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Top 10 most expensive computers in the world


In recent years, a technique is updated with unusual speed. New items are coming one after another. Characteristics of computers improves, the options increase. Consequently, the price is not in place. In this article we have tried to answer the question "What are the most expensive computers in the world?". Because modern machines are capable to perform thousands of operations per minute. Doing manually what is done by modern computers, the person would be required not one ten years. Therefore, scientists have invented a super-intelligent and powerful computers. So, here are the TOP 10 of these monsters.

10. IBM Roadrunner. US $ 100 million

Computer created specifically for the laboratory at Los Alamos in new Mexico. First launched in 2008. Developers are counting on maximum performance of 1.7 petaflops.. But in may 2008 he achieved the result of 1.03 petaflops., becoming the first in the world Linpack machine, which reached this mark. Six months later, the machine achieved a performance of nearly 1.5 petaflops..

"Roadrunner" in 2008 was in 4th place in the list of the most energy efficient in the world of computers. Worked for only five years, and in April 2013 was replaced by a smaller size and top Energozashita supercomputer "Cielo". And road runner began to count the nuclear Arsenal of the United States. One of the most expensive computers in the world.

9. Vulcan BlueGene. The US $ 130 million

A huge computer system that consists of 24 racks. Developed by "IBM" commissioned by the U.S. Department of energy. Located in the state of California in Livermore. Developing the best performance in five petaflops., today is the ninth speed computer in the world and ninth in the list of most expensive supercars in the world.

For the first time earned in 2013. Using this machine, scientists from the Lawrence Livermore laboratories are conducting research in the field of biology, physics, and fluid mechanics. The national nuclear security administration also periodically uses it for their own purposes.

8. SuperMUC. Germany $ 111 million

Today, this expensive machine is on the 14th place among the fastest computers in the world. A couple of years ago, he was on four lines higher in the list, but given the pace at which technology is developing in the world, the computer did not keep their positions. At Home the car is kept in second place. (The first JUQUENNE — eighth supercomputer in the world by speed). Find "SuperMUC" at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Leibniz.

Maximum capacity of this machine is equal to 3 petaflops. It is noteworthy that the German computer processors, of which there are 19000, cooled by hot water. This method saves nearly half of electricity consumed.

The range of the "SuperMUC" includes medicine, fluid dynamics, simulation of earthquakes and more.

7. Trinity. USA174 million dollars

Taking into account what purpose you will use this computer, you can expect a great price. But, with the advent of more modern technologies, production costs have been reduced. Therefore, only the seventh place in the top most expensive computers. The aim of the "Trinity" — to maintain safety, order and effectiveness of US nuclear weapons.

Joint creation of Sandia and Los Alamos laboratories are still not in operation. But if the supercar run, it will launch nuclear missiles during a military conflict.

6. Sequoia BlueGene. The US $ 250 million

Developed by order of the National authority for nuclear safety. Earned in 2012 in the Academy named after Ernest Lawrence of the city of Livermore. Three years ago was considered the fastest computer in the world. Today is located the third speed and the sixth in the ranking of most expensive computers. Maximum capacity is up to 20 petaflops..

At the moment, the purpose of the "Seqouia" — support record scientific applications. It is also used to study the human genome, climate, astronomy, and nuclear weapons.

5. ASC Purple and Bluegene/L. US $ 290 million

Two supplied machine. Ordered from IBM by the U.S. Department of energy. Earned in 2005 in the laboratory name of Ernest Lawrence. In 2010 decommissioned. Ten years ago, "ASC Purple" was in the list of top supercomputers 66th place. His neighbor in the symbiosis "Bluegene/L" was an older and slower model. The machine was created to simulate nuclear testing, forecasting, global warming, studied the relationship between the density of the atmosphere and its pollution. In 2005, experts estimate that the computing power of these two machines more than 500 best supercomputers 2002. But now 2015, so the machine is only fifth in the list of most expensive computers in the world.

4. Sieraa, Summit. USA

With these two computers America set out to regain the lost leadership in the field of computational speed supercars, as well as economy, security, technological progress. Commissioning is scheduled for 2017. "Sierra" gives 100 petaflops., while the "Summit" will come to the peak power 300 petaflops..

Computers will provide protection, efficiency and security of the nuclear program of the United States. Some of the world's most expensive cars. It is planned that the Summit will replace outdated computer "Titan" testing applications for various research in the field of science.

3. Tianhe-2. China's $ 390 million

It is the fastest computer in the world. In its creation was attended by more than 1,000 engineers and scientists. Developed in the computer center in Guangzhou. For two consecutive years ranked first in the TOP 500 world's top supercomputers. Developed at the request of the Chinese government and the Defense scientific and technical University.

"Tianhe-2" performs more than 33,000 trillion operations per second. For an hour he expects as much information as I could to make 1.3 billion people for 1000 years. The machine used for analysis and modeling applications of systems of government security. Third place in the top most expensive computers — another great achievement.

2. Earth Simulator. Japan $ 500 million

The project of creation of this computer was completed in 1997. He then was worth 60 billion yen. In terms of today's dollars is half a billion dollars.

The machine itself was completed by 2002. Developed for the aerospace exploration Agency of Japan, from 2002 to 2004 was the fastest computer in the world. In the beginning of the century it caused a lot of hype, but, as seen, to keep up with the progress he has failed. Machine has protection from earthquakes (in the form of rubber mounts), and lightning (protection in the form of a nest on the building).

1. Fujitsu K. Japan $ 1.2 billion

The leader of the rating. Even the Japanese computers and occupy the first two places in the top most expensive cars in the world in recent time in this Asian country is rapidly losing the lead. But still, the computer ranks fourth in world for speed. In 2011 reached the level of performance in petaflops. 11. Service "Fujitsu" costs in the amount of $ 10 million. To work it requires as much energy as they consume 10 000 private houses in Japan.

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