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10 players with the lowest growth


If not to take into account the position of goalkeeper, there is a high growth for a football player is not important, although "small" players find it more difficult to fight for the ball. Another plus of the growth speed and maneuverability which helps players flank.

We decided to make a compilation of undersized players ranging from 170 cm and below, but only consider those who have achieved some success in his career.

You can find low guys somewhere in Saudi Arabia or China, but their names it is unlikely you will be familiar, but our heroes know many football fans.

10. Lionel Messi

Perhaps the greatest player in the history of childhood was frail: at age 11 he was diagnosed with abnormalities of the pituitary gland, causing it grew slower than their peers. Money for treatment his family was not, but the boy's talent was noticed by scouts of Barcelona, after which the club paid all expenses.

Grow Lionel managed just 170 centimeters, which for an attacking player is still not enough. However, this did not prevent him to beat almost all possible records in Laliga, the club and the Argentina national team, and forever inscribed his name in history.

9. Alexis Sanchez

The growth of this player is 169 centimeters, which is not so much sticks out, he does not play in the English Premier League, which is considered the most aggressive.

Because of the abundance of the struggle on the field undersized players there mostly do not survive, therefore, the case of Sanchez is a rarity. In the Italian Serie A, which is also famous for tall and physically strong defenders, pretty good manifests itself winger Napoli's dries Mertens, while the growth in the Belgian also only 169 see

8. Ngolo Kant

This Frenchman of Malian origin has a height of 168 cm, which is incredibly small for a holding midfielder, especially in the EPL. Because of the growth it was taken in the children's Academy (some of it was refused), so to adulthood he trained with Amateurs.

Real football phenomenon manifested itself during the championship season, "Lester", and now works miracles in the Chelsea and France, which helped to become world Champions at the last world Cup.

From stars of the past with a similar increase can not remember Roberto Carlos's left foot which terrified the defenders all over the world. His incredible speed and even more incredible cannon shot will forever remain in the hearts of football fans.

7. Mathieu Valbuena

The French midfielder, the best years of his career which occurred in the performances for Marseille, and increased to 167 see In France, where not so much physical fighting, he managed to show themselves, and many believed that in another League he'd have never made it.

However, subsequent performances for Dynamo Moscow and Istanbul Fenerbahce (where he plays now) have proven that a talented player can play anywhere and with any growth. For his team he played more than 50 games, although was not called nor in youth, nor in a children's team, entering in the adult.

6. Marcelo Diaz

The Chilean midfielder, though not become a world star, but still have shown themselves worthy during the game for the Swiss "Basel", the German "Hamburg" and the Spanish "Salto".

The greatest success he has achieved in the national team, which was the main two victory for Chile Confederations Cup, where his team was left out of work star Argentina with Messi at the head. Remember the tears of the Argentine after the defeat in the final? Marcelo Diaz is one of the reasons. The growth of Marcelo 166 see

5. Marco Verratti

The growth of this Italian is only 165 cm, but despite this it is not lost on the field playing in the center. Thanks to his high football intelligence he has earned comparisons with Andrea Pirlo, who, by the way, is the idol of Verratti.

Midfielder "PSG" for many years interested clubs from other top leagues, but Marco has not yet decided on the transition. Given that he's only 26 years old, have all chances to see him in the shirt of another team. The most great player with the height of 165 cm was Argentinian Diego Armando Maradona.

4. Sebastian Giovinco

Italian with the growth of 164 cm the best years of his career spent in the middle "Parma", but in the top "Juventus" to gain a foothold failed. For his small stature and high speed fans have nicknamed the atomic ant, the player was amused, but not offended.

In 2015 after a disappointing season in the "zebras", he joined the U.S. Toronto, becoming one of the highest paid players in the League, with a salary of $ 10 million per season. Successfully having played there for 3 years, he went to play in Saudi Arabia, signing a contract with "al-Hilal".

3. Lorenzo Insigne

One of the best players of the Italian "Napoli" (though not as bright in recent seasons) has a height of 163 cm, that does not prevent him to be great defenders.

Especially funny look pre-match photos when the teams take to the pitch accompanied by children. With the other players children look as expected, but Lorenzo is constantly out of luck: children are often the same growth, and sometimes even higher.

2. Maxi Morales

The Argentinian with the growth of 160 cm (according to some altogether 159) started his professional career at home, in the club "racing", where a couple of years passed in FK "Moscow".

Some more positives, he finally got to the Italian "Atalanta", for which he has played almost 150 matches and scored two dozen goals that are not too small for a linebacker. Now he defends the colors of "new York city", showcasing quite a decent level.

1. Rui Barros

The Portuguese, with growth of 159 cm during his career managed to play for Porto, Monaco, Marseille and Juventus, winning a total of 18 team trophies. During performances for Porto even admitted the footballer of the year in Portugal in 1988.

Now his name has been forgotten, however, in the 80s-90s it was quite popular, not least because of the growth. Fans adored him, sincerely wondering and admiring his ability to control the ball, hiding it even from opponents that are above him by 20-30 centimeters.

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