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10 women pretending to be men


In our time, the man clothed in clothes more typical of the opposite sex, very few people can surprise. Now a lot of people are dissatisfied with their gender identity, are happy to use the possibilities of modern medicine and change their gender.

However, all this was possible not so long ago, while throughout the history of mankind were born of the people, which, not wanting to accept that he created them mother nature, wearing clothes, and adopted the habits and engaged in business, peculiar to the other sex.

In this collection we will focus on the 10 most famous women who in life gave himself for men.

10. Billy Tipton

Billy Lee Tipton, the famous American pianist and saxophonist. In fact, this famous jazz musician was born a woman and was named Dorothy Lucille Tipton.

But in later years he got himself a man's papers and went to work in a jazz ensemble, to go to Kansas city (Missouri).

Incredible, but the secret did not stop him to marry five times! Each his wife Billy said that he had the life to wear a bandage that supposedly was the result of suffering a car accident. The same is explained and the inability to have children, although he did become a father to three adopted boys.
In 1989, Billy died of stomach ulcers. And only then his family learned the full truth about his gender.

9. Mary Ann Talbot

Mary Ann Evans, the famous English writer, which life published her works under the male pseudonym George Eliot.

Future literature was born in a poor but very respectable bourgeois English family. Her father worked as a Manager in other people's estates, and also had its own farm.

Real fame to Mary Ann Talbot after the lights went out in her novel Middlemarch.

Died writer 1880 as a result of inflammation of the lungs.

8. Hua Mulan

Hua Mulan is a character in a famous Chinese poem. In the story this girl has gone to war for his elderly father and pretended to be a man.

Poem the Song of Mulan was founded in the VI century, but the original version has not survived, unlike later interpretations, was written in the book of the XII century. Did Hua Mulan a real prototype, it is unknown to this day.

7. Dorothy Lawrence

The biography of this woman clearly shows, the sacrifices necessary will be decided to those who wants to become a real journalist. Dorothy had to dress in male costume and go to the front line only to become a war correspondent and have the opportunity to cover events directly from the battlefield.

However, this adventure was the trial and the allegations of espionage. But, according to Dorothy herself, it was worth it. All she had to endure at the front, she later described in his autobiography the Only female soldier in England.

6. Pope Joan

Papessa John — legendary and semi-mythical historical figure that allegedly occupied the papal throne under the name John VIII. Adopted currently, the list of popes, the name John VIII marked the real Pope, who ruled in the later period.

According to legend, in 12 years this girl is friends with a monk from the monastery of Fulda, and went with him, dressed in men's clothes, on mount Athos.

After long wandering, she settled in Rome, where he first held the post of notary of the Curia, then cardinal and finally Pope.

And she successfully managed to hide her gender, until during one of the processions she went into labor in which she died (or was murdered discouraged by the monstrous deception of the participants of the procession).

5. Catalina Erazo

This legendary woman was born in a Basque family. All the men in her family were soldiers in the town of San Sebastian. Since the age of four she was brought up in the monastery of the Dominicans, in the case that no one will marry, she could take the vows.

When she was fifteen years old, she was beaten by the nuns, pushed the girl to decisive action, she ran away from the convent, dressed in men's clothes.

A few months later she traveled to Spain, engaging different people, and calling herself Francisco de Loyola. In Bilbao, she entered the service as a cabin boy on a ship that was heading for the New world.

Arriving in the city of Concepcion in Chile, she enrolled at the soldier under the name Alonso díaz ramírez de guzmán. In Mapuche the war, she took part in the battles under the command of several captains.

Catalina in the line of military duty fully showed courage in battle. One of her notable achievements was repulsed the Spanish flag from the Indians. For this girl was appointed Lieutenant-Governor and held this post for five years.

She knew how to handle weapons, participated in many battles and duels. A severe wound had forced her to open your true gender to the Bishop Agustin de Carvajal. After receiving pardon from him, she fled into the monastery.

4. Nadezhda Durova

Durova, Nadezhda — the staff-the captain of the army, a writer. This woman was the prototype of the famous Shura Azarova from the hussar ballad.

She was born in 1783. Her father was a hussar captain. From the first years of his life Hope had been a rich military environment. Girl differed energetic character and playing with dolls she preferred horse riding.

As soon as the girl reached adulthood, she was immediately married. Of course, this marriage was unhappy, so the Hope is very quickly left her husband, leaving him a little son.

Dressed in male costume and podstrigach, she decides to go after his true beloved, portraying to others his servant.

To avoid exposure, the woman had, after all, to leave the captain and ask for places with the lancers. There she came under a false name Alexander Vasilevich Sokolov.

Here military duty Hope was awarded several military awards and ranks of staff-captain army.

2. Francis Clayton

This girl became famous under the name of Jack Williams fought for the Union (Northern States) during the Civil war in the United States.

To impersonate the man she was easy: in addition to tall and thin physique, she was exposed to all the male vices – espitia alcohol, Smoking and abuse. But despite this, her deception was discovered, then she had to leave military service.

2. James Barry

James Miranda Stuart Barry is an English physician and military surgeon, who has long served in South Africa. At the end of his medical career he of the inspector General.

He was involved in the treatment of sick and wounded British soldiers, as well as improving the standard of living of the indigenous population of Africa. His main professional achievements is the first produced on the African continent, the operation of caesarean section, during which the survived and the mother and the child.

Barry's true gender became known to the public and to his colleagues just after his death.

1. Joan of Arc

The amazing biography of Joan of Arc, canonized by the Catholic Church, does not rest neither historians nor theologians.

Legendary liberator of the French lands devoted to literary works, paintings, films, performances and musical works. In France no city, where there would be immortalized the name of this Martyr.

Being a 17-year-old illiterate girl, she became commander of the French troops, who, under her supervision, the army defeated the British.

At that time, a woman wearing a man's dress is not only condemned, but could even be executed for heresy. However, in his native country of Jeanne made an exception.

But for the judges, who then sentenced her to death by burning, the wearing of it for men of military ammunition was an additional argument in favor of her guilt.

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