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10 surefire signs that you are a bad person


Most of us know how destructive can be the effects of bad man in our lives. Of course, such straightforward concepts as good and bad should not be guided when assessing whether a particular person he met on the way.

However, there are people who due to certain reasons have a set of negative qualities, which is very negative can affect his own life and the lives of the people around him.

Therefore, it is important to our friends, colleagues, neighbors were people that positive energy bring positive changes in our lives.

Submitted 10 signs indicating that the person with whom you communicate, bad.

10. The lack of compassion

Perhaps it is the capacity for compassion distinguishes anthropoid Primate from the advanced personality, which was conceived as the crown of the world.

Sympathy, mercy and pity people experience are human, for whom the word conscience is not obsolete archaic.

9. Lying for nothing

This man can deceive not to confuse you. He may not have against you any ill will, but he's lying on the little things and it's very noticeable.

Telling tall tales to believe that maybe people an extreme degree of mental retardation, embellish reality, plays with facts and dates from his biography as he pleases.

Why is he doing it? Probably just out of habit. And most importantly, he did not even notice the fact that a is the generator of the continuous lies that have become an integral part of his life.

Beware of these people, because they are inexhaustible sources of negative energy.

8. You feel uncomfortable in his company

Note their emotional state after speaking with the man. If after talking with someone you feel irritation or depression, and can not give a rational explanation for this, it is likely that you're dealing with a bad person.

7. Indifference to problems of others

They say that selfishness is the father of all vices. When a person sees around himself only, then it is unlikely to disturb other people's problems.

He can call himself your friend, put his whole story from the moment of conception until now, if you want to share with him something sacred, something to this conversation, he will quickly lose interest or put it back on.

Such a person can be called an energy vampire: his friends he uses as an urn for disposal. He happily Belitsa their problems, as if shifting part of them on your shoulders, with your life and your condition it absolutely does not care.

These people don't just need to keep at arm's length, but a cannon shot to itself at Bay.

6. Makes to please ourselves

Probably something similar happened with each at least once with each of us. A friend tells you that it cannot find the application or document, which he needed right now.

And here you are already trying to solve his problem, out of lying only to better the situation. Time passes, and again he runs to you with a request for help. The third time, he already take your participation for granted, and you one day realize that this person, once taking advantage of your kindness, just sat on your head.

Such a person is not able to respond adequately to provided good service. Such noble gestures to awaken in them the baser desire to use a good man as the object for manipulation.

Be vigilant and don't become a victim of such games.

5. Forcing you to defend

Even a child knows that the best defense is a good offense. Some people have mastered the art of manipulation so brilliantly that you will not be easy to recognize them immediately.

In this case, you need to listen to their feelings, if in the course of conversation with him constantly feel the need to justify, you know this guy is a dirty manipulator, playing on your sense of duty in favor of their own goals.

Remember, a person, forcing you to apply in the conversation for defensive tactics anyway will have a negative impact on your life.

4. Requires special treatment

People used to take the generous indulgence to your address from some kind person, for granted.

They expect that their work will, with a bunch of errors or later given time. They think that to queue up beneath their dignity, and to pay for dinner and conversation. If you are dealing with this type, then very soon you will turn him into a cash cow.

3. Brags

Mention their talents and merits only relevant at the interview. In all other cases it is nothing more than banal posturing or bragging, which is usually not supported by real facts from the biography, and boundless imagination and desire to wishful thinking.

Therefore, if someone suddenly begins to extol himself and to wait that you will start to sing along, try to stay away from such a person.

Usually this person trying to do everything to lower the self-esteem of his companion below a critical level, so his background look more profitable.

2. Constantly complaining

Some of the energy heavy people – it is the eternal whiners. Yes, life is complicated and sometimes each of us has a need that someone we sympathize.

But when it becomes a way of life, then the person becomes unbearable for others, and his complaints of life begin to evoke not pity, and irritation.

Of course, the position of the eternal victim is quite convenient, because it helps to put pressure on impressionable persons, and thus to manipulate them. But if you are among those, whose inner circle includes people with a similar mentality, you will very soon find yourself in the same professional pessimist.

So if someone starts a chat with you with a series of complaints, consider whether you need to see this person in your entourage. After all, his endless dissatisfaction with reality may have a negative impact on your life.

1. Speaks ill of somebody behind his back

Gossip is one of the most heinous categories of people. Such people need regular rinsing someone else's underwear as a phone recharging. Without fresh gossip for Breakfast, they are unable to feel full.

To communicate with gossip is not only unpleasant, but also fraught with the fact that the same thing he will talk about you behind your back. Talking with him, you risk to fall under the influence of powerful destructive energy.

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