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10 challenging words in which you constantly double the wrong letter


There are words that make us doubt whether we wrote them, I was right there with the second letter? Our native Russian language is not so easy... Very easy to make the mistake of adding the extra letter.

Of course, it would reflect badly on the whole text, and even a small minor detail can ruin everything. To be known as a literate and educated person should once and for all to remember how to spell a particular word.

Of course, words in which we make mistakes a lot more than 10, but something does need to start! We will help you to memorize words, which often make mistakes.

10. Hallelujah

The word is spelled with two "l" in the beginning, but really want to put the second and at the end. Today this word can be heard in the songs. For example, in the cartoon "Shrek" song "Hallelujah" is soundtrack.

But do people understand the meaning of this word? Probably not many. Hallelujah means of prayer, the word, addressed to God, use it in Judaism.

Translated as "praise God", that is, it means the glorification of God. Now, the word is pronounced after successfully managed to close the case.

9. Battery

Well, I guess anyone who doesn't live somewhere in the woods, familiar with that word. Often the error can be seen on "Avito", in other cases, people do not have to use that word, if only sometimes in colloquial speech. For example: "You've got a battery?"

People forget that making the mistake in the word, selling the battery, this eliminates their chances to sell it. Although... it's possible that the buyer does not know how to spell that word, and the sale will be successful.

8. Art

Art is a popular word nowadays, used by those who are passionate about creative activities. Art is creativity, it has a lot of areas, its main principle is the realization of something beautiful and getting that aesthetic pleasure.

Art is a word that needs to learn every cultured man. No need to spend time to think (and it definitely spent many), but just remember – art is spelled with two "s" at the end.

7. Territory

If you want to abstract from the neighboring continent, and surrender to pleasure alone, say, "This is my territory". The perimeter is the part of the land, some fenced space to which entry is prohibited to outsiders.

So called, bounded by any limits. This word makes mistakes fewer people, but still do. To correctly write this word, you need to remember that the two "R" written at the beginning, not the end.

6. Discussion

If you want to go to any social network and chat about important topics for you, it would be appropriate to sound the word "discussion". It is used in cases when people decide to meet and discuss any issue – for example, to talk about the situation in the country, about the book, film, etc.

To argue means to listen to a reasoned opinion of his interlocutors, it is useful that people can hear different points of view, and on this basis to come to any conclusion. The word is spelled with two "s" at the end.

5. Terrace

"Our neighbours have such a lovely terrace!" – you hear, and did not want to present in this word the second "R", despite the fact that you know how to spell the word. It seems unnecessary, however according to the rules of the Russian language it is necessary to write.

If one searches the word "terrace", we can see that people ask the question: "How to write a word a terrace or terrace?" The word comes to us from French where it is spelled with two pairs of matching vowel – "terrasse", but to the Russian reached a double "R".

4. Immunodeficiency

The word is really difficult... And people sometimes make not even one mistake – for example, write it in the following versions: "immunodeficit", "immunodeficit," "immune deficiency, underwent" etc.

Do not be mistaken the next time the spelling of the word helps remembering the letter "m" is doubled "n" one, and then, if you correctly write the word "deficit" problems should not arise.

Immunodeficiency is a disease in which the immune system is not working properly. Hope you don't write this word because it is in truth difficult.

3. Asymmetry

A common error is the double "C", although the doubled "m". This word is used in different areas, and it is the opposite of "symmetry".

Skewness is deviation from accurate and smooth lines, the repeated curves, etc. Asymmetry symmetry is more complicated, because the second means straight lines: for example: a leaf of the tree is symmetrical, the Cabinet, the figure in the carpet, etc.

Asymmetry always arouses attention, for example, our arrangement of our internal organs are asymmetrically – heart is on the left and the liver on the right. The DNA molecule is asymmetric.

To learn how to spell this word, just remember that "symmetry" is spelled with two "m" and "asymmetry" is simply appended the letter "a".

2. Appeal

In law the word means the process of verifying the possibility to require a revision of the verdict. The word you want to put two "p", but how to write only one. But the "l" or two.

No matter how often you use this word to writing, you never know what will happen tomorrow, it might have... So it's best to remember how to spell it.

In addition to the rules of writing words, it's something else to remember: "appeal" means that it simply serves, and when something is added the preposition "to", for example: "appeal to..."

1. The birthday girl

Errors in this word, people make different, saying: "imeninnitsa", "imeninnitsa", etc. When your loved one birthday and you're already a little drunk, sitting at a Banquet table, saying: "My you birthday girl!" very easy to imagine in my mind the word errors.

Well, that word is usually not written in greeting cards, and smart birthday girl may be a little upset only: "happy birthday!"

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