blind. He won't like, if you cease to care for themselves. Exercise, watch for skin and hair, dress up.

My husband will be proud of you. Try to look good not only on people but also at home. Please husband its beauty, give him happiness, and he will never exchange you for another woman.

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