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10 little-known facts about the TV series "Sex in the city"


It's hard to believe, but 20 years have passed since then, as aired the pilot episode of the legendary series sex and the city.

The story of four different women, middle-aged, who dreams to find happiness amid the concrete jungle of new York, has gained immense popularity, and her heroines were role models to women all over the world.

The series has received positive reviews from critics and won many prestigious awards — among them 7 Emmy awards, 8 Golden globe awards and 11 awards screen actors Guild. And even after all these years, fans of this series never cease to revisit favorite episodes.

We present 10 interesting facts about Sex in a big city.

10. There's no nudity!

Unlike their partners in scenes, Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie, for all time of existence of the series never appeared before the audience in a negligee. In fact, this condition has become one of the requirements of the actress, which even had to be made in the contract.

During sex scenes Kerry normally appears on the screen in luxurious lingerie set. Many fans of the series have speculated that this is hidden advertising famous brands of underwear. Was all because of the natural shyness of Sarah Jessica.

9. The Secret Of Kristin Davis

Davis had long worried that a sharp and provocative topics raised in the series (and even the name) thrown into shock her family, so she didn't admit to my grandmother that plays in this series, but parents repeatedly asked him not to look.

However, later his attitude changed, and she decided to give parents an opportunity to see the show. And her father, a psychology Professor, became a real fan of the series, and even made reference to it in your training course Marriage and sexuality.

8. Not real cocktails, cold food

All fans of the series know that his main characters constantly drink cocktail cosmopolitan, which by the way has gained much popularity after the release of mnogoseriyki on the screen. But it turns out that the actress in the frame drank only colored water in pretty glasses.

As we all remember that a huge number of brunch friends, during which they ate and shared their philosophical thoughts about life. Ed in the frame was present, and women had to eat despite the fact that very often it was applied to them was already cold.

7. In the footsteps of the iconic heroines

Few people know that to feel the character now can anyone. In new York there is a special sightseeing tour of the iconic locations of the series.

For fifty dollars, you can visit the restaurants, hotels and boutiques in which the events took place, one of the most smotriny series over the last twenty years.

6. Shoes main passion Kerry

The script of the film, the heroine Sarah Jessica Parker's adored shoes. In them, she pulled all the income received from his literary work. So on the sets the actress had to wear heels during your wedding day, which sometimes lasted 18 hours!

5. Clip for earrings

Does Cynthia Nixon ears are not pierced. Therefore, those incredibly beautiful earrings that were on it in various episodes of the series it's just clips. Sometimes the costume so much took to heart some earrings that their jewelers to make them clip or to create clips with the same design.

4. The script in the box

Fans of the series in the role of writer Carrie Bradshaw, it's hard to imagine anyone other than Sarah Jessica Parker. So many incredible seems the fact that same scenario, which propelled the actress to the Olympus of popularity, at first, she recklessly threw it in the trash.

But for the fact that she still agreed to star in the cult series, we can thank the case and her brother Toby who, after reading a few pages, have assured his well-known sister, that this project will be very successful.

3. The famous dancer in the role of boyfriend Kerry

The outstanding Russian dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, who emigrated to the United States since 1972, also took part in the popular television series Sex in the big city. Part of the filming of the series in which it appears in the frame passed in is known in emigre circles the restaurant Russian samovar, which according to the script, the character Mikhail Baryshnikov Aleksandr Petrovsky had dinner with the main character of the series Carrie Bradshaw.

In this episode Baryshnikov played Russian artist, which has become another passion of Carrie. And it is not surprising that the meeting of the characters happened in the Russian samovar, because Mikhail Baryshnikov in real life is a part owner, he even says the film sentence: Why do you think we sit in this restaurant? But because he belongs to me!

2. Social activities and unconventional love Cynthia Nixon

Avid careerist, who found his ideal for himself a chosen person is not very ambitious men, while not yielding to the power of Miranda.

Real Cynthia Nixon, who plays this role, and her personal life is much different from her on-screen heroine. For example, Cynthia is a very responsible attitude to social work and charitable activities.

The actress provides assistance to American Red Cross. Their children Cynthia also teaches respect for the values of humanism and humanity.

By the way, almost all fans of the series know that from her husband, the Professor, the actress went to the woman with which it brought together similar interests: women met to protest against the cuts in funding public schools.

In 2011, Cynthia and Christine (the name of a new beloved stars of the series) had a son Max, which gave birth to the second. A year later, women were officially registered marriage.

1. Ballet tutu

Everything about fashion and style in the series is meticulously planned, because Carrie, like any fashion-idol, always was on the verge of fashion and bad taste.

The dress of the heroine, Parker, who appears on the ad bus and the Intro episodes, white ballet tutu stylist series bought at some flea market for only $ 5.

This outfit is very often used in different versions in the wardrobe of Carrie, and in 2008, Alexander McQueen has created a collection where most of the outfits were made tutus.

Thus the style of the heroine of Sex and the city, has created a revolution in this to the point ideas about fashion and good taste.

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