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10 celebrities affected by medical errors


Sad to say, but from medical errors is not none of us can be one hundred percent insured. No matter whether you appeal for help to recognized the sun somewhere in a private clinic or go to the district hospital for admission to an inexperienced therapist.

Of course, no need for individual cases to defame the whole health system or to consider all Russian doctors are not qualified enough, but if you experience health problems encourage you to be careful with the choice of a specialist and informed to make decisions regarding their health, rather than blindly to rely on a man in a white coat.

Many local celebrities on his have learned the hard way the consequences of the incompetence of doctors.

Submitted 10 celebrities who became a victim of medical errors.

10. Natalia Bardo

In the childhood Natalia was seriously involved in ballet, and during one of the classes she injured her knee. Many years later the old injury made itself felt.

Someone from acquaintances has advised to the girl to turn to the renowned Moscow specialist, who threw her a terrible diagnosis bone necrosis.

For three months, Natalia thought I would become disabled, handfuls eat calcium, and walked with a cane. In the end, her husband, sensing something was wrong, sent Natalia to the consultation clinic of Los Angeles. American doctors only laughed at the conclusion of the Russian colleagues.

It was found that Bardo had problems because of a shortage of body weight – the joints could not cope with the intense physical activity.

9. Larisa Dolina

This legend of the Russian scene are the victim of a medical error. The result of a failed trip to the dentist Valley had to cancel several concerts and a new year of shooting.

Who would have thought that the ordinary procedure in one of the prestigious Moscow clinic suddenly turn for the artist big nuisance.

The thing is that the dentist when you enter the anaesthetic substance in the jaw hit the vessel, causing the singer developed massive swelling of the face, which did not pass a few days.

The star was partially broken diction, with the result that she had to cancel a few gigs.

8. Tatiana Totmianina

Famous figure skater and wife of Alexei Yagudin, Tatiana Totmianina as a result of a medical error had four surgeries, which as it turned out she was absolutely not necessary.

The fact that one of the workouts the girl broke her leg. However, six months later, after the therapy she realized that the pain not only did not decrease, but become more and more intense.

In the end, Tatiana asked for help to German doctors who later said that all operations carried out earlier, only harmed her leg.

7. Julia Nachalova

Yulia Nachalova shortly before his tragic death he admitted that in the past increased the breast in the United States, and approached the singer to this matter with great thoroughness.

In the end, the operation was carried out in a known clinic where similar operations were performed many world stars. Julia, at first glance, successfully underwent surgery and for three months remained in the United States, where he regularly tested the doctors because I felt a little discomfort.

However, the local doctor assured her that this happens, and that all discomfort is just individual reaction of the body to surgical manipulation.

The result is Nachalova became ill on the plane: the singer temperature rose sharply, and she felt the pain in his chest. In the end it took her another plastic surgery. According to Julia, the doctors then cut off the excess.

6. Elena Presnyakov

This singer always looks great — stunning toned body and face, almost untouched by time. Such wealth can boast, not even her younger colleagues. However, as it turned out, the harmony of Presniakovas is the consequence of a medical error.

According to the singer, she's a few years ago I decided to put a few dental implants. Because of improperly performed dental procedures, and Helena still hurts to chew. As a result, she began to eat less and prefers to avoid solid food, from which, respectively, her weight kept on the same mark.

5. Olga Prokofieva

The star of the popular TV series My fair nanny has repeatedly confessed to reporters that he was sorry that his whole life could have only one child.

The fact that during pregnancy and childbirth, the actress had to endure a lot of negativity due to medical negligence or sheer incompetence.

Since then, her heart always remained with fear of childbirth, which prevented her to become the mother of many children, as she once dreamed.

4. Shura

It is no secret that the outrageous singer, whose hits in the 90s was the leading stitching all of the charts, had to endure a tough cancer.

As a result of chemotherapy, Alexander Medvedev (real name Shura) scored a few dozen extra pounds. To get rid of this cosmetic effect, he appealed for help to plastic surgeons.

In the end, after unsuccessfully conducted liposuction, the singer began to notice that the fat was disproportionately accumulate in the upper part of the body, which Alexander suffers to this day.

3. Maria

The star of the University, former state Duma Deputy and a mother still recalls with a shiver, as once in childhood she was operated on by mistake, confused with another patient.

The actress told reporters that as a teenager was in hospital with suspected appendicitis. The results of laboratory studies have not confirmed fears of doctors, but the operation Kozhevnikova was still held.

Maria said that early in the morning she got out of bed, took a shot and put him on the operating table. Actress to this day can not without the bitter memories of what she went through then. According to her, the operation was carried out by student interns, who confused her with another patient.

2. Kirill Andreev

In 17 years, the soloist Simons nearly lost his life due to medical errors. Then Kirill has a high fever, have a fever and delirium, however, the doctor diagnosed the young man with common colds.

Only the mother of the future star did not agree with the verdict are not competent medic and still achieved hospitalization.

As it turned out, the intuition did not fail her at Cyril revealed appendicitis, which needed emergency surgery.

1. Nikita Presnyakov

Son of Christina Orbakaite, Nikita Presnyakov, not so long ago was also the victim of a medical error. The thing is that the guy got a broken leg from skateboarding. Presnyakov turned to the emergency room, the doctors were unable to diagnose the fracture, and recommended the artist to him to use the ointment.

Two weeks later Nikita decided to do an MRI because his condition continued to deteriorate. It turned out that the Presnyakov split part of the ankle, and if not seek professional help, this story could have ended sadly. After that, Nikita is still three weeks had to move with crutches.

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