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10 beauty secrets of Cleopatra, time-tested


Queen Cleopatra is one of the most famous women in history. It is written many books, filmed many movies, she was passionately in love with men of different classes: generals, kings... what was her secret?

Cleopatra considered the greatest seductress of men – it is the wise and educated woman who skillfully charmed people. Cleopatra could drive mad any man... this helped her awesome recipes that you just also learn from the article.

10. Face masks

The Queen valued ingredients such as: honey, milk, clay, oatmeal, in addition, she used essential oils imported from different parts of the Earth.

Also a popular means Cleopatra had: olive oil, fruits (in Egypt it was all in abundance). For bleaching facial Queen used white clay. It is mixed with components such as milk, lemon juice, honey.

Every girl or woman can get the recipe note: you need to mix 2 tablespoons of white clay, 2 tablespoons milk, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and then apply on face.

9. Cream

And popular magic cream Cleopatra can cook every. Took the Queen not only moisturizing bath, but also made nutritious, moisturizer.

To prepare a miracle tool, you will need: 40 ml of aloe juice, 20 ml. of rose water (this can be purchased at the pharmacy), 10 g of honey and 100 g. of fresh melted lard.

Aloe mixed with honey and warm water, then the mixture is heated in a water bath. Stirring occasionally, you need to enter your lard.

When the honey and the fat will dissolve – just need to turn off the fire. The cream should be placed in any box, then put it in the fridge. Inside should not get wet.

8. Scrub

The last Queen of Egypt left a rich legacy is the recipes used by women everywhere. One of them you can borrow for the care of your body in the scrub consists of heavy cream, and sea salt. This scrub gently cleanses the skin and cares for her.

After Cleopatra was finished bathing, she put on my skin scrub: take 200 g. of sea salt and cream – half a bowl, stir.

Scrub applied to the body. To give enchanting smell, you can add a few drops of oil of rose. After 5-7 minutes the mask is washed off with water.

7. Nail Polish

Cleopatra painted her nails with henna – it protected them and gave a reddish tint. Henna is an ancient Oriental remedy that strengthens nails.

In order to paint your nails, they should be previously well cleaned of old nail Polish, mix 1 tbsp of henna and 1 tbsp of water (consistency should resemble sour cream). The finished mixture is applied to the nails, and then you need to wait 5 minutes. Remnants rinse with warm water.

If henna on nails keep long time, the nail color will be more intense. But you should know: henna rinse for a very long time, and if you're not always going to go with that manicure, it is better not to risk it.

6. Detoxification of the body

The body from time to time must be cleaned of toxins, and this was known by the ancient Egyptians. To prepare the mixture according to the recipe of Cleopatra, you will need: lemon juice, olive oil and water.

All the ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. The mixture should be drunk in small SIPS and always on an empty stomach, and then comes the next stage – massage of the abdomen.

You need to suck in her stomach and stay in this position for 10 seconds (count to yourself). After that, the abdominal muscles relax, this procedure should be repeated 20 times.

5. Shampoo

Before the people knew what shampoo but to give hair purity and Shine Cleopatra used this recipe: egg yolks received a foam, mixing them (by the way, you can add honey or almond oil) and then applied on the hair. As the rinse aid the Queen used a decoction of the leaves of nettle or burdock.

Shampoo should be rubbed into the hair roots, then rinse well. If your hair is damaged, you can mix 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of castor oil. This mixture helps to restore hair.

4. Perfume

Cleopatra competently use the achievements of the Egyptian cosmetics – perfume lifted mood, increased sexual arousal and soothed.

Perfume differed significantly from modern, but most importantly he influenced the people around, because it was the pheromones. They attracted the opposite sex and fooling Unknown, what exactly was the spirits, scientists have been unable to figure it out.

Cleopatra to create a perfume loved to use rose oil and neroli orange blossom, cypress.

3. Milk bath

Cleopatra's bath – perhaps one of the most popular means to care for your body. I believe that the Queen was not beautiful, but she was able to create from their appearance extraordinary beauty, one of her weapons is a milk bath.

38 degrees is optimum temperature for bathing, for one, you'll need 100 g of honey, 1 liter of hot (but not boiled) milk. Honey dissolves in water, and the mixture is then poured into the tub.

Duration of procedure – 15-20 minutes. After taking milk baths do not rush to dry the body, let it dry itself.

2. Makeup

At that time it was decided to paint bright eyes, and the Queen gladly did. In movies, Cleopatra is not just depicted with a brightly painted eyes, women were palette with shades of all colors that was created from components of plants and minerals.

On the lower eyelids Cleopatra liked to put the shade of green of an emerald color, and the top blue, and always with a Golden sheen.

To make the eyebrows black, the Egyptians prepared a special powdered mixture of natural fats and Galena. As a lipstick shade of red and blush Cleopatra used the iron oxide.

1. Hand cream

This cream Cleopatra used it regularly. In order to prepare it, you will need: calendula, 50 g of chicken fat, plantain, 2tbsp castor oil, nettle and 1 table spoon of honey.

Nettle, plantain, calendula need to brew (1 tbsp per Cup of water). 2 tbsp. spoon the resulting infusion is mixed with 50 grams. pre-softened fat and then add castor oil and 1 tablespoon of honey.

Your hands will always stay young, beautiful and well-groomed. Optional to cook the mixture every day 2 times a week would be sufficient.

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