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10 secrets share smart women


All people are different. Some give the impression of a "closed" person, I do not like talking about his personal life, others on the contrary, tell about all to the smallest details.

Of course, whether to devote others in their personal lives, everyone decides for himself. That's only if you're a woman and working in the women's team, too personal questions can not be avoided.

There are two versions of events. Either you tell your whole biography, and become "his", or the joke, keep silent, but a good relationship with colleagues in that case do not count. This principle works in all areas, not only in their professional activities.

Do not succumb to provocations. The venting is nice, only then this information can be used against you. Personal stuff chat with friends, while others don't need to know about some of your secrets.

Below are 10 secrets share smart women. Take care of your reputation, never discuss these issues with strangers.

10. Complexes about their appearance

In the world there is no such woman who would be happy with her appearance. Wrinkles, a crooked nose, a big mouth, extra pounds – topics for discussion are more than enough. Whether to focus on their shortcomings?

Do not discuss with other people, especially don't point out its inadequacies in dealing with the opposite sex. A man might not notice a few extra pounds or new wrinkles.

If you tell him that the partner will begin to think that you are imperfect. Something like this: "Yes, her waist is far from perfect. I haven't noticed before? And these wrinkles. Maybe I should look for another object of affection, younger and more beautiful?"

Emphasize your strengths and forget about weaknesses.

9. Your feelings after a breakup with a man

When a woman is bad, she is ready to completed their grief with the world. She will talk about the reckless actions, harassment, revenge, tears. All this, of course, very sad, but why this information to others?

If you feel bad, call a friend, consult a psychologist, no need to tell unfamiliar people about your experiences. Are you sure that this information will remain between you? Few people can keep a secret, it may happen that your secret will soon know.

Never say on the subject when dealing with men, especially if one of them you really like. A man will perceive you as an inadequate person who is not able to control myself and do not want to have anything to do with you.

8. You follow someone online

You can often go to the page your ex to view a photo of his new passion, to follow any man. Nobody can bring you is a ban, but keep this information secret.

It is foolish to talk about what you are interested in someone's life. Proud of here is exactly nothing. It is better to abandon this habit, stop trying to follow other people's lives. Spend this time with advantage, take his life.

7. You still remember the former

It was a long time but you never forget your first love. Second, how anyone. You can share this secret with her best friend. With the others find another topic of conversation.

Don't talk about it to friends or relatives of the former, even if you communicate with them. They will tell him about your experiences. It's no good.

If you have a new Beau, the theme of the former is not what you want to discuss on dates. Even if you think that the man understands you, sympathizes with you, in the future this information will hinder the development of your relationship. Never discuss the ex with a new partner.

6. Your opinion about relatives and friends men

Again, if you want to build a happy relationship, do not criticize his relatives. Don't tell anyone that your men gave you a negative impression, and his friends are rude bullies. Let this be a little secret.

Even friend doesn't need to talk about it. You don't know how it applies to your cavalier. In any case she has against you will have a trump card, and suddenly her cute your lover?

Everyone has their flaws, maybe you also made his family a very favorable impression. For your own sake, refrain from commenting.

5. Details of the relationship

Many women do not know how to keep my mouth shut. Relationships are the most favorite subject that you can talk endlessly. Understand that others do not need to know the details of your personal life.

Quarrels, scandals, violent reconciliation – let this remain between you and your man. If you can't restrain yourself and you want to share your happiness with the world, will soon become the object of gossip and ridicule.

4. The number of your sexual partners

This number you can only call your gynecologist. Others this information is useless. Girlfriend, friends, colleagues seem so nice and kind. "They just won't tell anyone" — you think.

It's too personal and intimate to make on people. Of course, it is better not to discuss this topic with a new partner. No matter how many men you had. He starts to think that you compare it with others.

For men is generally a sore subject. They are afraid to appear insolvent in the sex plan. You need to accept, because everyone has a past and never to return to the discussion of this issue.

3. Your opinion that you can do better

If you understand that you could cope with in any case much faster and better, take the time to help. No matter what there is a speech about an important project or cleaning the apartment. You also don't like when you say "arm"? Let the man himself do their jobs.

The best thing you can do is to remain silent. Otherwise you will be perceived as someone who puts themselves above others and bragging about their achievements.

2. Your wage or salary

This topic should not be discussed with anyone other than my husband. Of course, if you have a joint budget. Even though some husbands are not aware of the amount of salary of his wife. No friends, no colleagues, no acquaintances do not say how many you get.

Begin to discuss this topic, you find that you earn little or too much. There will be envy, resentment. Will worry, feel insecure.

If your salary is significantly more than the salary of your friends and acquaintances, jealousy and gossip can not be avoided. Money might not be the best topic of conversation, let's talk about the weather, the arts or travel.

1. Secrets

If you said something out of the ordinary (of course, the big secret), you can't wait to tell others about this event. No need to do that. You risk to spoil relations with the person who shared with you the most intimate.

At the same time, people will treat you with distrust. Yes, they will gossip, discuss the situation, laugh a little, but I'll try to remember that you better not have anything to do. "Minute of fame" you are very costly. You will ruin your reputation, soon people will cease to trust you.

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