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10 real places from famous books


Opening the book from the first pages understand addictive if you this world or not. Unlike the movie, the book is an opportunity to "invent", "to finish" in your mind of the characters, the architecture, the atmosphere. There is always room for their own fantasies.

Reading a fascinating book, really want to travel the world described in it, and, to some extent, to make it possible. Where was the action in some books, actually exist.

10. "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes", Arthur Conan Doyle

Famous literary character, Doyle – Sherlock Holmes and his friend doctor Watson, lived in London at the address: 221b Baker Street from 1881 to 1904, to rent an apartment from Mrs. Hudson.

At the time of this address does not exist, but after the street was completed, it appeared. Box that house was abandoned letters of admirers of the genius of Sherlock Holmes!

At the moment this place is a Museum of Holmes in the Victorian style, opened in 1990 – he is the most popular among the interested tourists, it really is a lot to see.

9. "The Count Of Monte Cristo", Alexandre Dumas

In his adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas mentioned the castle, situated on Frailesca Islands. Mysterious castle exists in reality, and the writer managed to describe the amazing architecture, the interior castle, scary rituals and the tragic fate of the prisoners.

The reader can understand how important it was to escape from dreadful prison and what hardships would have to face the brave fugitive. The fortress is on an island in the Mediterranean sea, near the côte d'azur. The castle was built in 1531 as a defensive front.

8. A series of books "Harry Potter", JK Rowling

Platform 9¾ in London – it was on Harry first meets Ron Weasley. The fantasy story, the children had to run and to enter smoothly into the wall to go to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

The wall on the platform was mounted a baggage truck, the one that had the wizards in the book. She's half of "disappeared" in the wall.

Fans of "Harry Potter" come to the platform to take photos and visit the magic store "The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾" to buy Souvenirs.

7. "Hamlet", William Shakespeare

The castle in Denmark is mentioned in Shakespeare's play "hamlet", and is called Kronborg. The scene in the play was clearly stated – the Royal castle Kronborg in Elsinore in the North of the island of Zealand.

Elsinore is very cozy, seaside town from the station to the castle to walk about 15 minutes. Along the way you can admire the castle from afar, promenade, lovely old houses that line the narrow streets.

Inside the Museum, every tourist will definitely find something you want to see. Especially impressive are all the moving hologram.

6. "The Shining", Stephen King

Psychological horror Stephen king wrote at the Stanley Hotel in the United States Estes Park. The writer lived in this hotel in room 217. It will stay in this inspired king to write "the Shining."

This hotel provides visitors with luxury kitchen, stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Not far from The Stanley, you can go fishing or rock climbing, golfing or Hiking. In the novel writer this hotel is called the Overlook.

5. A series of books about Robert Lengdona, Dan brown

For many years books about Professor Robert Langdon remain hits – buying them, people are happy to while away the time reading intellectual detective.

Professor of art history at Harvard University is always in motion – he is in a hurry: in the Church, then to the tombs, solving the mysteries of the present, based on the clues of the legends of the past.

London temple Church located on the place where was the residence of the knights Templar. This Church is listed in one of the books brown.

4. "Domesday book", Connie Willis

Sutarskiy Gothic Cathedral (Protestant Church) is in the UK, in the West end. It is open daily, from 8 am to 6 PM it can safely visited by tourists.

More than a thousand years this place is worshiped by the Christians. This Cathedral was listed in the book of Willis ' "the Domesday Book", in it are buried many famous personalities, including Edmund Shakespeare, brother of William Shakespeare.

Windows made in stained glass style – created in the works of Edmund. John Fletcher – playwright, is also buried in this Cathedral.

3. "The Lord of the rings" by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

In "the Lord of the rings" describes a lot of forests that capture the imagination of readers. The ancient forest has always attracted people with its mystery, beauty, myths and legends.

Passwod is a forest Park in Gloucestershire, UK – it's called the ancient forest, and the writer Tolkien sometimes walked on it...

It Paulwood inspired him to the creation of Mirkwood, and lorien Fangorn in his book. Interestingly, this forest liked to do and the writer J. K. Rowling, who is originally from Gloucestershire.

2. "Perfume" - Patrick Suskind

In the centre of Paris is Paris. He is mentioned in the book Zuskina "Perfume". From the pages of the novel you learn that the bridge was built 4-storey houses, the first floors were shops, and more like the street.

In those days the street was fashionable, everyone here has put up interesting items for sale – merchants and jewellers, and manufacturers of bags, and carvers...

Also in the shops you could buy lingerie in General, the bridge was the place where everyone can find something to their liking. The bridge was the house perfumer Baldini.

1. "Posthumous notes of the Pickwick club", Charles Dickens

A brilliant first novel of Dickens, which turned its name into a literary sensation. His novel has been enthusiastically adopted by readers. In papers of the Pickwick club, people share their adventures, observations that give readers a good mood and make you laugh heartily.

In a London pub "The Spaniards Inn"Dickens was looking for inspiration for his novels. The pub he mentions in his work "suicide note", by the way, in this place loved to look, and other writers. This historic pub to visit everyone he works with 1585.

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